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Tema: Tibet

Charlotte Bence: Book review: Sam Van Schaik: Tibet: A History
Socialist Review nr. 359, jun 11 – side 28
Note: Tibet is arguably most famous for its relationship with China, and for the Dalai Lama – but there is a lot more to it than that. You can only understand Tibet in the 21st century if you have an understanding of its fascinating history. Sam Van Schaik's book is a fabulous introduction to that rich history.
Charlie Hore: China, Tibet and the left
International Socialism Journal nr. 119, jul 08 – side 75
Note: The riots and protests in Tibet earlier this year were the most significant since China’s takeover in the 1950s. Together with the protests that have accompanied the Olympic torch relay around the world, they have shown that Tibetan nationalism remains a potent force and that opposition to the Chinese occupation is still widespread. But the international left has been divided on whether to support the Tibetan protesters.
Charlie Hore: Tibet rises up against decades of oppression
Socialist Worker nr. 2093, mar 08 – side 3
Note: Tibet was rocked by its biggest uprising for almost 20 years this week as protesters fought running battles against police. China’s rulers responded by sealing off the province from the media and instituting a brutal crackdown.

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