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Tema: Økonomisk krise

Se også: Se også: Krise og modstand historisk

Økonomisk krise
Se også: Krise og modstand historisk
Joseph Choonara: A reply to David McNally
International Socialism Journal nr. 135, jul 12 – side 167
Note: David McNally writes in response to my review of his Global Slump that we need “serious, committed debate designed to strengthen the theoretical and practical capacities of the left”. I agree.
Gabriele Piazza: Systemic failures
International Socialism Journal nr. 132, okt 11 – side 211
Note: Gérard Duménil and Dominique Lévy, The Crisis of Neoliberalism (Harvard University, 2011), £36.95
Gérard Duménil and Dominique Lévy have made significant contributions to the understanding of Marxist economics over the years. Their new book focuses on neoliberalism and the most recent crisis.
Chris Bambery: Marxists and recession: Gramsci and the phases of war
Socialist Worker nr. 2152, maj 09 – side 6
Note: In the first part of our new series Chris Bambery looks at the link between workers’ struggle and revolution
Joseph Choonara: Unravelling Capitalism: A Return to Marx
Socialist Worker nr. 2152, maj 09 – side 13
Note: Joseph Choonara talked to Socialist Worker about his new book Unravelling Capitalism and the renewed interest in Marxist economic ideas
Chris Bambery: Can countries become bankrupt?
Socialist Worker nr. 2141, mar 09 – side 9
Note: “There’s a rumour going around that states cannot go bankrupt,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel said recently at a private bank event in Frankfurt. “This rumour is not true.”
Jørn Andersen: Fra krise til oprør?
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 286, feb 09 – side 8
Note: Chefen for IMF, Den internationale Valutafond, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, forudsagde i midten af januar, at den økonomiske krise vil betyde mere uro.
Chris Harman: A year of war: The recession strikes back
Socialist Review nr. 266, sep 02 – side 13
Note: Chris Harman wonders whatever happened to the US economy's 'new paradigm'
Chris Harman: The new world recession
International Socialism Journal nr. 93, dec 01 – side 99
Note: As bosses and media pundits blame job losses on 11 September. Chris Barman, author of 'Economics of the Madhouse', examines the new world recession arguing that the contradictions which lead the economy from boom to bust were already well in place.
Chris Harman: Capitalism's morning after
Socialist Review nr. 255, sep 01 – side 10
Note: Crisis hits the industrial core says Chris Harman. There are stormy times ahead for the world economy.
Chris Harman: Beyond the boom
International Socialism Journal nr. 90, mar 01 – side 41
Note: The American boom appears to be running out of steam. Chris Harman, author of Economics of the Madhouse, looks at the causes of the boom, and at the reasons for the slowdown which is now encompassing the world's largest economy. He examines the inability of establishment economists to explain the return of the boom-slump cycle, the relationship between finance capital and the real economy, and the likely political effects of an economic crisis.
Dan Atkinson + Larry Elliott: Reflating Keynes: a different view of the crisis
International Socialism Journal nr. 82, mar 99 – side 39
Note: Economic turmoil is still spreading across the globe more than a year after it first hit South East Asia. In our last issue we examined this crisis in detail. Here The Guardian's economic analysts Dan Atkinson and Larry Elliott use the account of the world economy first developed in their book The Age of Insecurity to present a Keynesian perspective on some aspects of the crisis.
Peter Morgan: The new Keynesians: staking a hold on the system?
International Socialism Journal nr. 82, mar 99 – side 49
Note: A new collection of essays by another new Keynesian, The Observer editor Will Hutton, is reviewed by Peter Morgan.
Rob Hoveman: Brenner and crisis: a critique
International Socialism Journal nr. 82, mar 99 – side 57
Note: Rob Hoveman brings this issue's continuing coverage of key debates in economics to a close with his review of a recently published account of the changes in post-war capitalism by Marxist writer Robert Brenner.
Colin Sparks: The eye of the storm
International Socialism Journal nr. 78, mar 98 – side 3
Note: The tiger economies of South and East Asia were being held up only yesterday as models for success, not least by Tony Blair. But the crash of 1997, whose effects are still unravelling across the industrialised world, put an end to such easy propaganda. In three linked articles we look at the causes and consequences of the crisis. Colin Sparks explains the rise of the Tiger economies and charts the forces that brought them to their knees.
Peter Green: Questions on the crisis: Crisis, what crisis?
Socialist Review nr. 113, okt 88 – side 16
George Gorton: China's 'market socialism' – can it work, and how far can it go?
International Socialism Journal nr. 34, dec 86 – side 42
Chris Harman: The crisis last time
International Socialism Journal nr. 13, jun 81 – side 1
Note: As capitalism ages, it finds it more and more difficult to overcome the pressures leading to stagnation and deep crises. Its efforts to do so involve measures that are in themselves increasingly devastating to the system and those who live in it.

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