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Tema: Migration

Shirin Hirsch: Review: Ethnic dissension
International Socialism Journal nr. 135, jul 12 – side 216
Note: Prodromos Panayiotopoulos, Ethnicity, Migration and Enterprise (Palgrave, 2010), £58
Lars Henrik Carlskov: Ikke mod, men sammen med østarbejderne
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 307, mar 11 – side 5
Note: Østarbejderne er en udfordring og en mulighed for venstrefløjen.
Sadie Robinson: Is immigration destroying "British culture"?
Socialist Worker nr. 2192, mar 10 – side 6
Note: Everything is changing. Many people worry that we’re “losing the British way of life”.
Jane Hardy: Migration, migrant workers and capitalism
International Socialism Journal nr. 122, apr 09 – side 133
Note: Consider these two scenarios. The first is in Ireland in December 2005 when 100,000 Irish, Polish, Lithuanian and Latvian workers demonstrated together against attempts by bosses to recruit migrant workers on worse pay and conditions than Irish workers. The second is in the UK in January 2009 with hundreds of workers taking industrial action under the slogan of “British jobs for British workers”. The former reflects the possibility of solidarity and a rejection of “divide and rule”. The latter is an alarming situation in which fearful workers turn on “foreigners” as the UK economy haemorrhages jobs and plunges into a deepening crisis.
Hsiao-Hung Pai: Migrants: Britain's hidden labour army
Socialist Review nr. 325, maj 08 – side 20
Note: The deaths of 23 Chinese cockle pickers in 2004 exposed the appalling working conditions of thousands of migrants in Britain. Hsiao-Hung Pai, author of a new book, Chinese Whispers, describes her quest to tell the stories of such workers and why going undercover was the only way to get at the truth.
Phil Marfleet: Review: Why millions are on the move
International Socialism Journal nr. 118, apr 08 – side 214
Note: Toby Shelley, Exploited: Migrant Labour in the New Global Economy (Zed, 2007), £14.99
Ken Olende: Immigration: Welcoming migrants: Poles in 1940s Britain
Socialist Worker nr. 2077, nov 07 – side 6
Note: In the second part of our series on immigration, Ken Olende looks at why the government had a contradictory policy after the Second World War
Ken Olende: Immigration: The economic roots of mass migration
Socialist Worker nr. 2076, nov 07 – side 6
Note: In the first part of our series on immigration, Ken Olende looks at the dilemma immigration poses to capital
Lotte Mylendorff: Kan flygtninge spares væk?
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 14, nov 85 – side 8
Note: »Det er blevet lettere at være dansker,« sagde Schlüter i sin åbningstale i Folketinget. Det er nu svært at få øje på lettelserne, hvis man ikke lige tilhører den klasse, som Schlüter laver sin politik for – nemlig borgerskabet.
Nigel Harris: The new untouchables: the international migration of labour
International Socialism Journal nr. 8, mar 80 – side 37
Note: The rise of imperialism is also the rise of the modern State. The manifestation of the power of the State is in the first instance its tight control of one patch of very clearly defined territory and the population trapped within its boundaries.
Colin Barker: Book Review: A Seventh Man
International Socialism Journal (1st series) nr. 79, jun 75 – side 38
Note: John Berger and Jean Mohr, A Seventh Man, Penguin, £1.00
SINCE THE war, the advanced capitalist countries of Western Europe have become totally dependent, for their continued expansion, on immigrant workers. In Germany and Britain, one manual worker in every seven is an immigrant In France, Switzerland and Belgium, immigrants constitute a quarter of the industrial labour force.

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