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Tema: Borgerl. rev.: England

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Borgerl. rev.: England
Se også: Storbritannien
John Rees: John Milton: poetic genius who was at the heart of revolution
Socialist Worker nr. 2131, dec 08 – side 11
Note: John Rees looks at John Milton’s role in the English Revolution of the 1640s, 400 years after the poet’s birth
John Rees: Oliver Cromwell’s legacy
Socialist Worker nr. 2117, sep 08 – side 13
Note: John Rees explains the relevance for today of Cromwell – the decisive figure of the English Revolution of the 1640s – who died 350 years ago this week.
Angus Calder: More than Culloden (Neil Davidson: "Discovering the Scottish Revolution, 1682-1746")
International Socialism Journal nr. 106, mar 05 – side 172
Note: A review of Neil Davidson, Discovering the Scottish Revolution, 1682-1746 (Pluto Press, 2003), £19.99.
Judy Cox: Dreams of equality: the levelling poor of the English Revolution (Brian Manning: "The Far Left in the English Revolution")
International Socialism Journal nr. 84, sep 99 – side 143
Note: Judy Cox welcomes Brian Manning's The Far Left in the English Revolution.
Brian Manning: Revisionism revised (Norah Carlin: "The Causes of the English Civil War")
International Socialism Journal nr. 82, mar 99 – side 93
William Keach: Rise like lions? Shelley and the revolutionary left
International Socialism Journal nr. 75, jun 97 – side 91
Note: Shelley's poetry is a source of debate for William Keach as he takes issue with some of the ideas elaborated in Paul Foot's famous account, Red Shelley.
Christopher Hill: Tumults and commotions: turning the world upside down (D Underdown: "A Freeborn People: Politics and the Nation in 17th Century England")
International Socialism Journal nr. 74, mar 97 – side 89
Note: Christopher Hill examines David Underdown's new account of the English Revolution of the 17th century in the first of our book reviews.
Mark O’Brien: The class conflicts which shaped British history (B Manning: "Aristocrats, Plebeians and Revolution in England 1640-1660" + J Saville: "The Consolidation of the Capitalist State 1800-1850" + J Newsinger: "Fenianism in mid-Victorian Britain")
International Socialism Journal nr. 73, dec 96 – side 95
Note: Mark O'Brien looks at the first three books in the `Socialist History of Britain' series produced under the direction of the Northern Marxist Historians group.
Brian Manning: A voice for the poor
(Christopher Hill: "Liberty Against the Law: Some Seventeenth-Century Controversies")

International Socialism Journal nr. 72, sep 96 – side 95
Lee Humber: Studies in revolution
(A Fletcher and P Roberts (ed): "Religion, Culture and Society in Early Modern Britain")

International Socialism Journal nr. 70, mar 96 – side 133
Note: Lee Humber reviews a new collection of essays on the English Revolution.
Brian Manning: The English Revolution and the transition from feudalism to capitalism (R Brenner: "Merchants and Revolution: Commercial Change, Political Conflict and London's Overseas Traders, 1550-1653")
International Socialism Journal nr. 63, jun 94 – side 75
Note: Brian Manning reviews the latest book by American socialist historian Robert Brenner.
Brian Manning: God, Hill and Marx (Christopher Hill: "The English Bible and the Seventeenth Century Revolution")
International Socialism Journal nr. 59, jun 93 – side 75
Note: Christopher Hill's new book, The English Bible and the Seventeenth Century Revolution, has already been widely praised. Here Brian Manning, himself the author of the recently published The Crisis of the English Revolution, reviews the book in the context of Hill's lifetimes' work and assesses its importance for the ongoing debate about the role of ideology in the first bourgeois revolution.
Norah Carlin: A new English revolution (Brian Manning: "1649, The Crisis of the English Revolution")
International Socialism Journal nr. 58, mar 93 – side 119
Colin Barker: A reply to Dave McNulty
International Socialism Journal nr. 58, mar 93 – side 137
Note: Colin Barker answers criticism of his review of Edward Thompson's Customs in Common.
David McNulty: Comments on Colin Barker's review of Thompson's Customs in Common
International Socialism Journal nr. 57, dec 92 – side 171
John Rees + Lee Humber: The good old cause – an interview with Christopher Hill
International Socialism Journal nr. 56, sep 92 – side 125
Note: Christopher Hill, the best known historian of the English Revolution, marks the 350th anniversary of the outbreak of the civil war with an interview which outlines the current state of historical debate on the revolutions' causes and consequences.
Lee Humber: The English people and the English Revolution
International Socialism Journal nr. 52, sep 91 – side 129
Note: Class, class consciousness and the English Revolution
John Rees: Revisionism refuted
International Socialism Journal nr. 50, mar 91 – side 125
Note: Christopher Hill: “A Nation of Change and Novelty, Radical Politics, Religion and Litterature in Seventeenth Century England” + John Morrill (ed.): “Oliver Cromwell and the English Revolution”
Christopher Hill, the outstanding Marxist historian of the English Revolution, has long suffered an assault on his reputation from the right wing 'revisionist' historians of the 17th century. In his new book he hits back. John Rees reviews Hill's reply to his critics.
John Rees: The rising bourgeoisie
International Socialism Journal nr. 46, mar 90 – side 159
Note: Peter Earle: “The Making of the English Middle Class – business, society and family life in London 1660-1730”
Duncan Hallas: The Decisive Settlement (1688, English revolution)
Socialist Review nr. 113, okt 88 – side 17
Note: 1688 marked and important turning point in the history of Britain. The victory of William of Orange over James II in what came to be known as the Glorious Revolution marked the consolidation of bourgeois rule.
Duncan Hallas looks back at the events and the forces involved.
Brian Manning: Class and revolution in Seventeenth Century England
International Socialism Journal nr. 38, mar 88 – side 41
Norah Carlin: Marxism and the English Civil War
International Socialism Journal nr. 10, sep 80 – side 106
Note: It is hard for a teacher or student of the English Civil War in 1980 not to feel that Marxism is under siege with supplies running out. The big guns of the academic establishment thunder ceaselessly against it, and even articles in supposedly left-wing journals proclaim that Marxism is dead.

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