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Tema: Trotskisme

Tom Gordon: Book Review: State, power and bureaucracy
International Socialism Journal nr. 151, jul 16 – side 200
Note: A review of Thomas M Twiss, Trotsky and the Problem of Soviet Bureaucracy (Brill/Haymarket, 2015), £25.99
The theory of bureaucratic state capitalism in Russia and elsewhere characterises the International Socialist Tendency and distinguishes us from most other Marxist parties worldwide. So a study of the development of Leon Trotsky’s ideas on the Russian bureaucracy is of particular interest. This book reveals one of the greatest Marxists struggling to come to terms with a wholly new ­phenomenon, the Stalinist bureaucracy.
Alex Callinicos: Trotskyism (1990)
Alex Callinicos: The Anti-Capitalist Movement and the Revolutionary Left
Chris Harman: Movie with an open ending
Socialist Review nr. 241, maj 00 – side 21
Note: How can we understand the world system at the moment? Chris Harman shows how Tony Cliff made sense of the contradictions and crises of the 1990s.
Alt. url: Reds - Die Roten
Alex Callinicos: State in debate (Ernest Haberkern and Arthur Lipow (eds): "Neither Capitalism nor Socialism: Theories of Bureaucratic Colllectivism")
International Socialism Journal nr. 73, dec 96 – side 117
Chris Bambery: The politics of James P Cannon
International Socialism Journal nr. 36, sep 87 – side 49
Alex Callinicos: Trotsky’s Theory of Permanent Revolution and its relevance to the Third World Today
International Socialism Journal nr. 16, mar 82 – side 98
Note: Trotsky’s theory of permanent revolution is one of the half a dozen most important contributions to Marxism since the time of its founders. The appearance of a serious study of the theory by Michael Löwy, the author of excellent books on the young Marx and on Lukacs, is, therefore, to be welcomed.
Pete Goodwin: Beyond the fragments
International Socialism Journal nr. 9, jun 80 – side 95
Note: It is now something like a year since the publication of Beyond the fragments by Sheila Rowbotham, Lynne Segal and Hilary Wainwright. It has had, on the face of things, a striking success.
Daniel Bensaïd: The roots of the crisis
International Socialism Journal nr. 9, jun 80 – side 118
Note: The extreme left in Europe is in crisis. The description of it given in Chris Harman’s article (IS 2 : 4) is a significant one.
Tony Cliff: Trotsky om “substitutionismen”
Proletar! nr. 6, nov 73 – side 24
Note: Oversat af Brian Gooseman og Tage Bild fra “Party and Class” (Essays by Tony Cliff, Duncan Hallas, Chris Harman and Leon Trotsky), Pluto Press, London 1972
Alt. url: Original-tekst (engelsk)
Paul Mattick: Review: Mandel’s Economics: Another View
International Socialism Journal (1st series) nr. 37, jun 69 – side 35
Note: In the last issue of International Socialism we printed a review of Mandel’s book[1] by Michael Kidron. We are now printing another review of the same book by the American Marxist, Paul Mattick.

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