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Tema: Teater, ballet

Teater, ballet
Paul O’Brien: Theatre and politics
Socialist Review nr. 336, maj 09 – side 34
Note: Paul O'Brien looks at the recent controversies over England People Very Nice and Seven Jewish Children
Jacqueline Mulhallen: Shelley’s plays still emit the light of freedom
Socialist Worker nr. 2114, aug 08 – side 11
Note: Shelley is well-known for poetry that opposed oppression, but his plays also show his hatred of tyranny.
Terry Eagleton: Shakespeare and the class struggle
International Socialism Journal nr. 49, dec 90 – side 115
Note: The following scene is from Terry Eagleton’s play Brecht and Company which, although it has been staged at the Edinburgh Festival, has never been published. The play concerns Brecht and his company of actors and in this scene they act out the rise of fascism in Weimar Germany in Shakespearian form.
Colin Sparks: Theatrical Reformism (Michael Holroyd: "George Bernard Shaw The Search for Love 1856-1898")
International Socialism Journal nr. 41, dec 88 – side 165
Note: An analysis of socialist playwright George Bernard Shaw.
Colin Sparks: The origins of Shakespeare's drama
International Socialism Journal nr. 40, sep 88 – side 89
David Edgar: Political theatre, part one
Socialist Review nr. 1, apr 78 – side 16
Note: 1978 is the tenth anniversay of all sorts of important things. It is also the tenth anniversay of the beginnings of a small, perhaps not very important, but nonetheless quite remarkable phenomenon: the growth of the socialist theatre movemnet in Britain.

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