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Tema: Borgerl. rev.: Frankrig

Se også: Se også: Frankrig

Borgerl. rev.: Frankrig
Se også: Frankrig
Jack Farmer: Book reviews: Revolution rewritten
International Socialism Journal nr. 129, jan 11 – side 216
Note: Colin Jones, Josephine McDonagh and Jon Mee (eds), Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities and the French Revolution (Palgrave Macmillan, 2009), £50
Neil Davidson: The French Revolution is not over
International Socialism Journal nr. 113, jan 07 – side 159
Note: A review of Henry Heller, The Bourgeois Revolution in France, 1789-1815 (Berghahn Books, 2006), £36.50
Gareth Jenkins: Red Letter Days: 22 June 1848 – Paris at the barricades
Socialist Review nr. 242, jun 00 – side 35
Paul McGarr: The French Revolution: Marxism versus revisionism (G Kates (ed): "The French Revolution: Recent Debates and New Controversies")
International Socialism Journal nr. 80, sep 98 – side 113
Note: Paul McGarr gives an overview of debates on the French Revolution
Ian Birchall: The Babeuf bicentenary: conspiracy or revolutionary party?
International Socialism Journal nr. 72, sep 96 – side 77
Note: The bicentenary of Babeuf's 'Conspiracy of Equals' during the great French Revolution allows us to examine a moment that has occupied an uncertain place in the annals of revolutionary history. Was it a hopeless act of a desperate minority? Was Babeuf's organisation the forerunner of the Leninist party? Ian Birchall offers a fresh view of an old controversy.
Norah Carlin: Daniel Guérin and the working class in the French Revolution
International Socialism Journal nr. 47, jun 90 – side 197
Note: Norah Carlin continues our discussion of the French Revolution, begun in issue 43, with a look at the work of historian Daniel Guerin.
Freddie Nielsen: Frankrig 1848
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 59, maj 90 – side 9
Jørgen Lund: 1789: Den store Franske Revolution
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 50, jun 89 – side 9
The Great French Revolution: Chronology of Events 1774-1815
International Socialism Journal nr. 43, jun 89 – side 7
Paul McGarr: The Great French Revolution
International Socialism Journal nr. 43, jun 89 – side 15
Note: ‘From this place and from this day forth commences a new era in the world’s history.’
So said the poet Goethe as he surveyed the victorious French revolutionary army ranged on the battlefield at Valmy.
In ‘The Great French Revolution’ Paul McGarr shows why Goethe was right. This fast paced account and lucid explanation of the revolution will give you a clear understanding of the revolution even if you have never read anything else about 1789.
Historical Materialism and Bourgeois Revolutions goes on to review the arguments of those historians, on the left as well as the right, who have disparaged the idea that Marxism can explain the massive social transformations by which the capitalist class came to power.
Gareth Jenkins: 1789 – Culture and Revolution: Triumph of reason (Beethoven)
Socialist Review nr. 116, jan 89 – side 28
Note: The French revolution of 1789 overturned al the old certainties of the feudal world. It was an inspiration to artists internationally for decades to come.
In the first of a new series Gareth Jenkins describes the impact of the revolution focussing in particular on Beethoven.

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