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Tema: Honduras

Mike Gonzalez: Honduras is not just another banana republic
International Socialism Journal nr. 125, jan 10 – side 43
Note: The tone of media reports of the events in Honduras has been generally tongue in cheek, as if this were simply another episode in the ongoing tale of banana republics and their regular coups.
Mike Gonzalez: US legitimises right wing coup in Honduras
Socialist Worker nr. 2180, dec 09 – side 2
Note: There was never any possibility that last weekend’s Honduran presidential election would be legitimate.
Mike Gonzalez: Challenging the coup in Honduras (online only)
Socialist Worker nr. 2161, jul 09 
Note: Trade unions, farmers, student organisations and social movements have called a general strike in Honduras for Thursday of this week. The protest movement has continued and grown since the 28 June coup, despite increasingly brutal repression and the murder of several demonstrators by the army.
Honduras: Thousands resist the coup
Socialist Worker nr. 2159, jul 09 – side 3
Note: Protests against the coup in Honduras have continued despite vicious state repression

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