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Det ny venstre
Debate on the European Revolutionary Left: Introduction
International Socialism Journal nr. 7, dec 79 – side 108
Note: Chris Harman’s article The Crisis of the European revolutionary left (International Socialism 2 : 4) has aroused interest on the part of revolutionaries in several countries. Written comments have been received from several sources, including the one from Riccardo Albione (DP, Italy) published in our last issue, but perhaps the most interesting development has been a conference, held in Paris in October, which took Harman’s article as the main starting point.
Bernard Navaculles (OCT, France): Crisis of the revolutionary left: a view from France
International Socialism Journal nr. 7, dec 79 – side 110
Note: Chris Harman’s article on the Crisis of the revolutionary left in Europe (International Socialism no. 2 : 4, Spring 1979) sheds light on a discussion which is crucial for militants. It is a fact that since 1976 the organisations which were born around 1968 have been, each in turn, afflicted by the same ailments, with similar symptoms, and without doubt due to similar causes.
MC (Movimiento Comunista, Spain): On the crisis of the new revolutionary left in Europe
International Socialism Journal nr. 7, dec 79 – side 115
Note: We will begin with two qualifications. The ‘revolutionary left’ is not a homogenous grouping. It includes various organisations that emerged in the 60s and 70s, all of them opposed to the old reformist parties, but not always clearly distinguished from them politically and ideologically. Furthermore the appearance and development of these new parties was powerfully affected by the various national conditions.
Riccardo Albione: On the Italian revolutionary left
International Socialism Journal nr. 6, sep 79 – side 137
Note: We have begun to receive some contributions to Chris Harman's major article on the revolutionary left in Europe published in International Socialism 2:4, and we are including the first of them, by Riccardo Albione on Italy, in this issue.
Chris Harman: Crisis of the European Revolutionary Left
International Socialism Journal nr. 4, mar 79 – side 49
Note: The European revolutionary left has been undergoing a general crisis for the last two and a half years. In country after country the largest organisations have been paralysed by political confusion, leading in many cases to splits, in some to complete disintegration.
Colin Barker: A 'New' Reformism? – A critique of the political theory of Nicos Poulantzas
International Socialism Journal nr. 4, mar 79 – side 88
Note: For some years now, there has been a welcome revival in Marxist discussion on the State. Two names, above all, have been associated with that discussion: Ralph Miliband and Nicos Poulantzas.
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