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Tema: Syndikalisme

Se også: Se også: Syndikalister (DK)

Se også: Syndikalister (DK)
Simon Basketter: Book Review: The revolutionary trade unions
International Socialism Journal nr. 121, jan 09 – side 178
Note: Ralph Darlington, Syndicalism and the Transition to Communism (Ashgate, 2008), £60
According to the syndicalist Tom Mann, “The object of the unions is to wage the class war and take every opportunity of scoring against the enemy.” One cannot imagine such a statement passing the lips of a single trade union leader today, and this helps illuminate the inspiration provided by “syndicalism”—the revolutionary trade unionism that sprang up across the world in the first couple of decades of the 20th century.
Chris Bambery: Syndicalism and the limits of radical trade unionism
Socialist Worker nr. 2104, jun 08 – side 13
Note: Chris Bambery looks at the issues raised by some fascinating debates between revolutionaries and left wing trade unionists in the early 20th century.
Phil Taylor: What Do We Mean by: Syndicalism
Note: Though the term “syndicalism” is widely used on the left today, often as a term of abuse, syndicalist organisations are extremely rare. This was not always the case.
(From the collection, What do we mean by ...?, Education for Socialists No.6, March 1987.)
Tony Cliff: The tragedy of A J Cook
International Socialism Journal nr. 31, mar 86 – side 69
Note: A J Cook was a leader of the miners during the 1926 General Strike
Janet Ure-Smith: A J Cook and the limits of syndicalism
Socialist Review nr. 66, jun 84 – side 7
Note: Fleet Street thrives on images of Arthur Scargill as a power-crazed, egocentric madman. But Scragill is not the first miners’ leader to have newspaper editors foaming at the mouth. Here Jane Ure Smith recalls another.
(Page 8)

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