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Tema: Skotland

Keir McKechnie: Analysis: Scotland: the genie is out of the bottle
International Socialism Journal nr. 144, okt 14 – side 3
Note: The British ruling class wheezed a huge collective sigh of relief at the Scottish independence referendum result. The No camp secured victory with 55 percent of the vote and the Yes side polled 45 percent. 97 percent of the electorate registered to vote and the turn-out was an incredible 86 percent, the highest in any election in the history of Britain.
Alex Callinicos: Analysis: Towards the break-up of Britain?
International Socialism Journal nr. 143, jul 14 – side 11
Note: Creeping up on the British state is potentially its biggest internal crisis since the struggle for Irish self-determination reached its climax a century ago. The outcome of the referendum on Scottish independence on 18 September could tear a huge chunk out of the United Kingdom, rendering its very name a joke, with major geopolitical, economic and domestic political consequences.
Bo Nielsen + Christine Kyndi: Antifascisme i Skotland: Ind i moskéer og fagforeninger!
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 331, aug 13 
Note: Socialistisk Arbejderavis har mødt Ayesha Saleem, en 39-årig aktivist fra Edinburgh, til en snak om antifascistisk arbejde i Unite Against Fascism, hvor hun er aktiv.
Michael Lavalette: The decline and fall of Glasgow Rangers FC
Socialist Review nr. 371, jul 12 – side 4
Note: Back in February Glasgow Rangers Football Club entered administration. The administrators claimed there were short-term problems and the club would be back to normal shortly.
Neil Davidson: The politics of the Scottish independence referendum
International Socialism Journal nr. 134, apr 12 – side 27
Note: David Cameron chose to open 2012 with one of those tactical misjudgements increasingly typical of the overconfident, untested politicians of the coalition. On this occasion the subject was the timing and content of a future referendum on Scottish independence.
Iain Ferguson: Salmond smiling
Socialist Review nr. 359, jun 11 – side 5
Note: Anyone wanting to understand the reasons for the Scottish National Party's landslide election victory in Scotland on 5 May could do worse than read the speech delivered by Alex Salmond as he was sworn in as first minister on 20 May.
Mike Gonzalez: Anger at cuts boosts Scottish nationalists
Socialist Worker nr. 2251, maj 11 – side 5
Note: The polls had predicted that the Scottish National Party (SNP) would win last week’s Scottish elections—but no one anticipated the scale of Labour’s defeat.
Andrew Fullwood: Scottish teachers announce a ballot against pay freeze
Socialist Worker nr. 2241, mar 11 
Note: Industrial action came a step closer today, Tuesday, as Scotland’s biggest teachers’ union announced that it would ballot its members over proposals to impose a two-year pay freeze and changes to working conditions.
Tommy Sheridan jailed for three years – a statement from Solidarity
Socialist Worker nr. 2236, jan 11 
Note: "Scottish justice has notched up another political miscarriage of justice alongside that of Al Megrahi and Muir of Huntershill”
Eileen Boyle: Scottish independence: Is Britain set to break up?
Socialist Worker nr. 2181, dec 09 – side 12
Note: Will David Cameron be the last prime minister of the United Kingdom? With the prospect of a Tory government looming in 2010, the argument for independence is once again front page news in Scotland.
Dave Sherry: Scottish unions take up fight over future of housing
Socialist Worker nr. 2137, feb 09 – side 4
Note: Scotland faces its biggest housing crisis in 60 years. The economic collapse has destroyed the myth that competition and the “free market” can deliver on housing.
Spread the solidarity for Glasgow council’s indefinite strike
Socialist Worker nr. 2137, feb 09 – side 14
Note: The indefinite strike by Glasgow community service supervisors is entering its fifth week.
The 21 workers are fighting regrading resulting from the council’s single status agreement.
Chris Bambery: Our history: Scotland’s solidarity with Republican Spain
Socialist Worker nr. 2132, dec 08 – side 9
Note: “If I don’t go out and fight fascism, I’ll just have to wait and fight it here.” That was how John Patsy McEwan explained his decision to leave Dundee to go and fight in the Spanish Civil War – alongside hundreds of others.
Scotland: New Labour leader will not mean a change of fortunes
Socialist Worker nr. 2119, sep 08 – side 2
Note: The election of Iain Gray as the new leader of Scottish Labour was greeted by one MSP with the claim that this was a “Tony Blair moment”. By that he meant Gray could lead the party to two electoral triumphs. This rings hollow.
Eileen Boyle: Scotland: The SNP’s left wing gloss to pro-business policies
Socialist Worker nr. 2118, sep 08 – side 9
Note: The Scottish National Party (SNP) government in Scotland recently announced its proposed legislative programme for the coming year.
Claire Lyall: As prices soar, millions of us are...: Fighting to put food on the table
Socialist Worker nr. 2115, aug 08 – side 1
Note: Thousands of workers in Scotland strike to defend their living standards | Step up the action to beat Brown’s pay limits
Simon Basketter: Solid council workers' strike shuts down Scotland (online only)
Socialist Worker nr. 2115, aug 08 
Note: Reports on the one-day strike on Wednesday 20 August 2008 across Scotland
Simon Basketter: United action to hit Scotland
Socialist Worker nr. 2113, aug 08 – side 16
Note: The latest front in the war against Gordon Brown’s public sector pay curbs was opened last week after 150,000 council workers in Scotland voted to strike. They are set to take action on 20 August.
Jimmy Ross: Labour’s Glasgow East defeat is down to policies
Socialist Worker nr. 2112, aug 08 – side 3
Note: Labour’s defeat in Glasgow East last week was historic. The constituency is one of Labour’s heartlands. If the 22.5 percent swing to the Scottish National Party (SNP) was repeated across Scotland, Labour would have only one Scottish MP left.
Neil Davidson: Scotland’s new road to reform?
International Socialism Journal nr. 118, apr 08 – side 23
Note: A year has elapsed since the Scottish National Party (SNP) formed its first government in the devolved Scottish Parliament. The SNP took power at a time when neoliberal strategies all but completely dominated mainstream politics. However, the SNP appears to have broken with the neoliberal consensus.
Anger as police arrest Tommy Sheridan
Socialist Worker nr. 2082, dec 07 – side 2
Note: Former MSP and long standing socialist campaigner Tommy Sheridan has been arrested and charged with perjury.
Afghans pay price of New Labour’s war
Socialist Worker nr. 2081, dec 07 – side 4
Note: The British media heralded the capture of Musa Qala, a town in Helmand province which has been under Taliban control for ten months, as a decisive turning point in the war in Afghanistan.
Neil Davidson: Neoliberal logic exposed by Scottish National Party
Socialist Worker nr. 2078, nov 07 – side 4
Note: In a recent article in The Guardian, Scottish journalist Iain MacWhirter noted Gordon Brown’s “apparent capitulation to neoconservatism” and asked what might have happened if Brown had taken a different path.
Terry Wrigley: Scotland: Edinburgh schools campaign forces SNP retreat
Socialist Worker nr. 2067, sep 07 – side 6
Note: A vigorous campaign by parents and pupils has put a stop to Edinburgh city council's proposal to close one in six schools.
Neil Davidson: Scotland: Tartan imperialism
Socialist Worker nr. 2065, aug 07 – side 12
Note: Scotland’s historical role in Malawi contradicts attempts to present itself as an ‘oppressed’ nation, writes Neil Davidson.
Neil Davidson: Socialists and Scottish Independence
International Socialism Journal nr. 114, apr 07 – side 33
Mike Gonzalez: The split in the Scottish Socialist Party
International Socialism Journal nr. 112, sep 06 – side 66
Note: The Scottish Socialist Party achieved a breakthrough seven years ago and was seen by many as a model to be followed. But it has split apart. Mike Gonzalez analyses what went wrong, and how the left in Scotland can recover.
Iain Ferguson: Positive moves in SSP dispute
Socialist Worker nr. 2007, jul 06 – side 2
Note: The Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) took a major step last weekend towards resolving the internal crisis that has wracked the party over recent months
Kelly Hilditch: Edinburgh tenants tell how they fought off privatisation
Socialist Worker nr. 1987, feb 06 
Note: Council tenants from Edinburgh spoke to Kelly Hilditch about their recent victory and the fight for more investment they still face.
Neil Davidson: Book review: Scotland: almost afraid to know itself?
International Socialism Journal nr. 109, dec 05 – side 179
Note: A review of Gregor Gall: "The Political Economy of Scotland: Red Scotland? Radical Scotland?" (University of Wales Press, 2005), £19.99
Angus Calder: More than Culloden (Neil Davidson: "Discovering the Scottish Revolution, 1682-1746")
International Socialism Journal nr. 106, mar 05 – side 172
Note: A review of Neil Davidson, Discovering the Scottish Revolution, 1682-1746 (Pluto Press, 2003), £19.99.
Chris Bambery: Scottish Socialist Party: Why did they dump Tommy Sheridan?
Socialist Worker nr. 1930, dec 04 – side 4
Note: TORY LEADER Michael Howard was made to look a fool recently after sacking Boris Johnson for having an affair. The private life of a politician carries few surprises for most people, and doesn’t rate on the same level as telling multiple lies to justify war.
Klaus B. Jensen: Skotske vuggestuepædagoger strejker: Viljen til sejr
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 229, maj 04 – side 5
Note: Skotske vuggestuepædagoger har strejket siden starten af marts og giver ikke op.
Neil Davidson: In perspective: Tom Nairn
International Socialism Journal nr. 82, mar 99 – side 97
Note: Scotland's independence has always had a fierce left wing champion in Tom Nairn, whose work has done much to shape socialist thinking on the future of the British state. Neil Davidson's detailed examination of Nairn's work, the latest in our 'In perspective' series, carefully exposes the weaknesses in his position and suggests a more theoretically consistent alternative.
Donny Gluckstein + Neil Davidson: Nationalism and the class struggle in Scotland
International Socialism Journal nr. 48, sep 90 – side 107
Note: Scottish nationalism has been the subject of much discussion but little analysis. Here Neil Davidson and Donny Gluckstein look at the history of the Scottish nation and map out the response that socialists should take to today's nationalists.

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