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Tema: Tunesien

Jaouhar Tounsi: Arbejdsløse gør oprør i Tunesiens gader
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 349, nov 15 
Note: Protesterne begyndte i den tunesiske provins Kasserine lørdag den 16. januar, efter at Ridha Yahyaoui døde af et elektrisk stød. Han døde efter at have klatret op i en pæl for at tale til en forsamling af arbejdsløse.
Anna Wolf: Nye protester i Tunesien
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 331, aug 13 – side 7
Note: Den tunesiske revolution blussede atter op i slutningen af juli. Hundredtusinder gik på gaden i flere tunesiske byer fredag d. 26. juli i en massiv generalstrejke, iværksat af fagforeningsforbundet UGTT, der repræsenterer ca. 500.000 tunesiske arbejdere.
Jaouhar Bani: Tunisia erupts for murdered leftist
Socialist Worker nr. 2340, feb 13 – side 20
Note: Hundreds of thousands of people marched at the funeral of Chokri Belaid, a leading opposition politician in Tunisia, on Friday of last week. Towns across the country shut down as people struck and filled the streets.
Siân Ruddick: Tunesiens revolution et år efter
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 315, dec 11 
Note: Mohamed Bani er tuneser og bor i London. Han tilbragte lang tid i Tunesien under revolutionen og har ofte været tilbage siden diktatoren Ben Ali faldt 14. januar 2011. Han talte med Siân Ruddick fra Socialist Worker.
Hans Jørgen Vad: Arabiens anden revolution i perspektiv
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 309, maj 11 – side 7
Note: Både blandt borgerlige og marxistiske analytikere har det "arabiske forår" været sammenlignet med epokegørende hændelser som de borgerlige revolutioner i 1848, opbruddet i 1968 og omvæltningerne i Østeuropa i 1989. Således også Alex Callinicos, som i en baggrundsartikel i "International Socialism" sætter den arabiske revolution ind i et større perspektiv.
Sara Bennett: Tunisia: celebrating the future
Socialist Worker nr. 2250, maj 11 – side 4
Note: Around 2,000 people joined the first public May Day celebrations in Tunis for 50 years. The demonstration was organised by a group of rank and file workers inside the General Workers Union of Tunisia (UGTT).
Alex Callinicos: Analysis: The return of the Arab revolution
International Socialism Journal nr. 130, apr 11 – side 3
Note: In the winter of 1939-40 the German Marxist critic Walter Benjamin wrote a remarkable text known as “Theses on the Philosophy of History”. In it he attacked the widespread belief on the left that socialism would come about inevitably, as the fruit of historical progress.
Chamseddine Mnasri: Tunisia: the people’s revolution
International Socialism Journal nr. 130, apr 11 – side 43
Note: On 14 January 2011 Tunisians ousted President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali after a month’s revolt. Ben Ali’s removal has changed our perception of revolution. Two things explain this: the change came totally from below; and the reactionary forces have failed to restore the old order.
From Tunisia to today: the revolutions continue
Socialist Worker nr. 2244, mar 11 – side 11
Note: A single act of resistance in Tunisia last December sparked a revolt that has brought down two dictators and continues to sweep across the Middle East and North Africa.
Ben Ali's cash stash uncovered
Socialist Worker nr. 2240, feb 11 – side 2
Note: Tunisia’s ousted dictator Ben Ali had stashed cash worth £100 million—behind a bookcase in one of his palaces
Siân Ruddick: Tunisian revolt re-ignites
Socialist Worker nr. 2238, feb 11 – side 5
Note: Fighting between the revolutionary movement and the state erupted again in Tunisia last weekend. Police attacked protesters, killing at least three.
Spreading revolt
Socialist Worker nr. 2238, feb 11 – side 2
Note: Tunisia – Egypt – Jordan – Yemen – Algeria – Saudi Arabia – Palestine – Morocco
Tunisian activist: 'This will renew our confidence'
Socialist Worker nr. 2238, feb 11 – side 3
Note: Mohammed, a Tunisian socialist living in Britain, spoke to Socialist Worker minutes after Mubarak announced he was standing down.
Jakob L. Krogh: Revolution i Tunesien
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 306, feb 11 – side 2
Note: Diktatoren Zine Al-Abidine Ben Ali flygtede den 14. januar fra Tunesien, som han havde reageret i 23 år. Det dræbende stød til Ben Alis diktatur blev givet af det tunesiske LO, Union Général des Travailleurs Tunissiens (UGTT).
Revolt spreads across the Middle East
Socialist Worker nr. 2237, feb 11 – side 5
Note: The battle for the future of the Tunisian revolution is continuing. + The overthrow of Ben Ali has inspired others across the Middle East to challenge their rulers.
Héla Yousfi + Dominic Kavakeb + Fathi Chamki + Anne Alexander: Revolution shakes the Middle East: The Battle of Tunis
Socialist Review nr. 355, feb 11 – side 10
Note: The revolt in Tunisia has sent shivers down the spines of dictators across the region. Anne Alexander looks at the roots of the revolution and considers its broader implications, while Tunisian activists Héla Yousfi and Fathi Chamki give their accounts of the uprising and Dominic Kavakeb examines the role of the internet.
Dave Sewell + Judith Orr: Tunisian trade unionist: ‘Our revolt inspires hope across the Arab states’
Socialist Worker nr. 2236, jan 11 – side 5
Note: Waves of anger generated by the Tunisian revolution continue to crash against the country’s battered ruling class. Politicians from the old regime that held dictator Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali in power for 23 long years still desperately cling to power. But the movement against them is determined.
Tunisia: ‘People are discussing politics and poetry’
Socialist Worker nr. 2236, jan 11 – side 5
Note: Tunisian socialist Mohammed told Socialist Worker that his mother Sadiha and his aunt Khwala went to greet the “Liberation Caravan”.
Alex Callinicos: Tunisia: patterns of revolt
Socialist Worker nr. 2236, jan 11 – side 10
Note: Alex Callinicos looks at the nature of the Tunisian uprising and the potential for it to grow into a challenge to capitalism.
IS-tendensen: Statement on the Tunisian revolution
Socialist Worker nr. 2236, jan 11 
Note: The following statement on events in Tunisia has been issued by the International Socialist Tendency.
Diktatorer overalt lever i frygt for det tunesiske eksempel
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 305, jan 11 
Note: Den tunesiske revolution har givet selvtillid til mennesker overalt til at gå til modstand.
Tunesisk fagforeningsmand: ”Vores oprør giver håb i andre arabiske lande”
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 305, jan 11 
Note: Bølger af vrede genereret af den tunesiske revolution fortsætter med at ramme landets slagne herskende klasse. Politikere fra det gamle regime, der holdt diktator Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali ved magten i 23 lange år, klamrer sig stadig desperat til magten. Men bevægelsen imod dem er beslutsom.
Revolution in Tunisia: ‘We have the power’
Socialist Worker nr. 2235, jan 11 – side 1
Note: Leaders in fear as protests spread across Arab world
Judith Orr: Editorial: Tunisia: workers can transform the world
Socialist Worker nr. 2235, jan 11 – side 3
Note: When the spell is broken and resistance breaks out, changes that might have taken years in “normal” times can happen in a matter of hours.
Judith Orr: Revolution in Tunisia: Mass protest topples tyrant
Socialist Worker nr. 2235, jan 11 – side 7
Note: Introduction to special report on the Tunisian uprising. Revolution sweeps away a hated dictator. Thousands fill the streets to celebrate their newly won freedom. The scenes sound like something from a history book. But this is Tunisia in January 2011.
Fathi Chamki: Revolution in Tunisia: The new government will be weak
Socialist Worker nr. 2235, jan 11 – side 7
Note: The situation on the ground remains quite volatile. The flight of Ben Ali gave remnants of the old regime a platform to regroup—despite the fact that it was on its last legs—and they are trying to organise a counter-revolution.
Revolution in Tunisia: Eyewitness to the fall of a brutal dictator
Socialist Worker nr. 2235, jan 11 – side 8
Note: Mohammed, a Tunisian socialist living in London, flew to Tunis last week to take part in the mass protest that forced Ben Ali to flee the country. He spoke to Socialist Worker.
Bassem Chit: Revolution in Tunisia: Threatening the power of Arab rulers
Socialist Worker nr. 2235, jan 11 – side 8
Note: Bassem Chit explains how Tunisia shows that real change can be won on the streets
Revolution in Tunisia: Tunisia timeline
Socialist Worker nr. 2235, jan 11 – side 8
Revolution in Tunisia: ‘A lesson no Arab regime should ignore’
Socialist Worker nr. 2235, jan 11 – side 9
Note: Across the Arab world, millions of people suffer the same poverty, unemployment, soaring prices and oppression that lie behind the Tunisian revolution.
Phil Marfleet: Revolution in Tunisia: Permanent revolution: how to win liberation in the Middle East
Socialist Worker nr. 2235, jan 11 – side 9
Note: Hossam Bahgat of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights said he was glued to the news from Tunisia. “Literally days ago the regime seemed unshakable,” he said. “I feel like we Egyptians are a giant step closer to our own liberation.”
Richard Seymour: Lenin's Tomb: Tunisia's revolution and the Islamists
Note: Soumayya Ghannouchi, the Guardian columnist and daughter of the Tunisian An-Nahda leader Rachid Ghannouchi, argues for a coalition of socialists, liberals and Islamists to overthrow the Tunisian state. Rachid himself argues for exactly this approach in his interview with the Financial Times. (18 Jan 2011)
Richard Seymour: Lenin's Tomb: Tunisia's 'unity government' already imploding
Note: Several ministers have withdrawn from the 'unity government' led by the Prime Minister and now acting president Mohammed Ghannouchi, due to the inclusion of several hacks from the former ruling party, the Rassemblement constitutionnel démocratique (RCD), in the government. The ministers who have left are three UGTT leaders, apparently under pressure from protesters demanding an end to the RCD's role in government. (18 Jan 2011)
Richard Seymour: Lenin's Tomb: Note on Tunisia's military
Note: Tunisia's armed forces are fighting street battles with armed members of Ben Ali's sinister 'internal security' apparatus. Their decision to turn against the dictator was a decisive final blow forcing his resignation. (16 Jan 2011)
Richard Seymour: Lenin's Tomb: The rise and fall of Tunisia's Ceaucescu
Note: The revolution in Tunisia that began on 18th December went from being almost completely ignored in the British newspapers to being a sensational story of bloodbaths, gang violence, Israeli worries about "stability", and pleas for "restraint" from the foreign secretary in the space of a few days. (16 Jan 2011)
Kevin Ovenden: Lenin's Tomb: The fall of Ben Ali
Note: Over the last quarter of a century the regime in Tunis has narrowed its social base. It swung behind US hegemony in the region. Its main policy internally became police repression rather than any kind of accommodation or integration of the constitutional Islamists, the union and the left. (15 Jan 2011)
Richard Seymour: Lenin's Tomb: "The first Arab revolution of the 21st Century"
Note: Video: Massive protests in Tunesia push president to flee (15 Jan 2011)
Siân Ruddick: Oprør ryster nordafrikanske regimer
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 305, jan 11 
Note: Opstande ryster de autoritære regimer i Tunesien og Algeriet i Nordafrika. Demonstrationer har hærget Tunesien i mere end tre uger. Høj ungdomsarbejdsløshed, fattigdom og stigende leveomkostninger kombineret med elitens uanstændige rigdom og korruption har dette ført til raseri.

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