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Tema: 4. Internationale historie

4. Internationale historie
Alex Callinicos: Daniel Bensaïd (25 March 1946-12 January 2010)
Socialist Worker nr. 2184, jan 10 
Note: The SWP’s Alex Callinicos has sent the following message to comrades in the NPA.
Duncan Hallas: Introduction to "Origins of the International Socialists" (1971)
Duncan Hallas: Building the Leadership (1969) (critique of the politics of the Socialist Labour League)
Duncan Hallas: Fourth International in decline: from Trotskyism to Pabloism 1944-1953 (1973)
Natalia Sedova Trotskij: Natalya Trotsky Breaks with the Fourth International (1951)
Note: Letter sent by Natalia Sedova Trotsky to the leadership of the Fourth International and of the Socialist Workers’ Party, breaking off all political connection with these organisations.
Duncan Hallas: Trotskijs marxisme (kap. 5: Arven) (1979)
Jørgen Lund: 4. Internationales fallit: Skred gennem 50 år
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 43, okt 88 – side 9
Note: I år er det 50 år siden, at 4. Internationale blev dannet. De var fra starten meget små og politisk svage. Efter Trotskijs død ændrede de deres opfattelse af stalinismen. De stalinistiske lande blev alle til arbejderstater, og dermed blev stalinismen en progressiv, historisk kraft.
Duncan Hallas: Trotsky's Heritage – on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the 4th International
International Socialism Journal nr. 40, sep 88 – side 53
Alex Callinicos: Their Trotskyism and ours
International Socialism Journal nr. 22, dec 83 – side 117
Note: During the last of the many debates of his long career as a revolutionary Leon Trotsky wrote an article entitled: From a Scratch – to the Danger of Gangrene. The article was aimed at a faction within the American section of the Fourth International (the Shachtmanites) which rejected Trotsky’s characterisation of Russia as a degenerated workers’ state. Trotsky’s theme was that this specific criticism would lead eventually to the abandonment of revolutionary Marxism in its entirety.
SWP Visitors: The FI’s XIth World Congress
International Socialism Journal nr. 7, dec 79 – side 120
Note: The First Congress of the Fourth International was held in 1938. In the forty-one years between then and the XIth World Congress there have been major wars, revolutions and social upheavals of all kinds. It is most unlikely that the next forty years will be any less stormy. It is therefore a matter of some importance to examine closely the nature and possibilities of an organisation whose claim is that it is “The World Party of Socialist Revolution.”
Pete Goodwin + Alex Callinicos: On the perspectives of the Fourth International
International Socialism Journal nr. 6, sep 79 – side 97
Note: The debate on the perspectives of the Fourth International takes place in the context of the forthcoming 11th World Congress of that body, to which we, in the SWP, have been invited for the first time. We will be attending as observers and the exchange published here is part of this process.
John Ross + Brian Grogan + Tariq Ali: Reply to the central committee of the Socialist Workers’ Party
International Socialism Journal nr. 6, sep 79 – side 113
Note: A reply to Alex Callinicos & Pete Goodwin: “On the perspectives of the Fourth International” in this issue.
The decision to invite the Socialist Workers Party to attend the eleventh World Congress and to comment on our discussion has already proved fruitful. The fraternal response by Pete Goodwin and Alex Callinicos means that a dialogue could result, at the very least, in political clarity and at best by a narrowing of the differences and a drawing closer between the Fourth International and the SWP.
Pete Goodwin: ‘Razor-sharp factional minds’ – the F.I. debates Kampuchea
International Socialism Journal nr. 5, jun 79 – side 106
Note: Our party, the SWP, was born out of Trotskyism. We were conceived, in the Trotskyist movement of the late 1940s on the basis of our different analysis of Stalinist Russia and the other so-called socialist countries.
Chris Harman: Review: Mandel’s ‘Late Capitalism’
International Socialism Journal nr. 1, jul 78 – side 79
Note: Ernest Mandel: “Late Capitalism”
We are four and a half years into the worst world crisis since World War II and there seems to be no end to it in sight. An understanding of this crisis is central to the strategy and tactics of revolutionary socialism. Are we faced with a temporary hiccough in the upward curve of capitalism? Or are we in for decades of decline for the world system?

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