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Tema: Sexualitet

Se også: Se også: Kvinder; Prostitution

Se også: Kvinder; Prostitution
Ruairi Gallagher: Review: Shulamith Firestone, The Dialectic of Sex
Irish Marxist Review (Irland) nr. 13, jun 15 – side 67
Note: The re-publication of the feminist classic by Shulamith Firestone is very timely, now that we are experiencing another wave of feminism sweeping the globe with a Whole new generation of young women taking an interest in feminist issues.
Terry Sullivan: Pre-Class Sexuality: Free, Warm and Wild
International Socialism Journal nr. 140, okt 13 
Note: Recently in this journal Sheila McGregor has written about sexuality in pre-class societies and its evolution. Colin Wilson replied arguing that McGregor’s analysis is incorrect. In turn, John Molyneux has countered Wilson. Most recently, Wilson has responded, and Molyneux countered again. In this article I wish to show that, while there are shortcomings with McGregor’s account, it is Wilson who is fundamentally mistaken. In so doing I elaborate on two points that Molyneux makes and defend him from two erroneous criticisms made by Wilson.
John Molyneux: Sexuality and social constructionism: A reply to Colin Wilson
International Socialism Journal nr. 140, okt 13 
Note: The mere mention of “nature”—in this case principally biology—in relation to human history and the development of women’s oppression—in my International Socialism article has produced a frenzy of accusations from certain quarters: John Molyneux’s argument is gender essentialist, transphobic, homophobic, not to speak of intellectually dishonest, ignorant, disgusting and so on.
Colin Wilson: A Response to John Molyneux on Sexuality
International Socialism Journal nr. 140, okt 13 
Note: John Molyneux has intervened in a debate concerning the history of sexuality. Sexuality has been a subject of serious study only in the last 40 years, the field emerging from the women’s and gay movements of the 1970s. Lesbian and gay authors began its development by unearthing a history that included the movement headed by Magnus Hirschfeld in Germany before and after the First World War, the development of struggles in 1950s America, and the inspiring example of the Russian Revolution.
Phil Webster: A Note on Sex and Early Societies
International Socialism Journal nr. 141, jan 14 
Note: Terry Sullivan has written an excellent online article (“Pre-Class Sexuality: Free, Warm and Wild”), in which he shows what is in effect the dialectical interaction between the biological and the social aspects of sexual behaviour.
John Molyneux: Feedback: History without nature? A response to Nancy Lindisfarne, Jonathan Neale and Colin Wilson
International Socialism Journal nr. 140, okt 13 – side 201
Note: Unfortunately I lack the knowledge, particularly in anthropology, needed to offer a comprehensive response to either Nancy Lindisfarne and Jonathan Neale’s “What Gender Does” or Colin Wilson’s “Sexuality in Pre-class Society” in the previous issue of this journal. However, it does seem to me that each of their articles suffers from a serious and fundamental weakness and that, on inspection, this turns out to be basically the same weakness—a tendency to completely separate human history from what Karl Marx referred to as its “natural bases”.
Colin Wilson: Sexuality in pre-class society: A response to Sheila McGregor
International Socialism Journal nr. 139, jul 13 – side 155
Note: Since the 19th century Marxists have argued that the development of human society began with a long period of “primitive communism”, characterised by the absence of classes and by equality between men and women. McGregor takes this assertion further, claiming that primitive communism is also characterised by benign attitudes and practices regarding sexuality.
Siân Ruddick: Sex education: youth, respect and equality
Socialist Worker nr. 2182, dec 09 – side 12
Note: A teenage pregnancy co-ordinator in London spoke to Siân Ruddick about young people, sex, respect and sexual violence education in schools.
Ulla Ørsted: Cølibat: Ude godt – men hjemme bedst
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 27, feb 87 – side 8
Note: Side om side med det stadigt stigende salg af pikant undertøj, er der nu dukket et “nyt” ord op i avisernes overskrifter: Cølibat.

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