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Tema: Venstrefløj - teori

Se også: Se også: Strategi og taktik; Venstrefløj

Venstrefløj - teori
Se også: Strategi og taktik; Venstrefløj
Alex Callinicos: Feedback: Anti-politics and the social illusion: A reply to Tietze and Humphrys
International Socialism Journal nr. 145, jan 15 – side 169
Note: The debate about contemporary “anti-politics” raises important issues, although in my view to frame it in these, sometimes theoretically inflated, terms is misleading. So what is at stake? We are witnessing around the world very widespread disaffection with, not simply established parties, but also the political system that they help constitute. This disaffection embraces a variety of electoral rebellions, and it has also been one of the driving forces in some of the most significant mass movements of recent years.
John Rees: The socialist revolution and the democratic revolution
International Socialism Journal nr. 83, jun 99 – side 3
Note: Revolution, like war, was supposedly banished from the world scene a decade ago. In fact, social inequality and class conflict have become more marked in the last decade. But the major revolutionary challenges to the existing order in the last ten years--the revolutionary transformations in East Europe and South Africa and the still continuing Indonesian Revolution have so far resulted in the achievement of parliamentary regimes underpinned by capitalist economic structures. In 'The socialist revolution and the democratic revolution' John Rees looks back at the original democratic transformations, the classical bourgeois revolutions in England, America and France, and compares them with the upheavals of the last ten years. The comparison reveals that today more discriminating approaches are necessary in the field of strategy and organisation if workers' power is to be the outcome of contemporary revolutions.
Miguel Cabrillana + Alan Gibson: Movementism and Marxism: a contribution to debate with Spain’s Movimiento Communista
International Socialism Journal nr. 38, mar 88 – side 105

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