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Tema: Bolivia

Videos of ISJ “Marxism and Revolution Today” event
International Socialism Journal nr. 137, jan 13 
Note: Video recordings of the weekend school held by International Socialism on 22 and 23 September 2012.
Steve Henshall: Bolivia 1952: A glimpse of workers' power
Socialist Worker nr. 2297, apr 12 – side 10
Note: Sixty years after the Bolivian revolution, Steve Henshall shows how workers beat the army
Steve Henshall: Bolivia 1952: What did the socialists do?
Socialist Worker nr. 2297, apr 12 – side 10
Note: The nationalists were not the only revolutionary opposition in Bolivia.
Federico Fuentes: Feedback: The Morales government: neoliberalism in disguise?
International Socialism Journal nr. 134, apr 12 – side 191
Note: For more than a decade Bolivia has been rocked by mass upsurges and mobilisations that have posed the necessity and possibility of fundamental political and social transformation. In 2005 the social movements that led the country’s water and gas wars managed to elect a government that since then has presided over a process of change that has brought major advances.
Jeffery R Webber: Revolution against “progress”: The TIPNIS struggle and class contradictions in Bolivia
International Socialism Journal nr. 133, jan 12 – side 151
Note: In the two and a half months that passed between mid-August and late October of this year, the Bolivian government of Evo Morales entered into its worst crisis to date.
Mike Gonzalez: Evo Morales’ wrong turn in Bolivia
Socialist Worker nr. 2274, okt 11 – side 10
Note: Evo Morales was elected president of Bolivia as the voice of a mass movement – but a battle over a new road exposes the gulf between his rhetoric and reality.
Marcos Schneider: Book review: Jeffrey Webber: From Rebellion to Reform in Bolivia
Socialist Review nr. 359, jun 11 – side 26
Note: Two terms into Bolivia's first indigenous led government, this book by Jeffrey Webber presents a sober intervention in a climate where all too often Morales and the Movimiento al Socialismo (Movement Toward Socialism, MAS) are either demonised by the right or lauded uncritically by the left.
Jeffery R Webber: Book Review: Struggle, continuity and contradiction in Bolivia
International Socialism Journal nr. 125, jan 10 – side 193
Note: A review of John Crabtree and Laurence Whitehead (eds), Unresolved Tensions: Bolivia Past and Present (University of Pittsburgh, 2008), £24.50
Bolivia has long been marginalised from mainstream international political discussion and affairs. Even the rest of South America has often forgotten the existence of its landlocked indigenous core. However, the poorest country in South America entered the spotlight in December 2005 when Evo Morales won an electoral majority and became the country’s first indigenous president.
Joel Richards: Letter from Bolivia: Evo Morales re-elected with a mandate for change
Socialist Worker nr. 2181, dec 09 – side 2
Note: Barely two hours after the voting for Bolivia’s president had ended last Sunday, Movement towards Socialism (MAS) supporters began to fill Plaza Murillo, the heart of the capital of La Paz.
Mike Gonzalez: Højrefløjens vold har rystet Bolivia
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 282, okt 08 – side 11
Note: I begyndelsen og midten af september gik Bolivias højrefløj til angreb for med brutal vold og racistisk retorik at forsøge at destabilisere Evo Morales’ regering og forhindre radikale reformer. Siden da er der blevet indgået en form for våbenhvile, men situationen er stadig ustabil. Mike Gonzalez, der for tiden bor i Venezuela, fortæller her om begivenhederne i Bolivia og baggrunden for dem.
Ernesto Gonzalez: Right wing violence is shaking Bolivia
Socialist Worker nr. 2119, sep 08 – side 6
Note: The wealthy have unleashed brutal attacks and racist rhetoric to destabilise the radical reforms of Evo Morales.
Socialist Worker nr. 2117, sep 08 – side 7
Note: Fascism in Russia – Bolivian referendum shows strength of left
James Norrie: Rejecting the right in Bolivia
Socialist Worker nr. 2115, aug 08 – side 12
Note: Bolivia’s recent referendum showed the deep divisions inside the Latin American country, reports James Norrie in Cochabamba.
Joseph Choonara: Book review: Revolutionary Horizons
Socialist Review nr. 322, feb 08 – side 24
Note: Forrest Hylton and Sinclair Thomson: Revolutionary Horizons – Past and Present in Bolivian Politics, Verso, £12.99
Some years before the French Revolution, Bolivia's indigenous masses, the Aymara, the Quechua and others, rose up. The names of the heroes of the 1780-1 rebellion – Tomás Katari, Tupaj Amaro and Tupaj Katari – still echo through Bolivia, where two thirds of the population define themselves as indigenous.
Chris Harman: In perspective: No saviours or substitutes
Socialist Review nr. 321, jan 08 – side 17
Note: The words of the Internationale strike a chord for all socialists who believe society can only be transformed from below. It is a message that could not be more urgent than for today's working class in Venezuela and Bolivia.
Mike Gonzalez: Break up of Bolivia planned by bosses
Socialist Worker nr. 2082, dec 07 – side 4
Note: Several provinces of Bolivia have announced that they are to breakaway from the central state in protest against the left wing policies of the country’s leader Evo Morales.
Mike Gonzalez: Overklassen forsøger at sabotere Bolivias regering
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 273, okt 07 – side 6
Note: I midten af september marcherede tusinder af fattige bønder og indfødte aktivister gennem den bolivianske by Sucre. Marchen var en støtte til de forandringer i forfatningen, som den venstreorienterede præsident Evo Morales har foreslået.
Mike Gonzalez: Rich try to sabotage Bolivia’s government
Socialist Worker nr. 2069, sep 07 – side 5
Note: Thousands of poor farmers and indigenous activists marched through the Bolivian city of Sucre last week in support of constitutional changes proposed by President Evo Morales.
Mark Shenkin + Crawford Spence: Morales and the Bolivian state
International Socialism Journal nr. 112, sep 06 – side 56
Note: The article explores the tentative development of a new form of political organisation in Bolivia, as it emerged after Evo Morales’s victory in the presidential elections of December 2005.
Analysis: Taking on the multinationals in Bolivia
International Socialism Journal nr. 111, jun 06 – side 14
Note: The nationalisation of Bolivia’s oil and gas reserves on 1 May was another step forward in the radicalisation of Latin America. Talk of socialism in the 21st century in Venezuela, it seemed, was translated into action against the multinationals 2,000 miles away.
Chris Harman: Opstanden i Bolivia
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 245, sep 05 – side 5
Note: Revolution er på dagsordenen i det 21. århundrede. Det blev tydeligt på gaderne i La Paz, Bolivias hovedstad, i forrige måned.
Mike Gonzalez: Bolivia: the rising of the people
International Socialism Journal nr. 108, sep 05 – side 73
Chris Harman: The Bolivian Uprising
Socialist Review nr. 298, jul 05 – side 12
Note: The actuality of revolution in the 21st century. That was what was on display on the streets of Bolivia's capital, La Paz, last month.
Poul Erik Kristensen: Bolivia og Georgien: Med revolutionen på dagsordenen
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 222, dec 03 – side 2
Note: Bolivia: Utilfredshed med regeringens salg af naturgas til USA var den direkte anledning til, at Bolivias præsident Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada i midten af oktober blev tvunget til at flygte til Miami. Det skete efter flere års stærk utilfredshed med en politik, der har gjort Bolivia til Latinamerikas fattigste land.
Georgien: Søndag d. 22. november blev Georgiens præsident, Sjevardnadse, tvunget fra magten.
Peter Iversen: Revolution i Bolivia
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 221, nov 03 – side 4
Note: Bolivianske arbejdere, indianere og bønder fortsætter kampen mod nyliberalismen. Nu diskuterer de, hvordan de får væltet den nye regering, og indført reelt demokrati nedefra.
Mikkel Bay: Demonstrationer mod privatisering: De vandt i Bolivia
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 196, sep 01 – side 7
Note: At GATS-aftalen om privatisering af hele den offentlige sektor endnu ikke er på plads har ikke fået WTO, Verdensbanken og IMF til at tøve med at presse regeringer verden over, især i u-lande, til at begynde at privatisere.
Bolivias arbejdere viser vej
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 13, okt 85 – side 8
Note: Bolivias arbejdere har gjort det igen. I september måned gennemførte de en langvarig generalstrejke i protest mod regeringens benhårde nedskæringspolitik.
John Newsinger: Revolution in Bolivia
International Socialism Journal nr. 18, dec 82 – side 60
Note: NOWHERE IN LATIN AMERICA has the class struggle developed to a greater extent or reached greater heights than in Bolivia. At a time when enthusiasm for the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua and solidarity with the guerrillas in El Salvador and Guatemala dominates the consciousness of much of the left, this point needs emphasising.

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