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Tema: USA internt før 1900

USA internt før 1900
Andy Ridley: Book review: Dark thoughts: psychology and genocide
International Socialism Journal nr. 143, jul 14 – side 205
Note: Sabby Sagall, Final Solutions: Human Nature, Capitalism and Genocide (Pluto Press, 2013), £20.50.

In Final Solutions Sabby Sagall analyses the nature and the role of the subjective and irrational in determining genocidal mass murder. The book poses the question as to what underlying psychological and historical conditions and processes are necessary to cause groups of people to kill other groups of people en masse, out of the context of immediate military engagement.
John Molyneux: Review: Sabby Sagall, Final Solutions: Human Nature, Capitalism and Genocide
Irish Marxist Review (Irland) nr. 9, mar 14 – side 69
Note: Sabby Sagall has written a hugely ambitious book which covers immense historical ground and attempts to answer one of the most challenging historical and theoretical questions of our time. The historical events it deals with are four genocides: that of Native Americans at the hands of European settlers; the Armenian genocide perpetrated by Turkey; the Nazi Holocaust and the Rwanda genocide of 1994.
Matthew Cookson: The American Civil War: war against slavery
Socialist Worker nr. 2248, apr 11 – side 10
Note: 150 years after the American Civil War began, Matthew Cookson looks back at the significance of the conflict—and examines what really lay behind it.
Michael Bradley: American Civil War: Architects of their own liberation
Socialist Review nr. 318, okt 07 – side 22
Note: Much has been written about the American Civil War, but less is known about the decisive role of black soldiers in the conflict. Michael Bradley unearths the role of free blacks and escaped slaves whose heroism helped secure victory against the Confederate South and ended slavery.
Patrick Ward: Book Review: Bernard Mandel: Labor, Free and Slave
Socialist Review nr. 315, jun 07 – side 29
Note: Bernard Mandel was part of a response to a school of thought best summarised in the words of scholar William E Woodward: "American Negroes [were] the only people in the history of the world... that ever became free without any effort of their own."
Megan Trudell: The pursuit of 'unbounded freedom' (Ray Raphael: "The American Revolution: A People's History")
International Socialism Journal nr. 92, sep 01 – side 141
Note: Megan Trudell looks at a new account of the American Revolution which tells the story through the words and actions of grassroots activists
Megan Trudell: Who made the American Revolution?
International Socialism Journal nr. 73, dec 96 – side 73
Note: America's Revolution is the subject of Megan Trudell's critique of Theodore Draper's controversial The Struggle for Power. She looks at Draper's materialist account and the objections raised against it by Draper's critics.
Megan Trudell: Living to some purpose (John Keane: "Tom Paine: a political life")
International Socialism Journal nr. 69, dec 95 – side 85
Peter Morgan: How the West was won (C Milner II, C O'Connor, M Sandweiss (eds): "Oxford History of the American West")
International Socialism Journal nr. 67, jun 95 – side 153
Note: Peter Morgan reviews a comprehensive history of the American West which delves into the wars against the Native Americans and the growth of working class organisation and charts the fortunes of the area, from the Gold Rush of the 1840's to the growth of Los Angeles.
Lee Sustar: The roots of multi-racial labour unity in the United States (Eric Arnesen: "Waterfront Workers of New Orleans: Race, Class and Politics, 1863-1923")
International Socialism Journal nr. 63, jun 94 – side 89
Note: Lee Sustar looks at the history of struggle for multi-racial unity in America's trade unions.
Peter Morgan: Geronimo and the end of the Indian wars (A Debo: "The man, his time, his place")
International Socialism Journal nr. 63, jun 94 – side 145
Note: Peter Morgan retells the story of Geronimo and the last Indian war
Lee Sustar: Racism and class struggle in the American Civil War era
International Socialism Journal nr. 55, jun 92 – side 41
Note: American socialist Lee Sustar examines the New York draft riots during the American Civil War. His review shows the forces pushing towards black and white unity and the strategies used by the establishment to tear that unity apart.

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