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Tema: Krise og modstand - Irland

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Krise og modstand - Irland
Se også: Irland
Anne A. Lange: To historier fra Irland om vand
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 342, dec 14 
Note: Et medlem af Socialist Workers Party i Irland fortalte om en oplevelse han havde haft, da han sad på en pub i en lille by med omtrent 4000 beboere.
Anne A. Lange: Irerne siger nej
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 342, dec 14 – side 16
Note: Irske arbejdere har fået nok af nedskæringer og krisepolitik. Mens de skal betale dobbelt for basale goder som vand og sundhed, går pengene til at betale af på bankernes gæld.
John Molyneux + Simon Basketter: Masseprotester i Irland mod nye vandafgifter
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 341, okt 14 
Note: Demonstranter fyldte gaderne i Dublin sidste lørdag (11. okt.) mod indførelsen af vandafgifter.
John Molyneux: EU-valg: Irland: Et stort skridt frem for venstrefløjen
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 339, jun 14 
Note: De seneste EU- og lokalvalg i Irland, der blev afholdt 23. maj, viste, at venstrefløjen gør store fremskridt, og gav bevis for en væsentlig radikaliserings-proces i den irske arbejderklasse.
Marches across Ireland show the bitterness at austerity
Socialist Worker nr. 2340, feb 13 – side 5
Note: Some 100,000 people took to the streets across the Republic of Ireland against austerity on Saturday of last week.
Kieran Allen: How The Rich Wage a Class War
Irish Marxist Review (Irland) nr. 4, dec 12 – side 2
Note: “Whatever the consequences, Labour must discharge its historic obligation to defend working people as best it can. At this juncture, it can only do so from within the Government. Connolly’s party must stay in and fight on.”
This is what Jack O’Connor, the President of SIPTU wrote in the latest issue of his union magazine.
Kieran Allen: Recession and the New Resistance
Irish Marxist Review (Irland) nr. 2, jun 12 – side 3
Note: Two questions have dominated discussions about the economic crisis in Ireland. One is, ‘Where will you get the money to close the 18 billion deficit?’. Two: ‘Why have the Irish not resisted?’
Alt. url: PDF
Mass defiance over Ireland's 'poll tax'
Socialist Worker nr. 2297, apr 12 – side 4
Note: Some 10,000 people protested against a 100 euro household charge in Ireland last Saturday.
Simon Basketter: Valg i Irland: Sammenbrud for arbejdsgivernes parti, mens venstrefløjen går frem
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 306, feb 11 
Note: Vælgerne har givet det største irske arbejdsgiverparti en afklapsning ved landets parlamentsvalg. Og den radikale venstrefløj har fået et gennembrud ved at få valgt fem parlamentsmedlemmer.
Alt. url: Oversat fra Socialist Worker (UK) 2240
Left campaigns against austerity in Ireland's general election
Socialist Worker nr. 2240, feb 11 – side 6
Note: The general election in Ireland on Friday of this week takes place in a context where official politics has descended into chaos.
Bankernes regning må ikke ende hos irske arbejdere
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 304, dec 10 – side 16
Note: En politisk og økonomisk krise fejer hen over Irland – og den truer med at sprede sig til adskillige andre lande.
New battles against cuts in Ireland
Socialist Worker nr. 2192, mar 10 – side 3
Note: Trade union leaders in Ireland have been forced to announce a new series of strikes over pay cuts, job losses and attacks on pensions.
Kevin Devine: Greece, Ireland and the eurozone crisis
Socialist Review nr. 345, mar 10 – side 4
Note: Pigs. It's not an insult as such, but that depends on what it's referring to. In this case it's an acronym coined by "economic analysts" to describe the European countries that have been hardest hit by the recession: Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain.
Sadie Robinson + Sarah Ensor + Simon Basketter + Panos Garganas: Europe – the gathering economic storm
Socialist Worker nr. 2183, jan 10 – side 8
Note: We look at snapshots of Ireland, Greece, Iceland and Spain – as governments rush to slash welfare spending, attack workers’ rights and increase taxes for ordinary people.
Kieran Allen: Ireland: From shock therapy to resistance
International Socialism Journal nr. 125, jan 10 – side 15
Note: Ireland is undergoing a form of shock therapy and major political changes are in the offing. The government has embarked on pay cuts and reductions in the public sector as its principal strategy for getting out of a recession that will see its economy fall by 8 percent this year.
Simon Basketter: Ireland: Workers’ anger at brutal cuts held back
Socialist Worker nr. 2182, dec 09 – side 4
Note: The economic crisis in Ireland has resulted in a series of vicious attacks on workers.
Irish workers are let down
Socialist Worker nr. 2181, dec 09 – side 2
Note: The Irish government’s attempts to push though devastating cuts received a helping hand last week. The Irish Congress of Trade Unions called off a public sector general strike at the eleventh hour, claiming it had a deal.
Ireland: Around 250,000 public sector workers struck in Ireland on Tuesday against budget cuts.
Socialist Worker nr. 2179, nov 09 – side 2
Kieran Allen: Ireland: the sick tiger
International Socialism Journal nr. 122, apr 09 – side 21
Note: Ireland, once hailed as the success story of neoliberalism, is undergoing a traumatic economic crash. In its wake a political earthquake is brewing that could shape its politics for decades to come.
Donie Fell: Union-made: Crystal clear intentions (Waterford Crystal occupation)
Socialist Review nr. 334, mar 09 – side 17
Note: We're in occupation to stop our factory from being shut down. The glass industry in Waterford is making a profit but not enough to satisfy corporate greed.
Simon Basketter: Ireland: Gains of Waterford fight are crystal clear
Socialist Worker nr. 2139, feb 09 – side 5
Note: The inspirational fight to save jobs at Waterford Crystal took a step forward this week.
Hundreds of workers have been occupying the threatened factory in south east Ireland since the end of January after a receiver moved to try to lock them out.
Simon Basketter: Waterford occupiers keep factory alive
Socialist Worker nr. 2138, feb 09 – side 3
Note: Noel is part of a group of workers who are keeping the Waterford Crystal flame burning.

He is among a dozen who make sure that 18 tonnes of molten glass continue to be produced by the plant’s furnace every 24 hours.
Simon Basketter: Waterford Crystal: ‘We’re occupying this plant to save our jobs’
Socialist Worker nr. 2137, feb 09 – side 5
Note: Workers at the Waterford Crystal factory in Ireland have delivered a powerful example of how to take on the recession – they are occupying their plant to keep it open.

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