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Tema: Krigsmodstand (int.) 2001-?

Krigsmodstand (int.) 2001-?
15 February 2003: How the anti-war protest changed us all for good
Socialist Worker nr. 2340, feb 13 – side 11
Note: “The school student walkouts were inspiring. I could see that protesting in solidarity with Iraq meant more to them than simply bunking off.”
Judith Orr: 15 February 2003: The anti-war movement politicised millions
Socialist Worker nr. 2340, feb 13 – side 11
Note: The Iraq war will haunt Tony Blair to his grave. He will forever be known as the imperialist warmonger who defied the mass of the population when he backed the US invasion and occupation.
Siân Ruddick: Ten years since 9/11: Millions marched with Stop the War
Socialist Worker nr. 2268, sep 11 – side 10
Note: The attack on the World Trade Centre in New York on 11 September 2001 shook the world. But many knew it would be used as an excuse to send US troops charging around the world.
Siân Ruddick: Jail for British soldier who wouldn’t go to war
Socialist Worker nr. 2192, mar 10 – side 5
Note: Anti-war soldier Joe Glenton has been imprisoned for his refusal to fight in Afghanistan. A military court on Friday of last week sentenced him to nine months in the Military Corrective Training Centre in Colchester.
Lindsey German: In my opinion: Remembering Dissent
Socialist Review nr. 342, dec 09 – side 7
Note: Debate on Afghanistan is reaching boiling point. I write this on 11 November, Remembrance Day, marking the date of the armistice which ended the First World War.
Lene Junker: Fiasko i Afghanistan og politisk krise i USA og NATO-landene
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 292, okt 09 – side 4
Note: Amerikanske generaler ønsker 40.000 flere soldater til Afghanistan for at afværge et nederlag i Afghanistan.
Siân Ruddick: Protests shake Nato Strasbourg summit
Socialist Worker nr. 2146, apr 09 – side 16
Note: Thousands of demonstrators defied police repression and violence to stage mass protests against Nato in Strasbourg, France, last Saturday
SWP conference 2009: Stop the War: Mobilising a mass response to imperialism
Socialist Worker nr. 2134, jan 09 – side 6
Note: Lindsey German introduced a session on imperialism and the Stop the War Coalition.
She began by highlighting the scale of mass resistance to Israel’s attack on Gaza, which she described as a “phenomenal response”.
Appel vedtaget i Stuttgart 5. oktober 2008: Nej til krig – Nej til Nato
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 283, okt 08 – side 5
Note: I anledning af militærorganisationen NATO’s 60 års jubilæum, appellerer vi til alle folk om at komme til Strasbourg i april 2009 for at protestere mod NATO’s aggressive militær- og atomvåben-politik, og fremføre vores vision om en retfærdig verden uden krig.
Thousands in Manchester to protest against the war
Socialist Worker nr. 2120, sep 08 – side 5
Note: More than 5,000 people marched through central Manchester last Saturday against the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, and to oppose the spread of war to other countries.
Sadie Robinson: Victory as the military are kicked off North London campus
Socialist Worker nr. 2118, sep 08 – side 3
Note: Activists at the College of North East London (Conel) in Tottenham won a major victory last week when they kicked the military off their campus.
Meetings mobilise for Manchester anti-war demonstration
Socialist Worker nr. 2118, sep 08 – side 3
Note: Support is growing for next weekend’s anti-war demonstration outside the Labour Party conference in Manchester. Students and trade unionists from across the country will be travelling to make their protest.
Michelle Robidoux: Keep Canada's doors open to war resisters
Socialist Review nr. 328, sep 08 – side 6
Note: "I should have been in New Orleans, not in Iraq." This was the conclusion that Corey Glass, former sergeant in the US National Guard, came to after several months in Balad, Iraq.
Eamonn McCann on the victory of the Raytheon 9 anti-war protesters
Socialist Worker nr. 2106, jun 08 – side 6
Note: On 9 August 2006, nine Northern Irish anti-war activists occupied the Derry offices of Raytheon, one of the biggest arms manufacturers in the world, and destroyed its computers. Their action was sparked by anger at Raytheon’s complicity in Israel’s bombing campaign against Lebanon.
The Raytheon 9 won a massive victory when they were acquitted of charges of criminal damage earlier this month. Campaigning journalist Eamonn McCann was one of the nine protesters. He spoke to Socialist Worker about the case.
Raytheon 9 found not guilty (online only)
Socialist Worker nr. 2105, jun 08 
Note: The Raytheon 9 have been found not guilty of all charges of criminal damage in a unanimous verdict. The nine anti-war protesters, including campaigning journalist Eamonn McCann, occupied and shut down the Derry offices of Raytheon, the fifth biggest arms manufacturer in the world, on Wednesday 9 August 2006.
Lene Junker: Giv freden en chance – træk tropperne hjem fra Afghanistan!
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 279, jun 08 – side 8
Note: Det var hovedbudskabet for den internationale Afghanistan-konference, som fredsbevægelsen i Tyskland holdt den 7-8 juni i Hannover.
Raytheon 9 Trial: Anti-war campaigners on trial for ‘crime’ of solidarity
Socialist Worker nr. 2103, maj 08 – side 2
Note: As Israeli forces were pounding Lebanon in the summer of 2006, nine anti-war activists in Northern Ireland occupied the offices of arms company Raytheon Systems Limited – the UK subsidiary of the US company Raytheon.
US soldier refuses to fight in Iraq
Socialist Worker nr. 2102, maj 08 – side 2
Note: A 24-year old US soldier has refused his deployment to Iraq.
Raytheon Nine trial set to start
Socialist Worker nr. 2102, maj 08 – side 2
Note: The trial of the “Raytheon Nine” anti-war activists is set to start this week in Belfast, and last for up to six weeks.
Rachel Cohen: Anti-war marches: who goes and why
Socialist Worker nr. 2094, mar 08 – side 12
Note: Rachel Cohen has been surveying anti-war protesters on recent demonstrations – and uncovering a few surprises in the process
Anti-war student sabbatical suspended at University College London
Socialist Worker nr. 2093, mar 08 – side 3
Note: Students and anti-war campaigners across the country are rallying to defend the student union at University College London (UCL) from an astonishing attack on democracy.
Protests are still strong five years after the invasion of Iraq
Socialist Worker nr. 2093, mar 08 – side 6
Note: Thousands of anti-war campaigners took part in global protests last weekend to mark the fifth anniversary of the occupation of Iraq.
40,000 march in London to mark fifth anniversary of Iraq war (online only)
Socialist Worker nr. 2092, mar 08 
Note: Some 40,000 anti-war protesters took part in today's march in London to mark the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.
Chris Bambery: Glasgow anti-war march draws over 5,000 (online only)
Socialist Worker nr. 2092, mar 08 
Note: Over 5,000 people marched through Glasgow on Saturday to mark the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.
Andrew Burgin: Stop the War: a mass movement to celebrate and defend
Socialist Worker nr. 2089, feb 08 – side 3
Note: The 15 February 2003 demonstration reminds us of the strength of the anti-war movement and shows the importance of the upcoming 15 March protest.
Lene Junker: World Against War
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 275, jan 08 – side 8
Note: World Against War konferencen i London den 1. december samlede ca 1200 repræsentanter fra alle kontinenter og 26 lande. Stop The War Coalition i England havde arrangeret konferencen.
Victory for Iraq war resisters in Canada
Socialist Worker nr. 2082, dec 07 – side 16
Note: US war resisters – soldiers who fled to Canada rather than serve in Iraq – have won a significant victory in their campaign for asylum.
Esme Choonara: People’s Assembly reaffirms opposition to Blair’s war – full report
Socialist Worker nr. 2043, mar 07 
Note: “We here at this assembly represent the opinions of the people far more than those in houses of parliament,” said Tony Benn, president of the Stop the War Coalition, to hundreds of delegates at the People’s Assembly held in central London on Tuesday.
Simon Assaf: World Against War Conference: Global movement plans next moves
Socialist Worker nr. 2080, dec 07 – side 6
Note: Delegates representing millions of anti-war campaigners across the world this week pledged themselves to organising demonstrations, protests and rallies to mark the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.
For videos of the speeches and the conference declaration go to
World Against War Conference: Unions join fight against the war
Socialist Worker nr. 2080, dec 07 – side 6
Note: A group of health workers from South Wales came as a delegation to the conference. Shop steward Ian Thomas, who helped to organise the group, told Socialist Worker, “Our union branch unanimously backed this event.
World Against War Conference: Czechs say no to US missiles
Socialist Worker nr. 2080, dec 07 – side 6
Note: Campaigners from the Czech Republic told the conference about the growing unease over the “new cold war” in central Europe.
World Against War Conference: Europe fights against war
Socialist Worker nr. 2080, dec 07 – side 6
Note: Brigitte Ostmeyer from the Left Party in Germany spoke of the growing movement against German troops being in Afghanistan.
World Against War Conference: Resisting attack on Iran
Socialist Worker nr. 2080, dec 07 – side 6
Note: Mohammad Omidvar represents Iran’s Tudeh (Communist) Party. He told the session on Iran about a growing movement for change inside the country.
World Against War conference: Messages from international activists
Socialist Worker nr. 2079, dec 07 – side 8
Note: The international World Against War conference will bring together delegates from five continents. Ibrahim Mousawi, the former editor from Lebanon’s pro-resistance Al-Manar TV station, and Brigitte Ostmeyer of Germany’s Die Linke tell Socialist Worker why they will be attending the conference.
Matthew Cookson: Activists across the globe build a World Against War
Socialist Worker nr. 2078, nov 07 – side 2
Note: Anti-war campaigners from across the globe are heading to London on Saturday 1 December to attend the World Against War conference, organised by the Stop the War Coalition.
Morale in British army reaches an all time low
Socialist Worker nr. 2078, nov 07 – side 2
Note: The occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq are producing unease in the army.
Anti-war feeling in colleges helps build day of action
Socialist Worker nr. 2077, nov 07 – side 2
Note: The Stop the War Coalition is mobilising against the US, France and Britain’s threats against Iran. Its recent conference called for two days of action next week to highlight the growing danger of the extension of the “war on terror” to Iran.
Students across the country are mobilising to make the day of action planned for Thursday of next week as big as possible.
Richard Seymour: Resisting the war
Socialist Worker nr. 2077, nov 07 – side 13
Note: The “war on terror” has been opposed at every turn by the global anti-war movement. Now activists must rise to the challenge posed by threats against Iran, writes Richard Seymour
Esme Choonara: Stop the War's vibrant annual conference
Socialist Worker nr. 2075, nov 07 – side 3
Note: The strength and determination of the anti-war movement in Britain was clearly demonstrated at the Stop the War Coalition’s annual conference held in London last Saturday.
Alex Callinicos: Comment: The anti-war movement: the radicals have not gone away
Socialist Worker nr. 2066, sep 07 – side 4
Note: “Where are the students on the rampage?” Polly Toynbee asked plaintively in the Guardian recently. “Compare this inertia with the fury over Vietnam back in the late 1960s, when Britain had no troops in that war.
Chris Bambery: People’s Assembly draws anti-war activists together
Socialist Worker nr. 2043, mar 07 – side 1
Note: Jahan Hajipour is an Iranian journalist. He took time off work to join a delegation from Sheffield, where he now lives, to the People’s Assembly held in London on Tuesday of this week.
David Karvala: Spain – Italy – Greece: Hundreds of thousands march across the world
Socialist Worker nr. 2043, mar 07 – side 2
Note: The People’s Assembly in London was part of a series of coordinated protests around the world to mark the fourth anniversary of the disastrous invasion of Iraq.
Megan Trudell: Rifondazione votes for war
International Socialism Journal nr. 113, jan 07 – side 33
Note: Many supporters of Italy’s Rifondazione Comunista party are shocked and disoriented. Three years ago it put itself at the front of Europe’s anti-capitalist movement. But its deputies and senators have now voted to refinance Italian troops in Afghanistan and send Italian troops to Lebanon as a result of choosing to join the centre-left government of Romano Prodi, alongside the social democrats of the Democrat Left and a section of the Christian Democrats.
Iraq will join global anti-war protest
Socialist Worker nr. 1989, feb 06 – side 1
Note: The people of Basra and Baghdad will be joining next month’s global protest against the US and British occupation of Iraq.
Jane Shallice + Andrew Murray: 15 February 2003: the day two million marched for peace
Socialist Worker nr. 1987, feb 06 
Note: Next week sees the third anniversary of the great London demonstration against war in Iraq of 15 February 2003. Andrew Murray, chair of the Stop the War Coalition, and leading anti-war activist Jane Shallice look back.
News update: Galloway in total victory against pro-war Telegraph (online only)
Socialist Worker nr. 1930, dec 04 
Note: Respect MP George Galloway spoke to Socialist Worker immediately after his stunning High Court libel victory
Editorial: Off to a Flying Start
Socialist Review nr. 287, jul 04 – side 5
Note: Problems for New Labour in the elections and Iraq.
Mikkel Birk Jespersen: Storbritannien: 300.000 satte Bush i husarrest
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 222, dec 03 – side 5
Note: Krigsmodstand: George Bush’ statsbesøg i Storbritannien i slutningen af november blev alt andet end det triumftog, han og Blair havde håbet på. Et hav af protester kulminerede i en demonstration den 20. november, der med 300.000 deltagere satte det indre London i stå.
Mikkel Bay + Kristine Haugaard + Danny Morck Jensen: USA set fra neden: Bring them home, now
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 222, dec 03 – side 5
Note: 'Bring them on' var Bush' svar, da han blev spurgt om de mange angreb på amerikanske soldater i Irak. Soldaternes familiers svar er 'Bring them home, now!'.
Tag til demonstration i Evian
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 214, maj 03 – side 16
Note: Fra Danmark arrangerer bl.a. Attac busser til de store demonstrationer i forbindelse med G-8 topmødet i den franske by Evian.
Anti-krigsopråb fra European Social Forum i Firenze, nov. 2002: “Til alle medborgere i Europa: Sammen kan vi stoppe denne krig!”
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 209, nov 02 – side 3
Note: “Vi, de europæiske folkebevægelser, kæmper for sociale rettigheder, for social retfærdighed og demokrati, og imod alle former af undertrykkelse.”
Jan Hoby: ESF i Firenze: En million i demonstration: Nej til krig
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 209, nov 02 – side 5
Note: Over en million deltog i Europa største antikrigsdemonstration i Firenze lørdag d. 9. november. Ved åbningen af ESF var meldingen at vi ville blive ca. 300.000 i demonstrationen, men jo nærmere vi kom lørdag steg tallet, ligesom det gjorde på selve European Social Forum.
Engelsk socialist og studerende: Studenter mod krig
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 209, nov 02 – side 6
Note: - At opbygge en antikrigsgruppe fra bunden er forholdsvist let, især på universiteterne. Vi har argumenteret for studenterbaserede grupper, organiseret af studerende og kun løst forbundet til grupper andre steder i byen.
Erfaringer fra England: Antikrigsdag 31. oktober
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 209, nov 02 – side 6
Note: I hundredvis af studerende deltog i en kombineret demonstration og “die-in”, som aktionen blev navngivet. Protesterne foregik på Essex universitetet i Colchester.
Mikkel Birk Jespersen: Stop krigsvanviddet
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 208, nov 02 – side 6
Note: I takt med at Bush kører stadigt større dele af den amerikanske krigsmaskine i stilling i Mellemøsten, opruster den internationale fredsbevægelse også.
Lars Kjær: Storbritannien: Modstand mod Blair
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 197, okt 01 – side 4
Note: Tony Blairs regering er USA’s tætteste allierede i den beskidte krig mod Afghanistan.

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