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Tema: Abort

Nicole Colson: Rise up and defend abortion rights in the US
Socialist Worker nr. 2298, apr 12 – side 6
Note: The Republican right is on the warpath against women’s control over their bodies.
Editorial: Abortion isn’t a ‘tough issue’––most back a woman’s right to choose
Socialist Worker nr. 2297, apr 12 – side 3
Note: Hundreds of pro-choice protesters took on anti-abortion bigots in central London last week
New threat to abortion rights
Socialist Worker nr. 2250, maj 11 – side 2
Note: Anti-choice MPs have launched a fresh attack on abortion rights.
Goretti Horgan: Abortion: is this the moment?
Socialist Review nr. 328, sep 08 – side 5
Note: Imagine living where the prime minister believes in creationism, the chair of your parliament's health committee believes "it is the duty of government to implement god's law" and the chair of the education committee calls for creationism to be taught alongside evolution in science classes. That place is Northern Ireland (NI).
Sadie Robinson: Abortion rights: Vote defeats threat to women’s rights
Socialist Worker nr. 2103, maj 08 – side 4
Note: Pro-choice activists won a significant victory on Tuesday last week when amendments to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology bill that sought to lower the legal time limit for abortion were defeated.
Sadie Robinson: Beat back right’s attack on abortion
Socialist Worker nr. 2101, maj 08 – side 16
Note: Abortion rights in Britain are facing a serious attack over the next week and we have to defend them.
Stuart Derbyshire: Why a foetus can’t feel pain
Socialist Worker nr. 2101, maj 08 – side 16
Note: The efforts to reduce the upper limit for an abortion from 24 to 20 weeks have focused, in part, on the possibility of the foetus feeling pain after 20 weeks.
Esme Choonara: Embryology Bill: Why embryo research matters
Socialist Worker nr. 2094, mar 08 – side 6
Note: Attacks on human/animal embryo research must be resisted.
Judith Orr: Abortion: Their morals and ours
Socialist Review nr. 323, mar 08 – side 15
Note: We need to get ready for a big battle over abortion rights, argues Judith Orr, and the deluge of moral outrage about women's lives that will accompany it.
Farah Reza: Lords attempt to restrict abortion
Socialist Worker nr. 2081, dec 07 – side 2
Note: The first shots in a battle to roll back women’s rights to abortion have been fired in the House of Lords.
Jackie Turner: In my view: Defending abortion rights
Socialist Review nr. 320, dec 07 – side 7
Note: This year marks the fortieth anniversary of the private member's bill which led to the Abortion Act of 1967, allowing abortion up to 28 weeks of pregnancy, that was lowered to 24 weeks in 1990 by the Human Fertilisation Act.
Goretti Horgan: Abortion in Northern Ireland: Access denied
Socialist Worker nr. 2075, nov 07 – side 13
Note: The 1967 Abortion Act does not apply to Northern Ireland. We need to pressure parliament to extend it, argues Goretti Horgan.
Elane Heffernan: Abortion rights – 40 years on
Socialist Worker nr. 2074, okt 07 – side 8
Note: Forty years ago this weekend the 1967 Abortion Act was passed in Britain.
Doctor Wendy Savage, a leading figure in the fight for abortion rights and the co-ordinator of Doctors for a Woman’s Choice on Abortion spoke to Socialist Worker about the issues.
Elane Heffernan: Abortion: No return to the backstreets
Socialist Worker nr. 2074, okt 07 – side 9
Note: In 1966, the year before abortion was legalised, around 4,000 women in Britain died trying to end a pregnancy that they did not want, could not afford, or could not cope with.
Margaret Renn, a leading women’s rights campaigner, remembers the movement for the right to choose.
Kelly Hilditch: Abortion: A women’s right to choose under attack
Socialist Worker nr. 2058, jul 07 – side 9
Note: Women still don't have universal access to free safe abortion on demand.
Trine Christensen: Læserbrev: Vi vil beholde den fri abort
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 117, jul 95 – side 4
Note: Den fri abort kom ikke af sig selv. Faktisk fik vi først fri abort i Danmark i 1973.
Ikke råd til børn
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 113, mar 95 – side 2
Note: Mødrehjælpen i København har lavet en undersøgelse over tre år, som viser, at flere studerende vælger at få foretaget abort.
David Widgery: Abortion: The Pioneers
International Socialism Journal (1st series) nr. 80, jul 75 – side 6
Note: UNTIL the 1967 Abortion Act, termination of established pregnancy was either furtive and expensive if you had money or illegal and hazardous if you did not.

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