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Tema: Islam

Se også: Se også: Muslim-hetz; Muhammed-krisen 2005-6

Se også: Muslim-hetz; Muhammed-krisen 2005-6
Ron Margulies: What are we to do with Islam? The case of Turkey
International Socialism Journal nr. 151, jul 16 – side 85
Note: The question of the relationship between socialists on the one hand and Muslims and Islamic organisations on the other is of burning relevance both in the West and, even more so, in the countries of the Middle East.
Memet Uludag: Happy Ramadan!
Irish Marxist Review (Irland) nr. 13, jun 15 – side 82
Note: Some years ago a rumour arose regarding a visit Vladimir Lenin made to Ireland. The rumour proved false, but one person whose philosophy Lenin built his soviet ideals on, did visit Ireland.
Hassan Mahamdallie: Islamophobia: the othering of Europe’s Muslims
International Socialism Journal nr. 146, apr 15 – side 45
Note: Islamophobia has become the predominant form of racism in Europe today. It is proving to be potent and multifaceted, manifesting itself at state, popular and party political level. It represents a profoundly divisive force, not least because the “Muslim question” is a central component of the “war on terror” characterised by those prosecuting it as an elemental struggle for the very survival of Western civilisation and Enlightenment values.
Sameh Naguib: The Islamists and the Egyptian Revolution
Socialist Review nr. 359, jun 11 – side 14
Note: Egyptian socialist Sameh Naguib looks at the role of Islamists in the Egyptian Revolution
Jakob L. Krogh: Boganmeldelse: Der er et yndigt land – om kvindekamp og antiracisme
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 277, mar 08 – side 13
Note: Rikke Andreassens bog er en gave til socialister, feminister og antiracister. Hun har analyseret mediernes dækning af synlige minoriteter, dvs. ikke-hvide indvandrere fra 1971 til 2007.
Hassan Mahamdallie: Britain: Muslim working class struggles
International Socialism Journal nr. 113, jan 07 – side 93
Note: One product of the demonisation of Britain’s Muslims by those forces desperate to provide a scapegoat for the fallout from the ‘war on terror’ has been a concerted effort to separate them out from the rest of society, to make them seem ‘alien’ and culturally distant—especially in the eyes of the wider working class. These attacks obscure the reality that the majority of Muslims (though not all, of course) belong to the working class.
Chris Harman: Between ritual and revolt
International Socialism Journal nr. 112, sep 06 – side 218
Note: A review of Ali Rahnema (ed): "Pioneers of the Islamic Revival" (Zed books, 2006), £18.95
Salma Yaqoob: Salma Yaqoob på “Marxism 2005”: Muslimer og socialister – stå sammen
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 252, feb 06 – side 9
Note: Salma Yaqoob er ledende muslimsk anti-krigsaktivist i Storbritannien. Hun stillede op som parlamentskandidat for Respect i Birmingham og blev nummer to med 27% af stemmerne. Her taler hun til Socialist Workers Partys seminar "Marxism 2005" få dage efter bomberne i London den 7. juli 2005.
Hassan Mahamdallie: More than the mosque (Humayun Ansari: "The Infidel Within: Muslims in Britain since 1800")
International Socialism Journal nr. 107, jun 05 – side 184
Note: A review of Humayun Ansari, The Infidel Within: Muslims in Britain since 1800 (Hurst & Company, 2004), £16.50
Chris Harman: Book reviews: Contested values (Olivier Roy: "Globalised Islam: The Search for the New Ummah" + Mariam Abou Zahab & Olivier Roy: "Islamist Networks: The Afghan-Pakistan Connection" + Muzaffar Alam: "The Languages of Political Islam: India 1200-1800")
International Socialism Journal nr. 105, dec 04 – side 184
Note: Nine years ago Olivier Roy wrote a book entitled The Failure of Political Islam. It was a book which demanded to be taken seriously, since he is one of the few Westerners to provide a serious account for a general readership of what has variously been called ‘political Islam’, ‘Islamism’ or ‘Islamic fundamentalism’.
Anne Alexander: Islam through the looking-glass (Gilbert Achcar: "Eastern Cauldron: Islam, Afghanistan, Palestine and Iraq in a Marxist Mirror")
International Socialism Journal nr. 104, sep 04 – side 127
Note: A review of Gilbert Achcar, Eastern Cauldron: Islam, Afghanistan, Palestine and Iraq in a Marxist Mirror (Monthly Review, 2004), £12.99
Antoine Boulangé: The hijab, racism and the state
International Socialism Journal nr. 102, mar 04 – side 3
Note: When right wing French prime minister Raffarin introduced a law banning the wearing of Muslim headscarves in schools, he fanned the flames of a debate with implications that stretch far beyond the borders of France. Most of the French left supported the ban on the basis of protecting 'secularity' and the values of the republic. Antoine Boulangé argues that they mistakenly put an abstract idea of equality above the civil rights of Muslims in an Islamophobic post-9/11 world.
Salma Yaqoob: Global and local echoes of the anti-war movement: a British Muslim perspective
International Socialism Journal nr. 100, sep 03 – side 39
Note: Islamophobia has underpinned much of the ideology of the 'war on terror'. The left has not always been immune to such ideas. Salma Yaqoob draws on her experience as the chairperson of the Birmingham Stop the War Coalition, and as a British Muslim, to suggest how progressive alliances can overcome preconception and prejudice.
Sam Ashman: Islam and imperialism (Tariq Ali: "The Clash of Fundamentalisms")
International Socialism Journal nr. 95, jun 02 – side 125
Phil Marfleet: Islam: Force for change?
Socialist Review nr. 257, nov 01 – side 16
Note: Phil Marfleet looks at the appeal and limits of Islamic activism
Anders Schou: Islamisk fundamentalisme: Et forkert svar på undertrykkelse
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 197, okt 01 – side 5
Note: På den ene side er fundamentalismen en reaktionær ideologi, som undertrykker kvinder og homoseksuelle og er fjendtlig overfor socialister og arbejderbevægelsen. På den anden side er islamisk fundamentalisme mange undertryktes – ganske vist forkerte svar – på en verden, som nægter dem alt, der bare kan minde om social tryghed.
Phil Marshall: The children of Stalinism
International Socialism Journal nr. 68, sep 95 – side 117
Note: A comment on Chris Harman's article on Islam, 'The Prophet and the Proletariat', (ISJ2:64)
Martin B. Johansen: Marxisme i hverdagen: Bag sløret
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 110, dec 94 – side 9
Note: Islams voksende indflydelse i Mellemøsten og blandt indvandrere i Vesteuropa er af mange blevet tolket som en trussel mod det moderne vesten og alle dens rettigheder som fx ytringsfrihed og kvindefrigørelse.
Ellen Christensen: Islamisk fundamentalisme: Trussel mod de herskende
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 110, dec 94 – side 12
Note: Langt ind på venstrefløjen hersker den opfattelse, at islam er lig tilbagevenden til den sorteste middelalder. Men er det en berettiget holdning?
Anders Schou: Islam: Vestens skræmmebillede
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 107, sep 94 – side 11
Note: Den muslimske tro er efterhånden etableret som den vestlige verdens nye skræmmebillede. Men fundamentalisme udspringer af andre forhold end religionen.
Chris Harman: The prophet and the proletariat
International Socialism Journal nr. 64, sep 94 – side 3
Note: [Alt. URL]
Islamic fundamentalism is rapidly emerging as the ideology that Western politicians and media pundits most like to hate. The kind of abuse once reserved for `Communism' is now directed at the Islamic movements which threaten to destabilise key areas of Western influence in the Middle East and beyond. But the campaign against Islamism has found allies on the left among those fearful that it threatens an irrationalist, even fascist, backlash.
Chris Harman charts a careful course through the contradictions of Islamism, revealing its class roots and arguing that when the Islamists are in opposition the socialist attitude should be `with the state never, with Islamism sometimes'. He goes on to show in which circumstances Islamism plays a reactionary role and in which circumstances the Islamists challenge the establishment.
Phil Marshall + Phil Marshall: Bookwatch: Islamic activism in the Middle East
International Socialism Journal nr. 60, sep 93 – side 157
Note: Phil Marshall reviews the literature on the Islamic revival in the Middle East.
Phil Marshall: Islamic fundamentalism – oppression and revolution
International Socialism Journal nr. 40, sep 88 – side 1
Phil Marshall + Phil Marshall: Islamisk fundamentalisme – undertrykkelse og revolution
International Socialism Journal nr. 40, sep 88 
Note: Udgivet som pjece af Internationale Socialisters Forlag
Phil Marshall: Islamischer Fundamentalismus – Unterdrückung und Revolution
International Socialism Journal nr. 40, sep 88 
Phil Marfleet: Islam and Revolution
International Socialism Journal nr. 4, mar 79 – side 37

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