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Tema: Fr Engels

Fr Engels
Lily Murphy: Engels visits Ireland
Irish Marxist Review (Irland) nr. 13, jun 15 – side 86
Note: Some years ago a rumour arose regarding a visit Vladimir Lenin made to Ireland. The rumour proved false, but one person whose philosophy Lenin built his soviet ideals on, did visit Ireland.
Jack Farmer: Why read Socialism: Utopian and Scientific?
Socialist Review nr. 379, apr 13 – side 35
Note: Freidrich Engels’ pamphlet, Socialism: Utopian and Scientific, summarised – and criticised – some of the most sophisticated thinkers to reject the cruelty of the Industrial Revolution and argue for a different way of organising society.
Roland Boer: Engels’s contradictions: a reply to Tristram Hunt
International Socialism Journal nr. 133, jan 12 – side 199
Note: In a recent and reasonably popular biography, Tristram Hunt charges Friedrich Engels with a series of class and gender contradictions.
Lindsey German: In my opinion: Money well spent!
Socialist Review nr. 337, jun 09 – side 7
Note: There is nothing that well paid commentators and writers like more than being able to expose what they see as hypocrisy from the left.
Simon Basketter: Frederick Engels: theorist and fighter
Socialist Worker nr. 2105, jun 08 – side 13
Note: Sometimes Frederick Engels is seen simply as Karl Marx’s lieutenant, but he was a great socialist activist and thinker in his own right.
Gilbert Achcar: Engels: theorist of war, theorist of revolution
International Socialism Journal nr. 97, dec 02 – side 69
Note: GILBERT ACHCAR from the Fourth International provides a controversial analysis of the drive to war and the response of socialists by looking back to the debates of the Second International and the writings of Frederick Engels.
Martin B. Johansen: Friedrich Engels: Marx’ andet jeg
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 112, feb 95 – side 12
Note: I august i år er det 100 år siden Karl Marx’ ven og kampfælle Friedrich Engels døde. Vi anmelder et særnummer af International Socialism, som handler om Engels.
Lindsey German: Frederick Engels: life of a revolutionary
International Socialism Journal nr. 65, dec 94 – side 3
Note: Lindsey German's "Frederick Engels: life of a revolutionary" introduces readers to the events which shaped Engels and his ideas.
John Rees: Engels' Marxism
International Socialism Journal nr. 65, dec 94 – side 47
Note: John Rees' "Engels' Marxism" replies to those who accuse Engels of distorting Marx's ideas and of laying the foundations of reformism and Stalinism.

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