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Tema: Wales

Tim Evans (Wales): Clear red water or Fabianism with a valleys accent? Wales and the politics of devolution
International Socialism Journal nr. 141, jan 14 – side 161
Note: Seven years ago Britain’s main nationalist parties were making tangible gains. In 2007 the Scottish National Party (SNP), Sinn Fein and Plaid Cymru all took some degree of control in their respective devolved institutions. Sinn Fein entered into a new power-sharing agreement at Stormont, the SNP won control of the Scottish Parliament for the first time and Plaid Cymru went into a ruling coalition with Labour in the Welsh Senedd—the national assembly. Yet if you fast forward to 2014, only two of those parties have consolidated their gains. Plaid Cymru has failed to do so.
Tim Evans (Wales): Review: How green was my valley?
International Socialism Journal nr. 134, apr 12 – side 216
Note: Dai Smith, In The Frame: Memory in Society, 1910 to 2010 (Parthian 2010), £20
Dai Smith’s 446-page book In the Frame—”an alternative history of the past century in Wales” as he calls it—is an occasionally unwieldy collection of essays on Welsh working class history and culture which, at first sight, seems disjointed in terms of a unifying theme or connecting narrative.
Tim Evans: The Great Unrest and a Welsh town
International Socialism Journal nr. 131, jul 11 – side 153
Note: The key confrontation of Britain’s first national railway strike—for better pay and an end to an unfair arbitration system—occurred on Saturday 19 August 1911 in Llanelli, a tinplate-producing town in south west Wales.
Tim Evans: Book review: Socialism through devolution?
International Socialism Journal nr. 126, apr 10 – side 210
Note: Nick Davies and Darren Williams, Clear Red Water: Welsh Devolution and Socialist Politics (Francis Bootle Publishers, 2009), £7.99
Nick Davies and Darren Williams have written a thought-provoking book, which has been compared to the classic 1912 pamphlet The Miners’ Next Step. The authors call for Welsh Labour to put into practice a more consistently socialist programme. They argue for a distinctive way of delivering public services which avoids the marketisation and outsourcing characteristic of New Labour and for a greater engagement with Plaid Cymru, the Greens and other left, campaigning and political groups. They argue that “the members of all these groups should be encouraged to become part of a red-green alliance based on a renewed Welsh socialist project”.
Tim Evans: Balancing act
Socialist Review nr. 343, jan 10 – side 5
Note: The new First Minister of the Welsh Assembly, Carwyn Jones, is a slight turn to the right from his predecessor, Rhodri Morgan, who retired last month after ten years.
Charlie Kimber: Llanelli 1911: war on the railways
Socialist Worker nr. 2181, dec 09 – side 13
Note: The great railway strike of 1911 saw incredible battles between workers, scabs, bosses and soldiers.
Siân Ruddick: Radical Wales: Smashing the myth of a united Wales
Socialist Worker nr. 2135, jan 09 – side 6
Note: In her final column Siân Ruddick looks at workers’ resistance from the 1920s to today
Siân Ruddick: Radical Wales: Unrest rolled out across the Valleys
Socialist Worker nr. 2134, jan 09 – side 4
Note: Welsh workers’ struggles from the mid-19th century onwards were very powerful, writes Siân Ruddick in the second part of our series
Siân Ruddick: Radical Wales: Raising the red flag for workers’ rights
Socialist Worker nr. 2133, jan 09 – side 6
Note: A series of struggles in the early 19th century shook the status quo in Wales, writes Siân Ruddick on the first part of our new series.

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