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Tema: Maleri, skulptur

Maleri, skulptur
Mike Gonzalez: Exhibition Review: Joan Miro: A Blow Between the Eyes (Tate Modern)
Socialist Review nr. 359, jun 11 – side 34
Note: "To me rich and vigorous material seems necessary to give the spectator a blow between the eyes at first sight which must hit him before other thoughts can intervene. In this way poetry expressed visually speaks its own language" (Joan Miro)
John Molyneux: Michelangelo and human emancipation
International Socialism Journal nr. 128, okt 10 – side 149
Note: Michelangelo stands at the very summit of human fame, or celebrity as we now call it. His position is secure among that very small band of individuals—Aristotle, Shakespeare, Goethe, Mozart, da Vinci and so on—who seem to tower over history, much as one imagines the Colossus of Rhodes, and whose status is commonly given a universal, transcendental character.
Megan Trudell: Reviews: Futurism: worshipping the modern and damning the past
Socialist Worker nr. 2156, jun 09 – side 11
Note: A new exhibition of art from the Futurist movement dazzles but does not tell the full story.
Andy Ridley: Guernica: A horror of war that gave us a canvas of genius
Socialist Worker nr. 2146, apr 09 – side 11
Note: Picasso’s Guernica, one of the most powerful indictments of the barbarity of war, has come to London this month
Matthew Cookson: Exploring the trauma of Guernica through love and loss
Socialist Worker nr. 2146, apr 09 – side 11
Note: The continuing power of the events of 26 April 1937 are shown in Dave Boling’s debut novel
Mike Gonzalez: Culture Column: Andy Warhol: the man who wasn't there
Socialist Review nr. 329, okt 08 – side 31
Note: It might be said that Andy Warhol's most important art work was himself, or at least himself and the circle that he created around him – The Factory.
John Molyneux: Art Review: Francis Bacon (Tate Modern)
Socialist Review nr. 329, okt 08 – side 34
Note: Many on the left have long been suspicious of, even hostile to, Bacon.
John Molyneux: A revolution in paint: 100 years of Picasso’s Demoiselles
International Socialism Journal nr. 115, jul 07 – side 162
Note: This year marks the centenary of the painting of Les Demoiselles d’Avignon by Pablo Picasso. There cannot be many paintings whose anniversary would occasion an analysis in a journal of socialist theory—nevertheless Les Demoiselles certainly repays serious consideration.
Mike Gonzalez: Introduction to John Berger on Picasso
International Socialism Journal nr. 40, sep 88 – side 105
John Berger: defending Picasso's late work
International Socialism Journal nr. 40, sep 88 – side 111
Mike Gonzalez: Diego Rivera – the man who painted walls
International Socialism Journal nr. 38, mar 88 – side 53

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