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Se også: Se også: Egypten

Se også: Egypten
Alex Callinicos: Alex Callinicos on the situation in the Middle East today
International Socialism Journal nr. 146, apr 15 
Note: Interview for Marx 21—the anti-capitalist network within the left party Die Linke in Germany.
Simon Assaf: Bassem Chit’s critique of Arab nationalism
International Socialism Journal nr. 145, jan 15 – side 97
Note: Before his sudden death in October 2014 at the age of 34, Lebanese revolutionary socialist Bassem Chit fired the first salvo in what he hoped would be a far reaching debate on the problems of the left exposed by the Arab Spring in general, and the revolution in Syria in particular.
Bassem Chit: Nationalism, resistance and revolution
International Socialism Journal nr. 145, jan 15 – side 99
Note: The reduction of current struggles in Lebanon and Syria in particular, and across the Middle East in general, to purely abstract nationalistic, sectarian and “identitarian” dimensions is one of the dominating features of the analytical and methodical logic of the Arab nationalist and Stalinist left.
Anne Alexander: Capital and resistance in the Middle East
International Socialism Journal nr. 143, jul 14 – side 165
Note: A review of Gilbert Achcar, The People Want: A Radical Exploration of the Arab Uprising (Saqi, 2013), £17.99, and Adam Hanieh, Lineages of Revolt: Issues of Contemporary Capitalism in the Middle East (Haymarket, 2013), £14.99.

These important books make a significant contribution to our understanding of the revolutions of 2011 in the Arab world. Written from a regional perspective, and both mobilising an impressive range of comparative data, they represent the most significant attempts yet to grapple with the theoretical challenges of analysing this immense popular uprising from a Marxist perspective.
Bassem Chit: Class politics can unite the Middle East
Socialist Worker nr. 2257, jun 11 – side 6
Note: It is six months since the wave of revolts started sweeping through the Middle East and north Africa. And the wave is far from over. New political formations are taking shape across the region.
Richard Seymour: Baggrunden for Libyen-krigen: Imperialisme og revolution i Mellemøsten
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 309, maj 11 – side 10
Note: Vesten har en lang og blodig historie i Mellemøsten. Richard Seymour afdækker, hvordan de seneste revolutioner har fremtvunget en ny strategi fra imperialistiske magter i deres forsøg på at styre regionen.
What we think: How can 'Arab Spring' win fundamental change?
Socialist Worker nr. 2249, apr 11 – side 24
Note: It looked like the rulers across the Middle East and North Africa might fall like nine-pins in January and February. Tunisia’s Ben Ali and Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak were brought down by struggles. Yet the revolutions that came after these have not followed the same pattern.
Simon Basketter: Imperialism's bloody grasp on the Middle East
Socialist Worker nr. 2244, mar 11 – side 12
Note: The revolutions in the Middle East have thrown the imperial powers into crisis. That is because the control of the region has been at the heart of the West’s project for more than 100 years. The great powers have used every means at their disposal to maintain their grip throughout that time.
En kort oversigt over imperialismen i Mellemøsten
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 307, mar 11 – side 11
Note: Vestlige magter har blandet sig i Mellemøsten i over 200 år. Her er nogle af de vigtigste begivenheder i imperialismens intervention i regionen.
Tim Nelson: Middle East: Repression and concessions fail to stop mass protests
Socialist Worker nr. 2241, mar 11 – side 4
Note: As Colonel Gaddafi’s dictatorship continues its attempt to violently suppress the revolution in Libya, regimes across the region are struggling to keep control
Uprisings defy massacres: 'Bring all the regimes down'—revolution must spread, says Egyptian activist
Socialist Worker nr. 2240, feb 11 – side 1
Note: The revolts sweeping the Middle East have burst like thunder storms across a region long considered beyond change, carried by people long considered incapable of fighting back.
Britain sells death
Socialist Worker nr. 2240, feb 11 – side 2
Note: Which regimes do British companies sell arms to – and what do they sell?
Editorial: Outside intervention is no solution in the Middle East
Socialist Worker nr. 2240, feb 11 – side 3
Note: The Libyan and Bahraini regimes’ attacks on protesters were met with horror around the world. But Western politicians wept crocodile tears.
A short history of imperialism in the Middle East
Socialist Worker nr. 2240, feb 11 – side 4
Note: Western powers have been meddling in the Middle East for over 200 years. Here are some of the key events in imperialism’s intervention in the region.
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Alex Callinicos: The West's 'moderate' tyrants are failing
Socialist Worker nr. 2238, feb 11 – side 4
Note: Last week the “liberal” Israeli daily Haaretz carried a piece by one of its best-known columnists, Ari Shavit. “Two huge processes are happening right before our eyes,” he writes. “One is the Arab liberation revolution. The second process is the acceleration of the decline of the West.”
Simon Assaf: Time for revolution in the Middle East
Socialist Worker nr. 2134, jan 09 – side 8
Note: The Israeli assault on Gaza has exposed deep divisions between Arab ruling classes, their Western allies and the people of the region, argues Simon Assaf
Jørn Andersen: Mellemøsten: Imperialisme på retræte betyder kaos og blodbad
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 270, jun 07 – side 8
Note: Midt i daglige rapporter fra Mellemøsten om kaos, „borgerkrig“, sult og flygtninge kan det være svært at se de større linier. Men meget har forandret sig det sidste år. USA’s plan for „et nyt Mellemøsten-kort“ – en afgørende del af „Projekt for det nye amerikanske århundrede“ – er i en fremskreden grad af sammenbrud.
Neil Faulkner: Crusade and jihad in the medieval Middle East
International Socialism Journal nr. 109, dec 05 – side 127
Note: The debate about the Iraq war echoes with references to the conflict eight centuries ago between Christian Crusaders from Western Europe and the Islamic people of the Middle East. These echoes raise questions for socialists. How accurate is the traditional image of the Crusaders as chivalrous knights inspired by piety? Is there something inevitable and eternal about conflict between ‘the West’ and ‘the Orient’? To what degree can the conflicts of the medieval past inform our understanding of the present and provide a guide to action for the future?
Irfan Habib: Critical notes on Edward Said
International Socialism Journal nr. 108, sep 05 – side 129
Note: Edward Said was rightly admired for his courageous opposition to the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Consequently many on the left also accepted all the arguments of his book Orientalism, including its criticisms of Marx. But, argues the eminent Indian historian Irfan Habib, these are completely misplaced.
The drive for real democracy in the Middle East
Socialist Worker nr. 1962, aug 05 – side 8
Note: Leading economist Samir Amin joined activists to discuss the struggle for democracy in the Middle East at Marxism 2005. We reprint edited highlights of the meeting.
Anne Ashford: Imperialism: Remaking the Middle East
Socialist Review nr. 274, maj 03 – side 14
Note: The history of British and French rule in the Middle East makes uncomfortable reading for Iraq’s new conquerors.
Anne Alexander: Redrawing the political map
International Socialism Journal nr. 95, jun 02 – side 107
Note: Palestine has sparked a wave of demonstrations across the Middle East, throwing up the question of politital leadership. Anne Alexander asks can the ideas of Arab nationalism or Islamism provide an answer, or is there now space for a new leadership to emerge?
Wael Fateen: Middle East: The light on the horizon (interview with the Egyptian writer Nawal El Saadawi)
Socialist Review nr. 264, jun 02 – side 23
Note: The Egyptian writer Nawal El Saadawi spoke to Wael Fateen about women, globalisation and the Middle East
Simon Assaf: The movement erupts: Losing the appetite for war (Middle East)
Socialist Review nr. 262, apr 02 – side 12
Note: Simon Assaf reports from Lebanon about the growing unrest in the Middle East
Margit Johansen: Mellemøsten: Øget pres på USA og arabiske ledere
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 201, feb 02 – side 4
Note: Argentinske tilstande med sociale og politiske oprør kan hurtigt blive en aktuel dagsorden i flere af de mellemøstlige lande.
Anne Alexander: The crisis in the Middle East
International Socialism Journal nr. 93, dec 01 – side 59
Note: Anne Alexander, author of 'The New Intifada', examines the state of the Middle East.
Tony Cliff: The Middle East at the Crossroads (1945)
Note: "Fourth International", December 1945. Republished in Tony Cliff: "Neither Washington nor Moscow", Bookmarks (London) 1982.
Phil Marshall: Bookwatch: Islamic activism in the Middle East
International Socialism Journal nr. 60, sep 93 – side 157
Note: Phil Marshall reviews the literature on the Islamic revival in the Middle East.
Terry Povey: The Middle East: An Overview
International Socialism Journal (1st series) nr. 87, apr 76 – side 20
Note: Traditionally the British left has been divided in two ways over the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. There are those who see the struggle as one between the competing nationalisms of the two groups. These have looked to ‘progressive forces’ within both camps to play a role in the dismantling of the sectarian aspects of the Israeli state.

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