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Tema: Zimbabwe

Saying no to Zimbabwe’s constitution
Socialist Review nr. 379, apr 13 – side 6
Note: Socialist Review spoke to Tafadzwa Choto of the International Socialist Organisation in Zimbabwe about the significance of the recent referendum on a new constitution.
Zimbabwe: Appeal is rejected for the six convicted socialists
Socialist Worker nr. 2297, apr 12 – side 2
Note: The Zimbabwe Six have had their appeal against their sentence of community service rejected. The six socialists, convicted for watching a video of the Arab Spring, were each sentenced to a fine of £310 and 420 hours of community service.
Zimbabwe: treason charges dropped, but trial to go on
Socialist Worker nr. 2255, jun 11 – side 6
Note: The Zimbabwean state has dropped the most serious charges against six activists who faced the death penalty for treason.

They now face the lesser charge of “subverting a constitutional government”—but this still carries a maximum sentence of 20 years. Their trial begins on 18 July.
Zimbabwe socialists released on bail – but the campaign goes on
Socialist Worker nr. 2244, mar 11 – side 18
Note: Six socialists facing the death penalty for watching a video on the Middle East uprisings were released on bail by a Zimbabwean judge last week.
Ken Olende: Zimbabwe treason trialists released on bail
Socialist Worker nr. 2243, mar 11 
Note: A Zimbabwean judge yesterday released on bail the six socialists facing the death penalty for watching a video on the Middle East uprisings.
Yuri Prasad: Socialists are at risk in Zimbabwe
Socialist Worker nr. 2241, mar 11 – side 4
Note: A group of socialists in Zimbabwe faces a possible death sentence for watching a video about the Egyptian Revolution. Forty-five activists were charged with treason and “subverting a constitutionally elected government” in a Harare court last week.
Yuri Prasad: Zimbabweanere risikerer dødsdom for at diskutere den egyptiske revolution
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 306, feb 11 
Note: En gruppe socialister i Zimbabwe risikerer dødsdom for at se en video om den egyptiske revolution. Omkring 52 aktivister blev anklaget for forræderi og for at "undergrave en forfatningsmæssigt valgt regering" ved en domstol i Harare i går (onsdag 23. feb.).
Alt. url: Oversat fra Socialist Worker (UK) 2240
Urgent appeal for support after Zimbabwean socialists arrested
Socialist Worker nr. 2240, feb 11 
Note: Zimbabwean police raided a meeting of the International Socialist Organisation on the revolt in the Middle East last Saturday, arresting 52 people. The students, union members and workers are still being detained at Harare Central prison.
Yuri Prasad: Zimbabweans face possible death sentence for discussing Egyptian Revolution
Socialist Worker nr. 2240, feb 11 
Note: A group of socialists in Zimbabwe face a possible death sentence for watching a video about the Egyptian Revolution. Some 52 activists were charged with treason and “subverting a constitutionally elected government” in a Harare court yesterday (Wednesday).
Alt. url: Dansk oversættelse
Charlie Kimber: Film Review: Mugabe and the White African: Zimbabwe movie ignores imperialism’s real history
Socialist Worker nr. 2184, jan 10 – side 11
Note: This film dramatically shows the attempt by two white farmers – Mike Campbell and his British son-in-law Ben Freeth – to stop the Zimbabwean government taking over their 3,000-acre farm.
Editorial: Western intervention at root of Zimbabwe’s disaster
Socialist Worker nr. 2131, dec 08 – side 12
Note: The British government’s hypocrisy over the cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe is jaw-dropping. Gordon Brown has said that “enough is enough” and that the United Nations security council should meet to discuss action against Robert Mugabe’s government.
Leo Zeilig: A new phase of struggle in post-deal Zimbabwe
Socialist Review nr. 329, okt 08 – side 6
Note: It was difficult to watch the power-sharing deal signing ceremony between Zimbabwe's opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) and the ruling party ZANU-PF on 15 September.
Ken Olende: Danger in Zimbabwe compromise deal
Socialist Worker nr. 2120, sep 08 – side 4
Note: The deal between president Robert Mugabe’s ruling Zanu-PF party and Morgan Tsvangirai’s opposition MDC has been widely hailed as heralding the end of the crisis in Zimbabwe. However there are serious problems with the deal.
Zimbabwe: Anger at ‘unity’ talks
Socialist Worker nr. 2112, aug 08 – side 4
Note: Negotiations aimed at ending Zimbabwe’s political crisis were stalled as Socialist Worker went to press.
Protest march in Zimbabwe (online only)
Socialist Worker nr. 2112, aug 08 – side 51
Note: About 300 members of Women Of Zimbabwe Arise (Woza) marched through the country’s second city Bulawayo yesterday afternoon.
Leo Zeilig: Zimbabwe: imperialism, hypocrisy and fake nationalism
International Socialism Journal nr. 119, jul 08 – side 93
Note: One striking feature of Zimbabwe’s crisis has been the vocal support of the British and US governments for “democratic change”.
Zimbabwe: Regime attacks activists to intimidate opposition
Socialist Worker nr. 2104, jun 08 – side 4
Note: Zimbabwe’s government is sanctioning attacks on the opposition in the run-up to the country’s presidential election on 27 June. Opposition rallies have been cancelled, and activists physically assaulted and killed.
Police raid Zimbabwe socialists (online only)
Socialist Worker nr. 2103, maj 08 
Note: The Harare offices of the International Socialist Organisation (ISO) – The Socialist Workers Party's sister organisation in Zimbabwe – were raided yesterday morning by the police.
Ken Olende: Zimbabwe: General strike as Mugabe clings on to power
Socialist Worker nr. 2097, apr 08 – side 2
Note: An indefinite general strike was under way in Zimbabwe as Socialist Worker went to press. The opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) called it to demand the release of presidential election results, still withheld two weeks after the election.
Alex Callinicos: Beginning of the end for Mugabe
Socialist Worker nr. 2096, apr 08 – side 4
Note: The outcome of Zimbabwe's elections remains shrouded in uncertainty. But one thing is clear. The country's politics remains dominated, as it has been for the last decade, by the struggle for power between the regime of Robert Mugabe and the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).
Matthew Cookson: Zimbabwe vote puts the country at the crossroads
Socialist Worker nr. 2096, apr 08 – side 4
Note: The vote of the people of Zimbabwe against president Robert Mugabe and his Zanu-PF party has shown the desire for change in the southern African country.
Ken Olende: Zimbabwe: Revolt from below breaks Mugabe’s stranglehold
Socialist Worker nr. 2095, apr 08 – side 2
Note: Ken Olende looks at the election crisis in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe: ‘The working class must prepare for a general strike’
Socialist Worker nr. 2095, apr 08 – side 2
Note: Munyaradzi Gwisai of the International Socialist Organisation (ISO) in Zimbabwe was a former MDC MP for Highfield in Harare. He spoke to Socialist Worker on Monday of this week about the questions facing the opposition
Ken Olende: Zimbabwe: Mixed loyalties of the MDC opposition
Socialist Worker nr. 2095, apr 08 – side 2
Note: The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) was founded in 1999 out of Zimbabwe’s trade union movement. It emerged from a mass struggle against the neoliberal policies of the World Bank.
Ken Olende: Zimbabwe: A long history of British betrayals
Socialist Worker nr. 2095, apr 08 – side 2
Note: The news of Robert Mugabe’s humiliation at the hands of Zimbabwe’s people will no doubt be cheered on by the imperialists in Downing Street and the White House.
But nobody should believe their cynical claims to care about democracy or human rights in Africa or anywhere else.
Alex Callinicos: The brutal and corrupt rule of Ian Smith
Socialist Worker nr. 2079, dec 07 – side 4
Note: I must acknowledge my debt to Ian Smith, who died last week. I was a teenager in Zimbabwe – then known as Southern Rhodesia – during the years when Smith consolidated white rule that, he said, would last a thousand years.
The experience of Smith's bigoted, racist, repressive, mean-spirited, corrupt, provincial regime politicised me, and put me on the road to becoming a revolutionary Marxist.
Zimbabwe: Revolt from below can bring down the regime
Socialist Worker nr. 2043, mar 07 – side 3
Note: Thirty-year old Nelson is waiting and hoping for a mass riot. Like many other residents of the Highfield township in Harare, he knows Zimbabwe is on a knife-edge.
Leo Zeilig: (News Review:) Zimbabwe: Still living in Limbo
Socialist Review nr. 262, apr 02 – side 5
Jakob L. Krogh: Valget i Zimbabwe: Kun arbejderkamp kan vælte Mugabe
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 202, mar 02 – side 4
Note: Zimbabwes præsident Robert Mugabe har gennem en voldskampagne med tortur, mord og angreb på fundamentale rettigheder formået at fastholde magten i landet. Angreb på presse- og forsamlingsfriheden, stemme-optællingsfusk og fysisk at forhindre oppositionens tilhængere i at stemme var blandt Mugabes midler for at ‘vinde’ valget.
Leo Zeilig: Crisis in Zimbabwe
International Socialism Journal nr. 94, mar 02 – side 75
Leo Zeilig: Zimbabwe: The war on terrorism Mugabe style
Socialist Review nr. 258, dec 01 – side 6
Poul Erik Kristensen: Afrika: Modstand mod undertrykkelse og fattigdom
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 196, sep 01 – side 4
Note: Der findes ingen gode argumenter for at støtte præsident Mugabes styre i Zimbabwe.
Nina Olsen: Zimbabwe: Mugabe – Afrikas Milosevic
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 187, nov 00 – side 4
Note: “Serbien gjorde det, hvorfor kan vi ikke også?” råbte en demonstrant i Zimbabwe i sidste uge, da han sammen med tusindvis af andre tog del i oprøret.
Nina Olsen: Zimbabwe: Arbejderne kræver forandring
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 184, aug 00 – side 4
Note: Der var en stemning af spænding og venten på forandringer op til parlamentsvalget i juni i Zimbabwe.
Marlene Mejdal: Zimbabwe: Vestens tyveri skyld i besættelser
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 183, jun 00 – side 5
Note: Vestens ledere har i dag travlt med at fordømme Zimbabwes præsident Mugabe, den selvsamme leder, som de for blot få år siden hyldede, fordi han forlod sin mere venstreorienterede politik.
Ida H. Jakobsen: Zimbabwe: Mugabe – håndlanger for de hvide
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 182, maj 00 – side 4
Note: Den politiske krise i Zimbabwe er pludselig blevet vigtige nyheder herhjemme. Ikke på grund af den voksende organisering og mobilisering af sorte arbejdere og bønder, der protesterer mod Mugabes korrupte regime.
Charlie Kimber: Zimbabwe: Transformation time
Socialist Review nr. 241, maj 00 – side 26
Note: Charlie Kimber looks at the developing crisis in Zimbabwe and the role of its opposition
Zimbabwe’s unions prepare to fight
Socialist Worker nr. 1672, nov 99 – side 5
Note: Doctors in Zimbabwe, southern Africa, have won big concessions from the government after a strike lasting over a month.
Overblik: Jord og brød 1 (Zimbabwe)
Socialistisk Revy nr. 10, dec 98 – side 4
Note: Det er ikke altid nemt at være diktator. Det må Zimbabwes præsident Robert Mugabe sande disse dage.
Lene Junker: Interview: Socialist i Zimbabwe: Endnu en diktator står for fald
Socialistisk Revy nr. 6, aug 98 – side 18
Note: I snart et år har arbejdere, studenter, arbejdsløse og småbønder været i aktion i Zimbabwe. Lene Junker har interviewet Tafadzwa, som selv har deltaget i kampene.
Tyrkiet, Zimbabwe: Millioner i strejke
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 173, dec 97 – side 2
Note: Årets sidste måned har set storstrejker flere steder i verden. I Tyrkiet er over 1,5 mio. offentligt ansatte gået i strejke for mere i løn. Og i Zimbabwe lå butikker og fabrikker øde i den største strejke i 25 år.
Ole Mølholm Jensen: Folkefronten: Den umulige vej til socialismen
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 13, okt 85 – side 6
Note: Siden 1935 har mange opfattet folkefrontsstrategien som den eneste mulige vej til socialisme i den ikke-gennemindustrialiserede del af verden. ANC’s kamp mod apartheidregimet i Sydafrika bygger også på folkefrontsstrategien. Men hvad er erfaringerne?
Alex Callinicos + John Rogers: Southern Africa after Mugabe
International Socialism Journal nr. 9, jun 80 – side 1
Note: Wednesday, 27 February 1980 – the first day of the Zimbabwean general elections. At the main polling station in Salisbury’s Harare township, a huge queue of black voters awaited their turn impatiently. Walking along this winding line of people we were welcomed by a chorus of cock-crows and cries of ‘Jongwe!’ ‘Jongwe’ is the Shona for ‘cock’; this bird was the symbol of the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF), the party which was to win a landslide victory in these elections
Notes of the Month: Southern Africa
International Socialism Journal (1st series) nr. 101, sep 77 – side 8
Note: Whereas previously the American ruling class had been quite happy to leave the defence of Western capitalist interests in the region to the apartheid regime in South Africa, now they have decided to intervene directly in order to force the pace of change throughout the region.
Basker Vashee: Review: Zimbabwe
International Socialism Journal (1st series) nr. 37, jun 69 – side 40
Note: Review: Theodore Bull (ed.), Rhodesian Perspective, Michael Joseph, 30s
Ndabaningi Sithole, African Nationalism, OUP, 35s
Giovanni Arrighi, The Political Economy of Rhodesia, Mouton & Co, 32s

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