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Internationale Socialisters Ungdom


Welcome to the homepages of Internationale Socialisters Ungdom in Denmark.

Most of our presence in cyberspace will be in Danish, so this is just a short introduction.
Internationale Socialisters Ungdom is a revolutionary socialist organization building in the Marxist tradition from Marx and Engels to Lenin, Luxemburg and Trotsky and others – the tradition of Socialism From Below.

We are linked to the International Socialist Tendency, which is a grouping of socialist organizations – the largest of which are the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) in Britain and Sosialistiko Ergatiko Komma (SEK) in Greece. Go to the page with names and adresses for many of these organizations if you want to know more.

Our aim is to get rid of capitalism and to replace it with a socialist workers' democracy. If you want to know more read Where We Stand.

If you want to know more about the ISU, please contact us:

E-mail: isu@socialister.dk
Phone: +45-35 35 76 03

Postboks 533
DK-2200 København N

You can also take a look at our (Danish language) Links Page where you can find links to publications by the SWP – the monthly Socialist Review and the quarterly theoretical journal International Socialism and not least the Bookmarks bookshop which publishes an extensive range of books, pamphlets etc. on revolutionary socialist politics and a lot other issues which socialists have to face.

Some of our sister organizations also have WWW homepages, where you can find more information in English.

Last but not least: Marx said Philosophers have merely interpreted the world. The point is to change it.

So when you have finished reading, help us build a socialist alternative by joining the International Socialist organization closest to where you live. Capitalism is a daily disaster, let's create a society not for profit, but for human beings.


Last updated 20.2.2013