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Tema: Botswana

Andy Wynne: Review: Lessons from Botswana
International Socialism Journal nr. 138, apr 13 – side 217
Note: Motsomi Ndala Marobela, Political Economy of Botswana Public Sector Management: From Imperialism to Neoliberalism (VDM Verlag Dr. Muller, 2010), £68
Motsomi Marobela provides a comprehensive review of the suite of reforms that have dominated the public sector in sub-Saharan Africa as well as Europe over the last three decades. As such, this book deepens our understanding of this process and so provides valuable lessons on how these reforms can be fought.
Ken Olende: Botswana mass strike suspended – but some workers stay out
Socialist Worker nr. 2256, jun 11 – side 4
Note: Unions have suspended the public sector strike in Botswana in southern Africa after eight weeks. But some of the 90,000 workers were still on the picket lines on Monday morning. “How can we go back to work when some of our comrades that we started the strike with are now jobless? This is an insult,” one told the press.
Ken Olende: Botswana strike escalates as government sacks 'essential' workers
Socialist Worker nr. 2252, maj 11 
Note: The mass public sector strike in Botswana, southern Africa, escalated on Tuesday when the government sacked health workers in "essential" services. Some 90,000 public sector workers have struck for over a month demanding a 16 percent wage increase. The government has fired workers who defied a court order to return to work.
All out strike in Botswana
Socialist Worker nr. 2251, maj 11 – side 16
Note: The ten-day public sector strike paralysing Botswana in southern Africa has been extended indefinitely.
Botswana shut down by first mass strike
Socialist Worker nr. 2249, apr 11 – side 4
Note: A strike by more than 90,000 government workers has paralysed Botswana in southern Africa for more than a week. It is a historic moment for the working class in Botswana.
International Socialists Botswana: Public sector strike paralyses Botswana
Socialist Worker nr. 2248, apr 11 
Note: A strike by tens of thousands of government workers has paralysed Botswana in southern Africa since Monday.
Kerstin Andrae Marobela: Resisting the new ‘scramble for Africa’ in Botswana
Socialist Worker nr. 2067, sep 07 – side 4
Note: Kerstin Andrae Marobela reports on growing resistance in Botswana to US plans for military bases and a new government “spy” bill.

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