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Se også: Se også: Venstrefløj Italien; Krise og modstand - Italien

Se også: Venstrefløj Italien; Krise og modstand - Italien
Tony Phillips: Book Review: Revolution betrayed
International Socialism Journal nr. 146, apr 15 – side 209
Note: Claudio Pavone, A Civil War: A History of the Italian Resistance (Verso, 2014), £20
A Civil War is a detailed survey of the ideas and motivations of the partisans and their fascist enemies in Italy between 1943 and 1945.
Panos Garganas: Voters humiliated Italy’s ruling elite
Socialist Worker nr. 2343, mar 13 – side 6
Note: There is no doubt that the Italian election results represent a humiliation for the traditional political elite. The centre right under Silvio Berlusconi received 17 million votes in 2008. Now it is down to 10 million—a loss of 41 percent. And the centre left coalition of Pier Luigi Bersani also lost 3.5 million votes.
Siân Ruddick: Italian election will be vote on austerity
Socialist Worker nr. 2341, feb 13 – side 7
Note: Italy’s national election—set to take place this weekend—has become a referendum on austerity and tax. Five of the seven parties standing claim they will stop implementing austerity.
Italians reject Berlusconi cronies
Socialist Worker nr. 2254, jun 11 – side 3
Note: Voters in Italy have dealt a resounding blow to prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s right wing government in local and mayoral elections.
Italy: Crisis deals a blow to Silvio Berlusconi
Socialist Worker nr. 2252, maj 11 – side 16
Note: Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi was flattened in local elections last Monday which he had previously called a referendum on his leadership.
Phil Rushton: Letter from ...: Letter from Italy
Socialist Review nr. 355, feb 11 – side 9
Note: With Silvio Berlusconi's government embroiled in fresh controversy, new struggles are taking off.
Matthew Cookson: Book review: Resisting revisionism
International Socialism Journal nr. 126, apr 10 – side 214
Note: Tom Behan, The Italian Resistance: Fascists, Guerrillas and the Allies (Pluto Press, 2009), £18.99
The Italian people played a central role in liberating themselves from fascist dominance and Nazi occupation in 1943-5. Hundreds of thousands of people, mainly from the working class and with women playing a central role, took up arms, aided the partisan fighters and resisted fascism. This legacy remains powerful in Italy today, where every town and city has streets and squares named in honour of the liberation. But it is a contested legacy. A revisionist discourse, on the left and the right, has appeared in recent decades arguing that those who fought on both sides, during what was in part a civil war, should be remembered and respected equally.
Chris Bambery: Riots in Italy after racist shootings
Socialist Worker nr. 2184, jan 10 – side 6
Note: “Racial cleansing” returned to western Europe last weekend.
The Italian state, the country’s ruling right wing government and the forces of organised crime all united to forcibly remove 1,300 migrant workers from the southern Italian town of Rosarno.
Phil Rushton: Looking for a fightback in Italy
Socialist Review nr. 337, jun 09 – side 4
Note: The impact of the economic crisis is heightening tensions in Italy and sharpening the need to reconstruct a political opposition to Silvio Berlusconi.
Megan Trudell: Italy one year on
International Socialism Journal nr. 122, apr 09 – side 27
Note: The year since Silvio Berlusconi’s election victory over the Democratic Party (PD) in Italy has been one in which the right wing agenda of the ruling coalition has been made brutally clear. In the midst of severe economic crisis—officially Italy’s fourth recession in a decade—Berlusconi’s government has launched a series of assaults on workers, immigrants and students, has allowed the Vatican to dictate policy1 and has abandoned parliamentary democracy by pushing through a series of “emergency” decrees.
Tom Behan: Film Review: Il Divo (Dir.: Paolo Sorrentino)
Socialist Review nr. 334, mar 09 – side 31
Note: This is an Italian film about an Italian politician, Giulio Andreotti, and as such risks travelling badly – which would be a shame.
General strike in Italy
Socialist Worker nr. 2139, feb 09 – side 5
Note: Millions of workers in Italy last week joined a general strike against attempts by the government and the bosses to make them pay for the economic crisis.
Tom Behan: Ennio Odino interview: Anti-fascist fighter and concentration camp survivor
Socialist Worker nr. 2139, feb 09 – side 6
Note: Italian former partisan Ennio Odino spoke to Tom Behan about his lifelong struggle against fascism
Tom Behan: Italian general strike rocks right
Socialist Worker nr. 2132, dec 08 – side 4
Note: A general strike by millions of workers in the CGIL union federation against Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s right wing government on Friday of last week was a big success.
Pietro Taviani: Italian protests spread (online only)
Socialist Worker nr. 2129, nov 08 
Note: The huge wave of protests by students, teachers, lecturers and school students continues to send shock waves across Italy. The demonstrations are against the Berlusconi government’s assault on secondary and higher education.
Editorial: Genoa trials are a brutal injustice
Socialist Worker nr. 2128, nov 08 – side 12
Note: Sixteen top police officers responsible for a vicious raid and the illegal detention and torture of scores of anti-G8 campaigners in Genoa eight years ago walked free from an Italian court last week.
Education protests grow across Italy
Socialist Worker nr. 2127, nov 08 – side 5
Note: A growing wave of protests and occupations continues to sweep Italy in opposition to the government’s programme of savage education cuts.
Europe’s growing wave of resistance to the crisis
Socialist Worker nr. 2126, nov 08 – side 2
Note: Across Europe there is a growing rebellion against attempts to make ordinary people pay for the economic crisis. Socialist Worker reports on the protests that have swept Greece, Italy and Germany in the past week
Donal Mac Fhearraigh + Leandros Bolaris + Paul Michael Garrett + Chris Bambery: A storm of protest is sweeping Europe
Socialist Worker nr. 2125, nov 08 – side 3
Note: Socialist Worker reports on how anger at the economic turmoil has filled the streets.
Suddenly Europe is aflame. There are mass demonstrations of workers on the streets, students in revolt in the colleges and schools, and pensioners are joining a movement to defend the welfare state they created.
In Italy, Greece and Ireland signs that working people are refusing to pay for the economic crisis and are fighting back are starting to show.
Chris Bambery: Mass strikes and protests across Italy (online only)
Socialist Worker nr. 2125, nov 08 
Note: Up to a million students, teachers, lecturers, school students and their supporters demonstrated through Rome on Thursday 30 October, as parliament approved laws introduced by Silvio Berlusconi’s government to slash education funding and to axe thousands of teaching posts. Over 90 percent of the country’s schools were shut.
John Sinha: Attacks on Roma echo a warning from history
Socialist Worker nr. 2116, aug 08 – side 8
Note: The image of a Roma Gypsy camp being burnt to the ground by a mob in Naples, Italy, in May shocked the world. It was just one incident in a rising tide of anti-immigrant and anti-Roma racism that has swept Italy following the re-election of Silvio Berlusconi's right wing government.
Stefano Gioffré: Anti-fascism revives in Italy (online only)
Socialist Worker nr. 2106, jun 08 
Note: Fascist violence has spread since the election of Italy’s new right wing government in April. However this has led to an impressive response from anti-fascists.
Phil Rushton: Italy: Class struggle may be the shape of things to come
Socialist Worker nr. 2103, maj 08 – side 6
Note: The Mayor of Chiaiano called it “civil war”. On the northern outskirts of Naples in southern Italy – the population of a town which, ironically, turned out a big vote for the right wing in recent elections – is going toe-to-toe with the new government’s hard-line “security” legislation.
Chris Bambery: Fascists attack students in Rome after university occupation (online only)
Socialist Worker nr. 2103, maj 08 
Note: On Monday students at Rome's La Sapienza university occupied, and stopped Roberto Fiore, leader of the hard line fascist Forza Nuova from addressing a conference. On Tuesday Forza Nuova thugs set a trap at the university and attacked members of the left wing Sinistra Critica, which had played a leading role in the occupation, with knives and iron bars.
Chris Bambery: Italy’s right launches tidal wave of racism
Socialist Worker nr. 2102, maj 08 – side 4
Note: A Roma camp in Naples is burnt to the ground as crowds cheer the attackers. Meanwhile police round up hundreds of illegal immigrants, deporting many of them immediately. These two incidents happened within days of Silvio Berlusconi taking office after last month’s general election in Italy.
Louis Bayman: Book review: Defiance
Socialist Review nr. 324, apr 08 – side 28
Note: Tom Behan, IB Tauris, £15.99
Few phenomena of Italian society fascinate like the Mafia, with its violent energy and romantic attachment to ancient ritual. But the defiance which gives this book its name is not the Mafia's, a deeply conservative organisation, but that of Peppino Impastato, who paid for his anti-Mafia activism with his life.
Tom Behan: Book review: Roberto Saviano: Gomorrah—Italy’s Other Mafia: Insider view of the mafia that shows up the system
Socialist Worker nr. 2093, mar 08 – side 11
Note: Gomorrah has become an international publishing sensation. In Italy it has sold a million copies and it has been translated into 33 other languages. A theatrical version of the book has already been performed, and a major film is currently under production.
Chris Bambery: Book review: Donald Sassoon: Mussolini and the Rise of Fascism
Socialist Review nr. 323, mar 08 – side 26
Note: This is a useful and concise explanation of how Mussolini came to power in October 1922. This was not by marching on Rome. Rather Mussolini arrived by sleeper train and was driven to the palace to be sworn in as premier by the king.
Tom Behan: Obituary: Giovanni Pesce: leading Italian partisan, who kept fighting for freedom
Socialist Worker nr. 2063, aug 07 – side 6
Note: Tom Behan looks at the life of an Italian revolutionary fighter
Tom Behan: The legacy of Giuseppe Garibaldi – the 19th century's Che Guevara
Socialist Worker nr. 2062, aug 07 – side 13
Note: The Italian national hero Giuseppe Garibaldi, the ‘Che Guevara of the 19th century’, was born 200 years ago. He played a crucial role in the unification of Italy, writes Tom Behan.
Barbara de Vivo + Brune Seban + Danilo Corradi: Italy: an uncertain victory
International Socialism Journal nr. 111, jun 06 – side 35
Note: Danilo Corradi, Brune Seban and Barbara de Vivo are members of Sinistra Critica, an anticapitalist platform within Rifondazione Comunista. They spoke to International Socialism about Italy’s election and the new centre-left government.
Guido Picelli: The revolt in Parma
International Socialism Journal nr. 99, jun 03 – side 115
Note: Italy, 1922, was a country on a knife-edge. We reprint an article first published in 1932 recounting how the people of Parma turned their streets into barricades, successfully fighting off Mussolini's 'punitive raids' and sending the fascists running with their tails between their legs.
Jan Hoby: Ny bog: Mussolini: Glemt modstand
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 211, feb 03 – side 8
Note: Modstanden mod Mussolini – et ufortalt kapitel.
Tom Behan: “The Resistable Rise of Benito Mussolini”
SWP: Genoa – la lotta continua (Genoa – the fight goes on) – a Socialist Worker pamphlet (NB: PDF-format, 2 MB)
Note: Contents:
Chris Bambery (July 2001): Introduction – 3
Pete Goodwin (Soc. Review, Oct 1982): September 1920 – 4
Sam Ashman (Soc. Review, Jan 1991): Gramsci’s real legacy – 5
Chris Bambery (July 2001): Mussolini and Italian Fascism – 9
From the long hot autumn of 1969 to historic compromise – 11
Chris Harman: The long hot autumn – 15
Tom Behan (July 2001): The strategy of tension – 25
Tim Potter (Soc. Review, Feb 1983): The end of terror – 27
Lindsey German (Soc. Review, May 1990): The state – 29
Chris Bambery (July 2001): Who is Silvio Berlusconi? – 30
John Foot (June 2001): A plague on the House of Liberty – 31
Socialist Worker (28 July 2001): Workers, students and greens together – 31
Socialist Worker (4 Aug 2001): Italy after Genoa – 35
First published 2001
Tom Behan: 'Nothing can be the same again' (after Genoa)
International Socialism Journal nr. 92, sep 01 – side 3
Note: Genoa was the greatest battle of the anti-capitalist movement since its beginning in Seattle in 1999. Tom Behan has long studied Italian politics and brings his expertise to bear in a record of the events in July. He goes on to look at the crisis of the Italian political system that has resulted.
John Foot: After Genoa: The summit of shame
Socialist Review nr. 255, sep 01 – side 16
Note: John Foot reports from Italy on the emerging evidence of police brutality in Genoa and how this is creating a crisis for the Italian government
Stuart Hood: Memoirs of the Italian Resistance
International Socialism Journal nr. 89, dec 00 – side 81
Note: Stuart Hood fought with the Italian partisans for the liberation of Italy during the Second World War. Here he recalls a seminal moment in the history of the European left.
Tom Christiansen: Italien: Berlusconi til tælling
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 111, jan 95 – side 6
Note: Det var arbejderklassens modstand mod nedskæringspolitikken, der bragte Berlusconis italienske regering til fald.
Anders Schou: Italien: Millioner mod Berlusconi
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 110, dec 94 – side 6
Note: Berlusconi har svigtet løfterne om forandring. Men det er uvist, om arbejderbevægelsen eller fascisterne vil opsamle utilfredsheden.
Anders Schou: Italien: Regeringskrise og generalstrejke
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 109, nov 94 – side 6
Note: Mange arbejdere, der stemte på Berlusconi, var med i generalstrejken mod regeringens nedskæringsplaner.
Anders Schou: Italien: Berlusconis politiske selvmord
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 106, aug 94 – side 6
Note: Tronen vakler under Berlusconi. Fascister lurer i kulissen, men strejker og demonstrationer giver håb om en anden vej.
Dave Beecham: Ignazio Silone and 'Fontamara'
International Socialism Journal nr. 63, jun 94 – side 155
Note: Dave Beecham reviews the life and work of the socialist author Ignazio Silone, whose great work Fontamara has just been republished.
Anders Schou: Italien: Skrøbelig højresejr
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 102, apr 94 – side 6
Note: Højrefløjens sejr ved det italienske valg var i højere grad et udtryk for venstrefløjens svaghed end Silvio Berlusconis styrke.
Europa i oprør: Italien: Partier i panik
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 100, feb 94 – side 6
Note: Tusindvis af arbejdere fra de store italienske bilfabrikker Fiat og Alfa Romeo gik sidst i januar i omfattende aktioner mod Fiat-ledelsens planer om at bortskære 20.000 jobs.
Ågot Berger: Fascismen i Italien sidste gang
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 99, jan 94 – side 11
Note: Facismen i Italien er igen på fremmarch. Men vi har nogle erfaringer på hvordan den skal bekæmpes.
Anne Kaltoft: Råd og magt: Antonio Gramsci og fabriksbesættelserne i Torino i 1920
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 28, apr 87 – side 10
Note: Mange socialister mener, at den eneste politiske magt ligger i folketinget. Men historien viser talrige eksempler på, at arbejdere spontant har organiseret sig i råd som alternativ til det eksisterende magtapparat.
Paulo Petta: UFOs and Star Wars: the theory and practice of the Red Brigades
International Socialism Journal nr. 3, dec 78 – side 83
Bob Lumley: Notes of the Month: The Italian General Election
International Socialism Journal (1st series) nr. 89, jun 76 – side 6
Note: The June general elections in Italy were forced on the Moro government and the politicians, none of whom wanted to take the country to the polls a year before they were due.
Andrew Sayers: The Failure of the Italian Socialist Movement
International Socialism Journal (1st series) nr. 37, jun 69 – side 15
Note: In some ways Italy in 1914 resembled Russia. Although it was largely a peasant country, elements of a highly developed capitalism were concentrated in the North in the triangle Turin-Milan-Genoa.

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