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Tema: Musik

Simon Behrmann: Wagner: ring of change
Socialist Review nr. 380, maj 13 – side 30
Note: The musical dramas of Richard Wagner, whose 200th birthday is being celebrated this year, are among the most popular works of classical music today. They are regularly staged at all the major opera houses, and tickets sell out fast.
Mette Hermansen: Giv mig hiphoppen tilbage!
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 295, feb 10 – side 15
Note: 61’s hiphop-klub har udgivet sin første cd med kunstnere, der siden 2008 har stået på scenen til Rap’n’Skralde-arrangementerne i Ungdomshuset. Rhythm and Politics R.A.P. – The Revolution er titlen. Og den lever op til sit navn. Udgivelsen indeholder både systemkritik, opråb og revolutionære idéer. Men også et ønske om at vise, at hiphop er mere og andet end bare bling bling og kællinger.
Martin Smith: Rage Against the Machine Interview (from 2000) (online only)
Socialist Worker nr. 2182, dec 09 
Note: The campaign to make Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name” the Christmas number one has renewed interest in the band. Here we represent a Socialist Worker interview, originally published in issue 1683 (12 February 2000)
Roger Huddle: Music Review: Baku: Symphony of Sirens
Socialist Review nr. 335, apr 09 – side 34
Note: Roger Huddle welcomes the release of original recordings and reconstructions from the Russian avant garde movements.
Simon Behrmann: From revolution to irrelevance: how classical music lost its audience
International Socialism Journal nr. 121, jan 09 – side 121
Note: For the best part of 50 years it has been common to ask whether “classical” music is dead/dying. More than classical theatre, literature or art, classical music seems more and more to be the preserve of a tiny elite. Are we in danger of losing a living tradition of music that stretches back several hundred years?
Simon Basketter: Paul Robeson Collection: Flawed attempts to bring black pride to the screen
Socialist Worker nr. 2089, feb 08 – side 11
Note: A new collection of the films of black singer and actor Paul Robeson are a reminder of the racism in the industry in the 1930s.
Simon Behrmann: Obituary: Karlheinz Stockhausen 1928-2007
Socialist Worker nr. 2081, dec 07 – side 11
Note: The electronic music pioneer Karlheinz Stockhausen died last week aged 79.
Jimmy Ross: Reviews: Ben Harker on Ewan MacColl and the politics of the folk revival
Socialist Worker nr. 2081, dec 07 – side 11
Note: Author Ben Harker spoke to Jimmy Ross about the life of a legendary socialist folk singer
"Class Act: the Cultural and Political Life of Ewan MacColl" by Ben Harker is published by Pluto Press priced £15.99.
Yuri Prasad: Review: Arertha Franklin: Two CD album – "I Never Loved A Man" + "Dr Feelgood": Aretha Franklin: preaching the gospel of liberation
Socialist Worker nr. 2080, dec 07 – side 11
Note: A new collection of rare and previously unreleased recordings by Aretha Franklin are a powerful reminder of how she transformed popular music.
Adeola Johnson: Obituary: Joe Zawinul 1932-2007 (online only)
Socialist Worker nr. 2070, sep 07 
Note: Jazz musician Joe Zawinul recalled his experiences palying in Cannonball Adderley's band during the 1960s: “I often had to sit in the bottom of the car when driving through certain parts of the South… those things never fazed me, I wanted to play with the best and I could play on that level with the best”.
Ian Birchall: Elvis Presley: an unlikely rebel
Socialist Worker nr. 2064, aug 07 
Note: The king of rock’n’roll, died 30 years ago this month. Ian Birchall looks at the contradictions and the tragedy of his life.
Brian Richardson: Comment: James Brown – Doing it to Death
Socialist Review nr. 313, jan 07 – side 31
Note: In life James Brown was a consummate entertainer whose live performances were the stuff of legend. It seems almost typical of the old showman that he finally bowed out on 25 December 2006.
Brian Richardson: Bob Marley – Revolutionære rødder
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 239, mar 05 – side 12
Note: Bob Marleys 60 års fødselsdag er en god anledning til at fejre hans inspirerende musik, skriver Brian Richardson.
Brian Richardson: Bob Marley: Roots Revolutionary
Socialist Review nr. 292, jan 05 – side 27
Note: The 60th anniversary of Bob Marley's birth is a great opportunity to celebrate his inspirational music, writes Brian Richardson.
Pat Stack: Book reviews: Dylan’s back pages (Bob Dylan: "Chronicles: Volume One")
International Socialism Journal nr. 105, dec 04 – side 173
Note: This is a book many probably thought would never be written. Bob Dylan, the most private of men, telling his own life story – unthinkable.
Charlie Hore: Jazz: a reply to critics
International Socialism Journal nr. 66, mar 95 – side 127
Note: International Socialism 61 opened a debate on jazz. Here Charlie Hore brings the discussion to a close with a reply to his critics, whose views appeared in International Socialism 64.
Matt Kelly + Dave Harker + Mike Hobart: Three replies to 'Jazz: a people's music?'
International Socialism Journal nr. 64, sep 94 – side 141
Note: Charlie Hore's "Jazz-a People's Music?", published in International Socialism 61, has prompted three replies
Dave McNally: EP Thompson: class struggle and historical materialism
International Socialism Journal nr. 61, dec 93 – side 75
Note: E P Thompson was a powerful advocate of Marxism's central role in explaining historical change. He was also an unrepentant enemy of academic phrase-mongering and a lifelong political activist. Dave McNally's obituary highlights Thompson's considerable strengths and suggests how his legacy can best be extended.
Henrik Friis Madsen: Hip-hop musikken – oprør eller medieflop?
International Socialisme nr. 5, jun 93 – side 30
Note: Hip-hop-musikken og rapmusikken, som er en del af denne, er skyllet som en bølge ud over verden i de sidste 10 år, og har fortrinsvis indtaget storbyerne. Genren er blevet kaldt den vigtigste musiske og ungdomskulturelle strømning siden rock'n'roll'en. Men hvad mange ikke ved er, at hip-hop-musikken stikker langt dybere end blot ekstra-large tøj, slang, smarte rytmer, rappen til ghettoblasteren og dans på gadehjørner.
Paul McGarr: Mozart, overture to revolution
International Socialism Journal nr. 52, sep 91 – side 95
David Widgery: ‘Beating Time’ – a reply to Ian Birchall
International Socialism Journal nr. 35, jun 87 – side 148
Note: Reply to review in ISJ2:33 of D Widgery: “Beating Time” (about Anti Nazi League and especially Rock Against Racism)

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