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Tema: IS-tendensen historie

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IS-tendensen historie
Se også: IS/ISU
IS/U: Krisen i SWP
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 334, dec 13 
Note: Socialist Workers Party (SWP) i Storbritannien er i en stor krise, som nu har været over et år. Partiet, som er den største revolutionære, socialistiske organisation i Storbritannien, står i december overfor dets tredje kongres på et år.
Christian Høgsbjerg + Nigel Harris: Tony Cliff rediscovered
International Socialism Journal nr. 132, okt 11 – side 175
Note: Two reviews of Ian Birchall, Tony Cliff: A Marxist For His Time (Bookmarks, 2011), £15
Ian Birchall + Joseph Choonara: Talkin’ ‘bout a revolutionary
International Socialism Journal nr. 131, jul 11 – side 207
Note: Joseph Choonara spoke to Ian Birchall, author of Tony Cliff: A Marxist for his Time (Bookmarks, 2011), which looks at the life of the founder of the International Socialist tradition,
Ian Birchall: Chris Harman: a life in the struggle
International Socialism Journal nr. 125, jan 10 – side 55
Note: I first met Chris Harman in the spring of 1963, in Peter Sedgwick’s attic. We had gone to Liverpool for a meeting of the Young Socialist paper Young Guard.
Joseph Choonara: Another side of Chris Harman
International Socialism Journal nr. 125, jan 10 – side 85
Note: For those of us who joined the Socialist Workers Party from the mid-1990s—too late to have worked closely with Tony Cliff, Duncan Hallas, Paul Foot or Mike Kidron—Chris Harman played a special role. For one thing, he seemed more than anyone else to embody what had drawn us towards the International Socialist tradition, not just the theories of state capitalism, deflected permanent revolution and the permanent arms economy, but also the possibility of workers’ self-emancipation that these theories helped to maintain.
Andy Durgan: A whiff of tear gas
International Socialism Journal nr. 125, jan 10 – side 127
Note: Upon joining the Dagenham and Ilford International Socialists in late 1972 I was offered a special bargain price package of reading material. I eagerly devoured what was a fairly mixed selection of work but one pamphlet stood out: Chris Harman’s How the Revolution was Lost. Having flirted with Stalinism, here were all the arguments I had been looking for.
Panos Garganas: Chris Harman 1942-2009
Socialist Review nr. 342, dec 09 – side 18
Note: Chris Harman died as he lived, in the struggle. He was a formidable intellectual but his integrity and unassuming approach meant that perhaps only now the impact of his life and work is fully appreciated.
Choi Il-bung: Chris Harman: A man of political clarity
Socialist Review nr. 342, dec 09 – side 20
Note: I first met Chris in London just before Marxism 1990. My first impression was that he seemed argumentative and particularly so towards me, a former orthodox Trotskyist with a mishmash of vague ideas.
Graham Turner: Chris Harman: A masterful book
Socialist Review nr. 342, dec 09 – side 20
Note: Zombie Capitalism is a masterful book, a culmination of Chris Harman's work spanning four decades as one of the world's leading Marxist economists. The timing of his passing is both tragic and deeply ironic.
Mary Phillips: Chris Harman: He never thought of himself as too important
Socialist Review nr. 342, dec 09 – side 21
Note: All Chris's publications are important, but two in particular stand out for me. One is a pamphlet called Is a Machine After Your Job? It deals with the way employers use new technology to get more work out of fewer people without giving them more leisure time.
Larry Elliott: Chris Harman: A thinker and a polemicist
Socialist Review nr. 342, dec 09 – side 21
Note: The last time I saw Chris Harman he was in his element.
A year into the most ferocious financial and economic crisis since the 1930s, we were sharing a platform at the Marxism conference in central London. We were both trying, probably unsuccessfully, not to sound smug.
Chris Harman: 1942–2009
International Socialism Journal nr. 124, okt 09 
Note: Readers of International Socialism will be sad to hear the tragic news that Chris Harman died on Friday 6 November in Cairo where he was speaking at a conference.
Ian Birchall: When Rosmer reviewed Cliff
International Socialism Journal nr. 103, jun 04 – side 159
Note: Book reviews include a newly discovered review of Tony Cliff's first book ("Stalin's Satellites in Europe").
Alfred Rosmer: Cliff's first book ("Stalin's Satellites in Europe")
International Socialism Journal nr. 103, jun 04 – side 163
Note: Book reviews include a newly discovered review of Tony Cliff's first book.
Chris Harman: Thinking it through: A Blast from the Past (Tony Cliff: "Marxist Theory after Trotsky")
Socialist Review nr. 276, jul 03 – side 16
Note: Correct revolutionary theory requires correct revolutionary practice.
Ian Birchall: Michael Kidron (1930-2003)
International Socialism Journal nr. 99, jun 03 – side 103
Note: Mike Kidron, who died recently, was the founding editor of this journal 43 years ago. Ian Birchall introduces a selection of extracts from his early editorials, spanning, among other things, pacifism and the bomb, confronting Nazis on our streets, and the role of the theoretical journal.
Ian Birchall: 'Parrots have never made a revolution' (Tony Cliff: "Selected Writings Volume Two: In the Thick of Workers' Struggle")
Socialist Review nr. 262, apr 02 – side 18
Note: Attacks on Labour and trade union leaders, as well as the occasional anecdote, makes Tony Cliff's second volume of selected writings essential reading says Ian Birchall
Ian Birchall: The Smallest Mass Party in the World (1975-1981)
Note: The first two sections of this pamphlet were written in 1973. The final section was written in early 1981. It offers an outline history of the Socialist Review Group/International Socialists/Socialist Workers Party over a period of thirty years.
Jakob Kappel: Anmeldelse: Tony Cliff: “Marxism at the Millenium”
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 184, aug 00 – side 8
Note: Nylig afdøde Tony Cliff, stifter af IS-tendensen, har med Marxism at the Millenium efterladt en fremragende essaysamling, der dækker en bred vifte af emner fra den russiske revolution til Seattle – alle med en klar teoretisk og praktisk marxistisk fortolkning af verden.
Tony Cliff + Ahmed Shawki: 50 år med den Internasjonale Sosialistiske tradisjonen
Internasjonal Sosialisme 2 (norsk) nr. 2, jun 98 
Note: Ahmed Shawki intervjuer Tony Cliff
Part of the tradition (interview with leading OSE members)
Socialist Review nr. 118, mar 89 – side 20
Note: OSE recently voted to become part of the International Socialist Tendency

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