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Tema: Storbritannien

Se også: Se også: Borgerl. rev.: England; Nazister: Storbritannien; Krise og modstand - Storbritannien

Se også: Borgerl. rev.: England; Nazister: Storbritannien; Krise og modstand - Storbritannien
John Newsinger: Hearts and minds: The myth and reality of British counter-insurgency
International Socialism Journal nr. 148, okt 15 – side 135
Note: Up until ten years ago the British army boasted of an expertise in counter-insurgency warfare from which other armies could learn. Whereas the French had suffered humiliating defeats in Indo-China and Algeria and the United States had been driven out of Vietnam, the British had defeated Communist insurgency in Malaya. Moreover, in their wars, both the French and US militaries had disgraced themselves by their excesses, their use of torture and their disproportionate use of fire-power. By way of contrast, the British had developed a methodology for conducting counter-insurgency that had kept their hands clean.
Andrew Stone: Yours truly, Angry Mob
International Socialism Journal nr. 132, okt 11 – side 221
Note: David Horspool, The English Rebel: One Thousand Years of Troublemaking, from the Normans to the Nineties (Penguin, 2010), £12.99
Edward Vallance, A Radical History of Britain (Abacus, 2010), £12.99
Both these books provide extensive evidence to counter the historically illiterate arguments deployed to condemn the August riots.
Nathan Akehurst: Our Right to Protest
Socialist Review nr. 359, jun 11 – side 7
Note: We are all familiar with the continuing attacks on the welfare state, public sector, and vulnerable groups in society by a raft of ideological spending cuts. In addition to that, we have seen a barrage of assaults on the basic democratic and civil right to assemble and protest, a phenomenon that has reached new heights of savagery in recent weeks.
Keith Flett: I love the sound of breaking glass: the London crowd, 1760-2010
International Socialism Journal nr. 130, apr 11 – side 155
Note: On the BBC’s Weekly Politics programme on 9 December 2010 the historian David Starkey commented on the tuition fees protests in London that day that the capital had seen nothing like it since the Chartist period of the 1840s. Starkey is a historian of the 16th not the 19th century so he is hardly best placed to make an informed comment. However, the broader point was well made.
Paul Blackledge: Book review: Irrational records
International Socialism Journal nr. 127, jul 10 – side 217
Note: Terry Thomas, Criminal Records: A Database for the Criminal Justice System and Beyond (Palgrave, 2007), £45
In this important, historically informed mapping of contemporary criminal records policy Terry Thomas overviews the emergence and growth of criminal records from the Victorian period through to the present day to illuminate the modern system as a whole.
Michael Lavalette: The best democracy money can buy?
Socialist Review nr. 337, jun 09 – side 10
Note: As workers lose their jobs and homes because of the recession, MPs from all the main parties have been caught on a spending spree with taxpayers' money. Michael Lavalette, a socialist councillor in Preston, makes the case for political representation with principles.
Gordon Brown gives Israel a licence to kill
Socialist Worker nr. 2135, jan 09 – side 16
Note: The Israeli army’s murderous assault on Gaza has been carried out with weapons made in Britain.
The British government licensed £24 million of British arms exports to Israel in the first half of last year – a £6 million increase on exports licensed during the whole of 2007.
Sadie Robinson: Huge protest stands with the Palestinians
Socialist Worker nr. 2133, jan 09 – side 2
Note: Fury has exploded onto the streets of Britain in response to Israel’s barbaric assault on Gaza. Big demonstrations in solidarity with the Palestinian people have taken place in towns and cities across the country.
Hassan Mahamdallie: Britain: Muslim working class struggles
International Socialism Journal nr. 113, jan 07 – side 93
Note: One product of the demonisation of Britain’s Muslims by those forces desperate to provide a scapegoat for the fallout from the ‘war on terror’ has been a concerted effort to separate them out from the rest of society, to make them seem ‘alien’ and culturally distant—especially in the eyes of the wider working class. These attacks obscure the reality that the majority of Muslims (though not all, of course) belong to the working class.
Hassan Mahamdallie: Racism: myths and realities
International Socialism Journal nr. 95, jun 02 – side 3
Note: Race is once again at the centre of politics in Britain. New Labour's attacks on asylum seekers and the racist backlash against Muslims since 11 September have fuelled the far right, creating an atmosphere in which the Nazi BNP could gain three council seats in the north West mill toven of Burnley. Hassan Mahamdallie lays bare the facts about racism in Britain, looking at the economic and social position of blacks and Asians in Britain today. With the first ever black cabinet minister in place, can New Labour offer a bulwark against racism? If not, what strategy should the left adopt?
Paul O’Flinn: From the kingdom of necessity to the kingdom of freedom: Morris's News From Nowhere
(C Wilmer (ed): "William Morris: News from Nowhere and other Writings")

International Socialism Journal nr. 72, sep 96 – side 101
Hassan Mahamdallie: William Morris and revolutionary Marxism: crossing the 'river of fire'
International Socialism Journal nr. 71, jun 96 – side 57
Note: William Morris's centenary has proved that he is the socialist the middle classes would most like to love­if it wasn't for his politics. Hassan Mahamdallie looks at the historical and social background to Morris's life, the development of his socialism and at the revolutionary behind the artist.
Gareth Jenkins: Why Lucky Jim turned right' – an obituary of Kingsley Amis
International Socialism Journal nr. 70, mar 96 – side 103
Note: Kingsley Amis' very different life ended last year. Gareth Jenkins cuts through plaudits Amis' novels received and provides a critical view of his work.
Nicolai Gentchev: The myth of welfare dependency
International Socialism Journal nr. 69, dec 95 – side 37
Note: Class is still the factor which dominates life in modern Britain. In a complementary series of articles Nicolai Gentchev looks at the Tories' latest excuse for attacking the welfare state and explodes the myth of welfare dependency.
Judy Cox: Wealth, poverty and class in Britain today
International Socialism Journal nr. 69, dec 95 – side 49
Note: Judy Cox examines the class structure which lies behind the widening gap between rich and poor.
Peter Morgan: Trade unions and strikes a snapshot of the industrial scene
International Socialism Journal nr. 69, dec 95 – side 69
Note: Peter Morgan reviews a new TUC report and reveals a more optimistic picture of union strength than most media commentators and establishment politicians admit.
Nick Howard: The rise and fall of socialism in one city (Clyde Binfield et al (eds): "The History of the City of Sheffield 1843-1993" + Manuel Castells: "The City and the Grassroots" + Stuart Lowe: "Urban Social Movements – The City After Castells")
International Socialism Journal nr. 69, dec 95 – side 97
Note: Developments in class struggle in the city of Sheffield.
Ruth Brown: Racism and immigration controls
International Socialism Journal nr. 68, sep 95 – side 3
Note: Racism and immigration controls are two stock responses for any unpopular Tory government. Britain's current Conservative administration is no exception-the latest in a long line of racist legislation aimed at immigrants is due on the statute books this autumn. Ruth Brown looks at the history of immigration controls, charts their intimate connection with the capitalist system's need for labour power and details the role of the Labour Party in allowing the political agenda to be determined by the racist right.
Andy Strouthous: Are the unions in decline?
International Socialism Journal nr. 41, dec 88 – side 113
Note: In both "Are the unions in decline?" and "Socialists and the unions" Andy Strouthous and Jack Robertson attack the idea that there is an irreversible change in the class structure which has deprived the working class of its power to change society. These ideas, associated with Marxism Today but enjoying a wide circulation in the Labour Party, were also the subject of Ann Roger's "Is there a new underclass" in our last issue.
Ann Rogers: Is there a new underclass?
International Socialism Journal nr. 40, sep 88 – side 65

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