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Tema: 2. verdenskrig

2. verdenskrig
Marnie Holborow: Book Review: War from above, resistance from below
International Socialism Journal nr. 151, jul 16 – side 196
Note: A review of Donny Gluckstein (ed), Fighting on all Fronts: Popular Resistance and the Second World War (Bookmarks, 2015), £13.99
As Donny Gluckstein points out in the introduction to this book, understanding the nature of the Second World War is fundamental to our understanding of the world today. Liberal and left wing opinion sees it as a war between democracy and fascism, or “progress and reaction” as Eric Hobsbawm described it. This leads some to see the Allies’ victory as the straightforward triumph of democracy and ushering in American prosperity for all.
Jim O’Connell: Review: Marek Edelman, The Ghetto Fights, Warsaw 1943-45
Irish Marxist Review (Irland) nr. 9, mar 14 – side 80
Note: This 2013 edition by Bookmarks UK is a reissue of the 1990 edition by the same Publishers and includes a new introduction by John Rose who also wrote the 1990 introduction.
Donny Gluckstein: Feedback: Socialism and the Second World War: A response to Leandros Bolaris
International Socialism Journal nr. 140, okt 13 – side 177
Note: Leandros Bolaris’s discussion of A People’s History is very welcome. A Marxist analysis of the Second World War remains relevant because, as he writes, “the bloodiest conflict in human history” remains part of current politics. The critique’s sections on Greece and France provide important supplementary information absent from the book due to lack of space.
Leandros Bolaris: Two in one?
International Socialism Journal nr. 138, apr 13 – side 147
Note: A review of Donny Gluckstein, A People’s History of the Second World War: Resistance Versus Empire (Pluto, 2012), £19.99
Donny Gluckstein: Feedbacks-Responses: Response to John Molyneux
Irish Marxist Review (Irland) nr. 5, mar 13 – side 89
Note: John Molyneux’s generous review of A People’s History of the Second World War in Irish Marxist Review 4 raises an important question which goes beyond the remit of the book: ‘what was (and is) the correct political line for socialists to take in relation to the war?’. I agree with his conclusion on this, but in reaching it he rejects the notion of two wars – an interimperialist war from above, and a people’s war (fought by resistance movements, etc.) from below. John prefers the idea of a single war.
John Molyneux: Review: Donny Gluckstein, A People's History of the Second World War
Irish Marxist Review (Irland) nr. 4, dec 12 – side 89
Note: Donny Gluckstein, A People’s History of the Second World War, Pluto Press, London 2012, £15.00
John Newsinger: British intervention and the Greek Revolution
Note: Even before the final surrender of Nazi Germany, British troops were engaged in a bloody attempt at suppressing the resistance movement in Greece, the Communist-led National Liberation Front.
Matthew Cookson: Book review: Resisting revisionism
International Socialism Journal nr. 126, apr 10 – side 214
Note: Tom Behan, The Italian Resistance: Fascists, Guerrillas and the Allies (Pluto Press, 2009), £18.99
The Italian people played a central role in liberating themselves from fascist dominance and Nazi occupation in 1943-5. Hundreds of thousands of people, mainly from the working class and with women playing a central role, took up arms, aided the partisan fighters and resisted fascism. This legacy remains powerful in Italy today, where every town and city has streets and squares named in honour of the liberation. But it is a contested legacy. A revisionist discourse, on the left and the right, has appeared in recent decades arguing that those who fought on both sides, during what was in part a civil war, should be remembered and respected equally.
Matt Perry: Book Review: The Resistance: The French Fight Against the Nazis (online only)
Socialist Review nr. 338, jul 09 
Note: Matthew Cobb, Simon & Schuster; £17.99
The heroic view of the French resistance has faded. Histories of France in these years focus on the complexity of French public opinion, the collaborationist Vichy regime of Philippe Petain or challenge the resistance myths of Charles de Gaulle and the French Communist Party. Cobb's book tries to buck this trend with a demythologised but sympathetic account of the French resistance, attempting to demonstrate its "power to inspire".
Tom Behan: Ennio Odino interview: Anti-fascist fighter and concentration camp survivor
Socialist Worker nr. 2139, feb 09 – side 6
Note: Italian former partisan Ennio Odino spoke to Tom Behan about his lifelong struggle against fascism
Stefan Bornost: Film: The truth behind ‘Valkyrie’ and the coup against Hitler
Socialist Worker nr. 2136, jan 09 – side 12
Note: The film Valkyrie dramatises an attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler. German writer and activist Stefan Bornost looks at the reality
Chris Bambery: Krise og krig har også tidligere hængt sammen
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 285, jan 09 – side 16
Note: Den store depression i 1930erne blev også indledt af kreditkrise og handelskrige.
Simon Assaf: The hidden story of West Indian volunteers in the Second World War
Socialist Worker nr. 2106, jun 08 – side 8
Note: The part played by the West Indians in the Second World War is finally being recognised. One RAF veteran spoke to Simon Assaf.
Chris Bambery: Second World War: Crushing the tide of left wing resistance
Socialist Worker nr. 2062, aug 07 – side 6
Note: The final column in our series looks at how the ruling class imposed “order”.
Chris Bambery: Second World War: Bloody conflict over competing empires
Socialist Worker nr. 2061, jul 07 – side 6
Note: In the second part of our series Chris Bambery looks at how the war reshaped the world powers
Chris Bambery: Second World War: How the great powers appeased Hitler
Socialist Worker nr. 2060, jul 07 – side 6
Note: Chris Bambery starts our new series by looking at the road to the war of 1939-45
Michael Bradley: A band of brothers? (D-Day, World War II)
International Socialism Journal nr. 103, jun 04 – side 95
Note: Sixty years after D-Day Michael Bradley takes us through the days' events and argues that it wasn't the pivotal moment we are told about at school. He looks at the British Communist Party's role in galvanising working class support for the war effort, but argues that the class war was far from over.
Stuart Hood: Memoirs of the Italian Resistance
International Socialism Journal nr. 89, dec 00 – side 81
Note: Stuart Hood fought with the Italian partisans for the liberation of Italy during the Second World War. Here he recalls a seminal moment in the history of the European left.
Freddie Nielsen: Danmark under 2. verdenskrig: Myterne krakelerer
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 182, maj 00 – side 10
Note: Myterne om Danmarks indsats under 2. verdenskrig har floreret i mere end 50 år. Nu smuldrer billedet. Freddie Nielsen viser her, at den danske stat førte en umenneskelig flygtningepolitik, og at Danmark førte en nationalistisk anti-tysk kamp og ikke en kamp mod nazismen.
Ida H. Jakobsen: Boganmeldelse: Tyske flygtninge var forhadte i Danmark
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 182, maj 00 – side 10
Note: Martin Petersens nyeste ungdomsbog Med ilden i ryggen er en gribende beretning om en tysk drengs tilværelse som flygtning under og efter 2. verdenskrig.
60 års løgn om anden verdenskrig
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 175, sep 99 – side 10
Note: I disse måneder er det 60 år siden 2. verdenskrig startede. En krig som oftest fremstilles som demokratiets kamp mod nazisme og fascime.
Jens Klüver: Derfor kastede USA atombomben
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 118, aug 95 – side 12
Note: For 50 år siden kastede USA verdens første atombombe over Hiroshima og indledte dermed atomalderen og frygten for en alt-udslettende atomkrig.
Chris Bambery: Was the Second World War a war for democracy?
International Socialism Journal nr. 67, jun 95 – side 37
Note: The 50th anniversary of VE day has raised many serious questions about how the ruling classes of Europe were prepared to collaborate with fascists and fought to carve out empires, not to protect democracy. The war ended in a massive eruption of working class radicalisation across Europe. Chris Bambery looks at the rise and fall of those hopes. Even in the darkest hours of the Second World War, workers resisted the Nazis.
Jørgen Lund: Bøger mod nazisme
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 103, maj 94 – side 12
Note: Både filmen og bogen Schindlers Liste er stadigvæk aktuelle. Og nogle har spurgt efter andre bøger om nazisternes kz-lejre.

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