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Tema: Filosofi

Se også: Se også: Marxistisk filosofi

Se også: Marxistisk filosofi
Simon Behrmann: Giorgio Agamben in perspective
International Socialism Journal nr. 140, okt 13 – side 155
Note: In recent years the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben has become one of the most vital and most discussed figures in academia. But as with other major figures such as Michel Foucault, Antonio Negri and Alain Badiou, Agamben’s name and influence have spread beyond the narrow confines of the academy.
Ross Speer: Philosophical arabesques
International Socialism Journal nr. 133, jan 12 – side 212
Note: István Mészáros, Social Structure and Forms of Consciousness, volume 1: The Social Determination of Method (Monthly Review Press, 2010), £20, and Social Structure and Forms of Consciousness, volume 2: The Dialectic of Structure and History (Monthly Review Press, 2011), £20
Stacey Whittle: Book review: Philosophy on the barricades
International Socialism Journal nr. 127, jul 10 – side 209
Note: Peter Hudis and Kevin B. Anderson (eds), Raya Dunayevskaya: The Power of Negativity—Selected Writings on the Dialectic in Hegel and Marx (Lexington Books, 2002), £16.95
The relationship of Marx and historical materialism to Hegelian dialectics has long been a source of argument amongst Marxists and non-Marxists alike. The great value of Raya Dunayevskaya’s work, and of these selected writings, is to leave no shadow of doubt that Marx’s entire work (despite allegations of an “epistemological break” between his early “philosophy” and later “economic” work) is indebted to Hegel’s historical and philosophical dialectic. Her aim is to demonstrate the relationship of the Hegelian revolution in philosophy to Marx’s philosophy of revolution.
Dan Swain: Book review: Refusing to be pessimistic
International Socialism Journal nr. 126, apr 10 – side 211
Note: Alain Badiou, Pocket Pantheon: Figures of Postwar Philosophy (Verso 2009), £9.99
In the preface to this new collection, the French philosopher Alain Badiou offers a withering assessment of the state of contemporary philosophy. He attacks those modern philosophers content to echo and clarify the ruling ideas of society and “wear themselves out trying to infect us with little articles, debates, blazing headlines (“The Ethics of Stock Options: Philosophers Speak Out at Last”) and boisterous roundtable discussions (“Philosophers: the G-String or the Veil?)” When confronted with the sight of Bérnard-Henri Lévy, supposedly France’s foremost thinker, speaking at the NATO summit or joining the clamour to ban the burqa, it is easy to see what he means.
Jonathan Maunder: Radical thinkers today: What force can solve Zizek’s antagonism?
Socialist Worker nr. 2179, nov 09 – side 6
Note: In our final column Jonathan Maunder looks at the ideas and limitations of Slavoj Zizek.
Paul Blackledge: A to Z of Socialism: Y is for Young Hegelians
Socialist Review nr. 338, jul 09 – side 24
Note: Marxism was born of a synthesis of the most advanced aspects of bourgeois social theory: English political economy, French socialism and German classical philosophy.
John Rees: A to Z of Socialism: Q is for quantity and quality
Socialist Review nr. 330, nov 08 – side 24
Note: How is it that history makes an unexpected leap forward?
Take the sudden onset of the economic crisis. We were told this could never happen again, but banks are failing, the financial system is in turmoil and a recession is opening up beneath our feet.
Colin Wilson: Foucault and history
Socialist Worker nr. 2082, dec 07 – side 13
Note: Colin Wilson takes a critical look at the ideas and politics of influential historian Michel Foucault
Dan Swain: Review: Reasonable ideology? Negri's Descartes
International Socialism Journal nr. 114, apr 07 – side 201
Note: Antonio Negri, Political Descartes: Reason, Ideology and the Bourgeois Project (Verso 2007), £6.99
Chris Harman: Dialectics of morality
International Socialism Journal nr. 113, jan 07 – side 199
Note: A review of Alex Callinicos, The Resources of Critique (Polity, 2006), £16.99
Alex Callinicos attempts to deal with important questions in this book. How is it possible for people conditioned by the structures of a certain society to go beyond these (a process Alex calls ‘transcendence’) to fight for a different society? How is it possible to find criteria of truth that escape social conditioning? And is it possible to lay down universally valid moral principles?
Ian Birchall: Sartre’s century
International Socialism Journal nr. 107, jun 05 – side 125
Note: Jean-Paul Sartre was the dominant figure in French intellectual life for half a century and an inspiration to the new left of the 1950s and 1960s. Ian Birchall applauds his legacy on the hundredth anniversary of his birth.
Alex Callinicos: Obituary: The Infinite Search (Jacques Derrida)
Socialist Review nr. 290, nov 04 – side 20
Note: There is much to celebrate in the work of the French philosopher Jacques Derrida, says Alex Callinicos.
Nigel Harris: All praise war!
International Socialism Journal nr. 102, mar 04 – side 143
Note: Nigel Harris replies to a critical review of his 'The Return of Cosmopolitan Capital: Globalisation, the State and War', published in International Socialism 101.
Mark Thomas: Philosophy and the masses (Stathis Kouvelakis: "Philosophy and Revolution: From Kant to Marx")
International Socialism Journal nr. 99, jun 03 – side 139
Jim Wolfreys: The disposable heroes of hypocrisy
International Socialism Journal nr. 96, sep 02 – side 129
Note: Jim Wolfreys looks at recent debates in French philosophy.
Alex Callinicos: Minds, machines and evolution
International Socialism Journal nr. 74, mar 97 – side 101
Note: Alex Callinicos replies to criticisms of his account of materialism and evolution published in International Socialism 73.
John Parrington: Computers and consciousness: a reply to Alex Callinicos
International Socialism Journal nr. 73, dec 96 – side 55
Note: A debate about materialism, evolution and intelligence has been sparked by Alex Callinicos's review of Daniel Dennett's Darwin's Dangerous Idea in issue 71 of International Socialism. John Parrington and Joe Faith put forward their positions in this issue.
Joe Faith: Dennett, materialism and empiricism
International Socialism Journal nr. 73, dec 96 – side 65
Note: A debate about materialism, evolution and intelligence has been sparked by Alex Callinicos's review of Daniel Dennett's Darwin's Dangerous Idea in issue 71 of International Socialism. John Parrington and Joe Faith put forward their positions in this issue.
George Paizis: Back to the future (Alex Callinicos: "Theories and Narratives: Reflections on the Philosophy of History")
International Socialism Journal nr. 68, sep 95 – side 109
Sue Clegg: The remains of Louis Althusser
International Socialism Journal nr. 53, dec 91 – side 57
Note: Louis Althusser was one of the most influential philosophers of the post-war period. Sue Clegg examines his legacy, charting the path that led many of his followers to abandon socialism.
Alex Callinicos: Drawing the line (Fredric Jameson: "Postmodernism, or The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism")
International Socialism Journal nr. 53, dec 91 – side 93
Paul Vernell: The ideology of postmodernism
International Socialism Journal nr. 47, jun 90 – side 191
Note: Alex Callinicos: “Against Postmodernism – a marxist critique”
Postmodernism is a theory which has long stood in need of debunking. Paul Vernell reviews one such attemp – ‘Against Postmodernism’ by Alex Callinicos.
John Rees: The algebra of revolution
International Socialism Journal nr. 43, jun 89 – side 173
Note: John Rees looks at the intellectual background to the French Revolution and, in particular, the work of the greatest philosopher of the revolutionary era, Hegel. The Algebra of Revolution then examines Hegel’s weaknesses and shows how Marx based his view of history on a transformed version of the dialectic which Hegel discovered.
Ann Rogers: 1789 – Culture and Revolution: Reason and reality (Hegel)
Socialist Review nr. 117, feb 89 – side 26
Note: Ann Rogers studies the impact of the revolutionary events on the works of Hegel
Richard Bradbury: What is post-structuralism?
International Socialism Journal nr. 41, dec 88 – side 147
Note: An article on the philosophical position behind much of the "farewell to the working class" school of thought – post-structuralism.

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