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Tema: Krise og modstand (internat.)

Se også: Se også: Øk. kriser: 2000-

Krise og modstand (internat.)
Se også: Øk. kriser: 2000-
Dave Sewell + Anindya Bhattacharyya + Siân Ruddick: Hundreds of thousands occupy globally against injustice
Socialist Worker nr. 2273, okt 11 
Note: Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in hundreds of cities across the world today, Saturday. They were united by a sense that something is seriously wrong with the economic system we live in – and a desire to change it.
Sean Vernell: The working class, trade unions and the left: the contours of resistance
International Socialism Journal nr. 140, okt 13 
Note: Since the onset of the economic crisis that followed the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, governments across the world have attempted to implement policies that try to stabilise capitalism. In Britain these attacks have focused on the welfare state, cutting the cost of the social wage, scrapping and cutting benefits, wage freezes, slashing pensions, privatising the NHS and raising student fees.
Day School: Work, Class & Resistance
International Socialism Journal nr. 141, jan 14 
Note: Video recordings of the day school held by International Socialism on 8th February 2014.
Videos of ISJ ‘Crisis, Class and Resistance’ conference
International Socialism Journal nr. 134, apr 12 
Note: Video recordings of the conference held by International Socialism on Saturday 12 May 2012.
Joseph Choonara: The class struggles in Europe
International Socialism Journal nr. 138, apr 13 – side 49
Note: The crisis of global capitalism, now past its half-decade point, remains the key to the political situation across Europe and beyond. It is on this terrain that resistance has begun to develop, one of the most visible expressions of which has been a succession of general strikes in several European countries since 2008.
Anindya Bhattacharyya: ‘We are the 99%’ – occupy movement goes global
Socialist Worker nr. 2274, okt 11 – side 1
Note: Over a million people across the world took to the streets this week to protest against poverty, inequality and economic injustice.
Editorial: Together we can build a new world
Socialist Worker nr. 2274, okt 11 – side 3
Note: We are often told that people are selfish—so we have dog-eat-dog societies where everyone’s just out for whatever they can grab. This week shows that up as a lie.
Anti-capitalist protests shout round the world
Socialist Worker nr. 2274, okt 11 – side 7
Note: Well over a million people took to the streets in more than 950 cities across 80 countries last Saturday, as the Occupy movement exploded internationally.
Editorial: Across Europe, this is one fight
Socialist Worker nr. 2253, maj 11 – side 3
Note: The austerity plans of Europe’s elite are devastating lives, pushing economies further into crisis—and sparking mass protests.
What Socialists Say: Does it make a difference if we are in recession?
Socialist Worker nr. 2238, feb 11 – side 9
Note: The Tories are using the global economic crisis as an excuse to make savage cuts in Britain. They say that higher levels of unemployment, cuts to services, lower pay and worse pensions are unavoidable.
Alex Callinicos: Analysis: Austerity politics
International Socialism Journal nr. 128, okt 10 – side 3
Note: Fiscal austerity is more and more securely locked into place in the advanced capitalist countries. This is despite all the signs that the world economy faces, at best, a weak and unsteady recovery. The financial markets spent the summer agonising over the probability of a double-dip recession. But Robert Reich, labour secretary under Bill Clinton, summed up the view of many economists of different political and intellectual allegiances who believe the data actually point to a grimmer reality.
Christakis Georgiou: The euro crisis and the future of European integration
International Socialism Journal nr. 128, okt 10 – side 81
Note: The crisis which hit Europe in the spring and early summer of 2010 is proof that all the talk about recovery from the crisis which broke out in September 2008 is totally off the mark.
Jane Hardy: Crisis and recession in Central and Eastern Europe
International Socialism Journal nr. 128, okt 10 – side 111
Note: Despite the virtual implosion of some economies in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)—plunging living standards in parts of the region, protests and social unrest—little attention has been paid to the crisis and recession in the ten post-Communist countries that joined the European Union (EU) in 2004 and 2006.
Lars Henrik Carlskov: 29. september: Europæisk aktionsdag mod nedskæringerne
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 301, sep 10 – side 2
Note: Over hele Europa er vi i øjeblikket vidne til den største offensiv i mange år mod arbejderklassens levestandard. De herskende klasser forsøger at tørre regningen for kapitalismens krise af på almindelige lønmodtagere, arbejdsløse, studerende og pensionister. Og dette gælder både for de borgerlige og de socialdemokratiske partier. Heldigvis møder de herskende klassers offensiv modstand.
Anne A. Lange: Erfaringer fra Holland: Regningen Retur
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 301, sep 10 – side 2
Note: Interview med Maina van der Zwan fra Internationale Socialister i Holland og med i initiativet Regningen Retur.
Nedskæringer og modstand i Europa
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 299, jul 10 – side 8
Note: Frankrig, Italien, Irland, Poortugal, Spanien
EU legitimerer nedskæringer
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 298, jun 10 – side 5
Note: Socialister har altid beskrevet EU som en sammenslutning af Europas elite for at styrke eliten imod Europas arbejderklasse. Hvordan EU udfylder denne rolle leverede EU’s økonomikommissær og Claus Hjort Frederiksen et stjerneeksempel på, som det er skildret i Politiken.
Jonathan Højgaard: Det islandske Nej var et nej til at betale for bankernes spekulationer
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 296, mar 10 – side 6
Note: Den 6. marts afviste islændingene en tilbagebetalingsaftale på et lån, de ikke havde taget. Med overvældende 93% siger de klart nej til at betale en de 28 milliarder + renter tilbage, som den britiske og hollandske regering kræver. Beløbet udgør halvdelen af Islands samlede BNP.
Jakob Nerup: Folkeafstemning på Island: Venstrefløjen mod folket
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 294, jan 10 – side 12
Note: Den islandske regering er tvunget til at respektere demokratiet. Præsidenten har nedlagt veto mod regeringen og udskrevet folkeafstemning d. 20 februar. Årsagen er enkel. Hver fjerde islænding har skrevet under på et krav om, at der holdes en folkeafstemning om regeringens betaling af 28 milliarder kroner til engelske og hollandske spekulanter.
Left behind?
International Socialism Journal nr. 124, okt 09 – side 7
Note: The derisory message of a four-page piece by journalist Andy Beckett in the Guardian’s G2 supplement in mid-August was that the far left had missed “the political opportunity presented by the financial crisis”. And there are a good number on the far left who think the Guardian was right.
Analysis: Desperate debates over desperate measures
International Socialism Journal nr. 122, apr 09 – side 3
Note: The United States is witnessing the “worst downturn in post-war history”; German engineering’s foreign orders are down 50 percent on a year ago, Japanese Industrial production down 30.8 percent; world trade has fallen 31 percent; 20 million Chinese workers have returned unemployed to their villages;3 392 million Africans living on less than $1 a day face a 20 percent cut in living standards. The global economy “has fallen off the cliff”, laments Warren Buffet, reputed to be the richest man in the US.
Yuri Prasad: Unemployment: rise in jobless provokes fear and anger
Socialist Worker nr. 2139, feb 09 – side 9
Note: A shocking report by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) recently predicted that global unemployment could rise by more than 50 million and leave more than 7 percent of the world’s labour force without a job by the end of 2009.
Crisis hits the car industry as companies cut jobs
Socialist Worker nr. 2138, feb 09 – side 2
Note: There is a dramatic crisis sweeping through the car industry in Britain. New car registrations dropped by 30 percent in January alone.
Jørn Andersen: Fra krise til oprør?
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 286, feb 09 – side 8
Note: Chefen for IMF, Den internationale Valutafond, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, forudsagde i midten af januar, at den økonomiske krise vil betyde mere uro.
Chris Bambery: Protester vælter Islands regering
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 286, feb 09 – side 9
Note: Regeringen i Island blev den første, der i januar mistede sine taburetter i denne lavkonjunktur som følge af folkelige protester.
Ugevis af protester tvang statsminister Geir Haarde og hans regering til at træde tilbage.
Sadie Robinson + Anindya Bhattacharyya: Crisis: Are the banks to blame?
Socialist Worker nr. 2136, jan 09 – side 13
Note: Amid growing anger at the bankers, Anindya Bhattacharyya and Sadie Robinson look at the role of banks in the wider economy and trace the origins of the crisis.
Chris Bambery: Protests bring down Iceland’s government
Socialist Worker nr. 2136, jan 09 – side 16
Note: The government of Iceland became the first to be driven out of office in this recession by a wave of popular protest this week.
Chris Bambery: World rulers panic as banks’ crisis returns
Socialist Worker nr. 2135, jan 09 – side 5
Note: Gordon Brown’s bailout for the banks reflects a growing sense of panic among the ruling class as the economic crisis deepens.
And no wonder they are panicked – as all the signs are that the crisis looks set to get much, much worse.
Chris Bambery: Økonomisk ustabilitet skaber større fare for voldelige konflikter
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 285, jan 09 – side 16
Note: I takt med at den økonomiske tilbagegang bliver mere alvorlig, vil konkurrerende stater fortsat vende sig mod militær magt for at fastslå deres dominans, skriver Chris Bambery
Lindsey German: In my opinion: Mobilise against system
Socialist Review nr. 332, jan 09 – side 7
Note: The protests that have shaken Greece are a sign of things to come. Initially over the shooting of a teenager by police in Athens, demonstrations and riots spread across the country, threatening the future of the government and crystallising the depth of bitterness and anger among working class people.
Chris Bambery: A year of revolt and recession
Socialist Worker nr. 2132, dec 08 – side 4
Note: The New Year will begin with a sense of fear gripping both the top and bottom of society. Working people across the globe fear for their jobs, pensions and services. At the top there is fear that the economic crisis is entering freefall and will lead to widespread resistance.
Editorial: A split ruling class with no answer to the crisis
Socialist Worker nr. 2132, dec 08 – side 12
Note: Gordon Brown has been stung by remarks from Peer Steinbrück, the German finance minister, who described Britain’s response to the economic crisis as “crass Keynesianism”.
Trouble in China
Socialist Worker nr. 2130, dec 08 – side 2
Note: The dramatic fall in the US economy came as official unemployment rates in China were set to rise to 4.5 percent – the highest in a decade.
Sadie Robinson: Shockwaves of the crisis of capitalism spread round the world
Socialist Worker nr. 2129, nov 08 – side 8
Note: Panic over the recession often focuses on the Western economies. But it is the world’s weaker economies that are bearing the brunt of the turmoil.
David Jardine: Indonesia: Jangled nerves and the begging bowl
Socialist Worker nr. 2129, nov 08 – side 9
Note: As the global financial crisis broke one of the countries where ordinary people especially held their breath was Indonesia. Ravaged by the economic crisis of 1997-8, whole sectors of the economy were brought down and many millions were thrown below the poverty line.
Pakistan: On the edge
Socialist Worker nr. 2129, nov 08 – side 9
Note: Pakistan is facing economic collapse. Inflation has soared to a 30-year high and in October its currency plunged to an all-time low.
Andy Zebrowski: Turning against the privateers in Poland
Socialist Worker nr. 2129, nov 08 – side 9
Note: Last year the governing party in Poland proclaimed that it could build a miracle economy. Events are changing so fast that many politicians and economists have been made to look stupid.
Chris Bambery: How the recession is hitting workers across the globe
Socialist Worker nr. 2127, nov 08 – side 2
Note: Across the globe the scale of the economic crisis is becoming clearer every day as more job losses, factory closures and cutbacks are announced.
Europe’s growing wave of resistance to the crisis
Socialist Worker nr. 2126, nov 08 – side 2
Note: Across Europe there is a growing rebellion against attempts to make ordinary people pay for the economic crisis. Socialist Worker reports on the protests that have swept Greece, Italy and Germany in the past week
Alex Callinicos: IMF still wields the neoliberal cosh
Socialist Worker nr. 2126, nov 08 – side 4
Note: Neoliberalism is for mugs. This has turned out to be one of the main lessons of the present economic crisis.
Paul Michael Garrett + Chris Bambery + Leandros Bolaris + Donal Mac Fhearraigh: A storm of protest is sweeping Europe
Socialist Worker nr. 2125, nov 08 – side 3
Note: Socialist Worker reports on how anger at the economic turmoil has filled the streets.
Suddenly Europe is aflame. There are mass demonstrations of workers on the streets, students in revolt in the colleges and schools, and pensioners are joining a movement to defend the welfare state they created.
In Italy, Greece and Ireland signs that working people are refusing to pay for the economic crisis and are fighting back are starting to show.

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