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Tema: Russ. rev. 1918-23

Russ. rev. 1918-23
John Rose: Tony Cliff’s Lenin and the Russian Revolution
International Socialism Journal nr. 129, jan 11 – side 183
Note: In Tony Cliff’s original four-volume series on Lenin published in the 1970s, the second volume was entitled All Power to the Soviets and the third Revolution Besieged. Besieged may not mean destroyed, but the civil war, which began in May 1918, fundamentally altered the relations between the soviets and the ruling Bolshevik Party.
Simon Pirani: Feedback: Socialism in the 21st century and the Russian Revolution
International Socialism Journal nr. 128, okt 10 – side 203
Note: My book The Russian Revolution in Retreat will not “resonate with the tens of thousands of young people now open to socialist ideas”, according to Kevin Murphy’s negative review in International Socialism 126.
Vladimir Unkovski-Korica: The ABC of Communism: Can socialism work?
Socialist Worker nr. 2060, jul 07 – side 13
Note: The recently republished ABC of Communism is a remarkable historical document of the attempt to create a socialist society in Russia after the 1917 October Revolution.
Written in 1920 by Nikolai Bukharin and Yevgeni Preobrazhensky, two leading theoreticians of the Bolshevik party, it ran through 18 Russian editions and 20 foreign translations by the early 1930s.
Dave Crouch: The Bolsheviks and Islam
International Socialism Journal nr. 110, mar 06 – side 37
Note: Missing from much of the discussion about socialists and Islam is an appreciation of how Lenin’s Bolsheviks made their revolution after 1917 among the peoples of the former Russian Empire, where 10 percent of the population—some 16 million people—were Muslims.
Megan Trudell: The Russian civil war: a Marxist analysis
International Socialism Journal nr. 86, mar 00 – side 83
Note: The Russian civil war shook the imperialist powers of the time, but the real story of the Bolshevik victory has been shrouded in myth. Megan Trudell vindicates the strategy and tactics of the Bolsheviks and sets her account of the civil war in the context of the ongoing crisis of the world system.
Sheila McGregor: Revolutionary witness ("Arthur Ransome in Revolutionary Russia" – 2 vols)
International Socialism Journal nr. 55, jun 92 – side 149
Abbie Bakan: Kronstadt: A Tragic Necessity
Socialist Review nr. 136, nov 90 – side 18

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