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Tema: Frankrig 1939-1967

Frankrig 1939-1967
17 October 1961: Massacre in Paris
Socialist Worker nr. 2273, okt 11 – side 8
Note: Fifty years ago police in Paris killed over 200 Algerian protesters and threw their bodies into the River Seine. Historian Jean-Luc Einaudi exposed the murders in his book The Battle of Paris. He spoke to Sellouma from France’s New Anticapitalist Party.
17 October 1961: Eyewitnesses to the 1961 Paris massacre
Socialist Worker nr. 2273, okt 11 – side 8
Note: A senior steward hurried to give me a green armband as I arrived. I effectively became a traffic warden, except that I was directing Algerians—women and men, old people and children.
Tom Whittaker: Review: Paris 1961: a hidden massacre
International Socialism Journal nr. 116, okt 07 – side 216
Note: Jim House and Neil McMaster, Paris 1961: Algerians, State Terror and Memory (Oxford University, 2006), £60
Leaving aside situations of insurrection, revolution or civil war, the massacre of Algerian demonstrators that took place from 17 to 20 October 1961 in Paris constitutes “the bloodiest act of state repression of street protest in Western Europe in modern history”.
Dave Beecham: Writers reviewed: Boris Vian
Socialist Review nr. 40, feb 82 – side 29
Note: "I'll desert, I'll go underground. I'll fight my own war."
Jean-Jacques Marie: France: The March of Despotism
International Socialism Journal (1st series) nr. 3, dec 60 – side 12
Note: Big business and its Gaullist Government are pursuing an unprecedented offensive against the working-class and against middle-class groups: the Algerian War must be paid for; so too the nation’s own Atomic Bomb, and the nuclear ‘strike-force’.

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