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Tema: Venezuela

Dave Sewell: Valget i Venezuela viser højrefløjens svaghed
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 361, sep 17 – side 10
Note: Ved valget til den nye grundlovsforsamling i Venezuela den 30. juni var der lange køer til valgstederne i de fattige, regeringstro områder.
Dave Sewell: Kapitalismen, ikke socialismen, har ansvaret for Venezuelas krise
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 353, aug 16 
Note: Højrefløjen siger, at hvis vi stemmer på en socialist som fx Jeremy Corbyn, så vil Storbritannien ende som Venezuela. Men Venezuelas problem er ikke for meget socialisme, men for lidt.
Roger Cox: Book Review: A new type of socialism?
International Socialism Journal nr. 146, apr 15 – side 218
Note: Mike Gonzalez, Hugo Chávez, Socialist for the Twenty-first Century (Pluto, 2014), £11.50
In 2004 I remember sitting in one of the minibuses that take the more well-heeled residents of Porto Alegre in Brazil from the centre to the suburbs, when the bus was stopped by the police outside the massive Gigantinho stadium and a long convoy of cars passed us. In one of them I saw Hugo Chávez. I shouted “Presidente Chávez” and the whole bus jumped up to catch a sight and take photos.
Mike Gonzalez: Analysis: The reckoning: the future of the Venezuelan Revolution
International Socialism Journal nr. 143, jul 14 – side 25
Note: Hugo Chávez’s final testament, before his death in March 2013, was the Plan de La Patria 2013-19. It opens with a combative reaffirmation of the project for “socialism for the 21st century” that Chávez memorably announced at the Porto Alegre World Social Forum in 2005.
Mike Gonzalez: Hugo Chavez 1954-2013
Socialist Worker nr. 2343, mar 13 
Note: Venezuela’s president Hugo Chavez Frias has died in hospital after a long fight with cancer. Mike Gonzalez looks back at Chavez’s life and ideas—and the Venezuela he leaves behind.
Peadar O’Grady: Hugo Chavez Frias (1954-2013): The king is dead, long live the revolution?
Irish Marxist Review (Irland) nr. 6, jun 13 – side 79
Note: The death earlier this year of Hugo Chavez at the age of 58 prompts immediate questions regarding his legacy and his successors.
Videos of ISJ “Marxism and Revolution Today” event
International Socialism Journal nr. 137, jan 13 
Note: Video recordings of the weekend school held by International Socialism on 22 and 23 September 2012.
Mike Gonzalez: Venezuela: Voksende problemer bag Chávez’ sejr
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 323, sep 12 
Note: Den 7. oktober blev Chávez genvalgt som Venezuelas præsident med 55,4 pct. af stemmerne. Oppositionens kandidat, Henrique Capriles Radonski, fik næsten 45 pct., eller mere end 6 millioner stemmer.
Sonja Andersen Lange: Anmeldelse af Bülow: ’Den Venezuelanske Revolution: En beretning fra orkanens øje
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 303, nov 10 – side 15
Note: I bogen ’Den Venezuelanske Revolution – øjenvidneberetning og analyse’ giver forfatteren Andreas Bülow et kritisk, historisk og levende billede af den indtil videre ti år lange revolutionære proces i Venezuela.
Luke Stobart: Venezuela at the crossroads: Voices from inside the revolution
International Socialism Journal nr. 126, apr 10 – side 19
Note: In recent years Venezuela has been the centre of attention for much of the international left, since mass mobilisations defeated a military coup and oil industry lockout, and left wing President Hugo Chávez famously launched his plan to create “socialism in the 21st century”. However, previous analyses in this journal have shown the revolution is at a key junction, with increased disenchantment in the population due to corruption, bureaucratisation and the slow pace of change which has reopened the door to victory for the right wing opposition in referendums and regional elections.
Mike Gonzalez: Chavez wins Venezuela referendum (expanded online)
Socialist Worker nr. 2139, feb 09 – side 4
Note: Just after 9pm last Sunday a crowd erupted into cries of joy in Venezuela's capital, Caracas. They were gathered on Urdaneta Avenue, the street that runs alongside the presidential palace, and had just heard the announcement that President Hugo Chavez had won a hard-fought referendum on a constitutional amendment.
Mike Gonzalez: Campaigning for Venezuela's referendum (online only)
Socialist Worker nr. 2138, feb 09 
Note: Mike Gonzalez in Caracas watches the intense campaigning for the referendum on whether President Chavez will be allowed to stand again for the presidency in 2012
Phil Turner: Film review: Red Oil – profits, poverty and redistribution in Venezuela
Socialist Worker nr. 2137, feb 09 – side 11
Note: A new film looking at Venezuela’s oil coporation gives a fascinating portrait of the contradictions facing Hugo Chavez.
Mike Gonzalez: Chavez ten years on
International Socialism Journal nr. 121, jan 09 – side 49
Note: On 23 November 2008 Venezuela went to the polls. It was the 14th election in the ten years since the victory of Hugo Chavez in 1998. This time the vote was for state governors, mayors and representatives to Venezuela’s 24 state assemblies. Just over 65 percent of those eligible registered their choice on the new electronic voting machines. The very high turnout was a sign that the election was much more than a vote for local officials. It had become, instead, a vote of confidence in Chavez himself.
Mike Gonzalez: Venezuela: Election reveals growing tensions
Socialist Worker nr. 2129, nov 08 – side 3
Note: Venezuela went to the polls last Sunday supposedly to elect new state governors and mayors. In reality the election was a confidence vote in left wing president Hugo Chavez.
Steve Henshall: Venezuela: The stakes get ever higher for Chavez
Socialist Worker nr. 2116, aug 08 – side 6
Note: Steve Henshall recently returned to Britain after a year in Venezuela. He spoke to Socialist Worker about radical president Hugo Chavez and the growing debate over the way forward for his 'Bolivarian Revolution'
Alex Callinicos: Venezuela: Gaden overfor eliten
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 276, feb 08 – side 11
Note: Alex Callinicos kigger på modsætningsforholdet i Hugo Chavez regering, mellem at administrere en bureaukratisk kapitalistisk stat og kæmpe for socialisme.
Analysis: Lessons from Venezuela's referendum
International Socialism Journal nr. 117, jan 08 – side 9
Note: There are two sorts of defeats the left can suffer. There are devastating defeats that set it back years or even decades. And there are small defeats from which it can learn.
The defeat for Hugo Chavez’s referendum on a new constitution in December was of the second sort. But if the lessons are not learnt quickly, the ground will be laid for a defeat of the first sort.
Chris Harman: In perspective: No saviours or substitutes
Socialist Review nr. 321, jan 08 – side 17
Note: The words of the Internationale strike a chord for all socialists who believe society can only be transformed from below. It is a message that could not be more urgent than for today's working class in Venezuela and Bolivia.
Mike Gonzalez: Venezuela: Defeat on constitutional reforms: Is it all over for Hugo Chavez? (expanded online version)
Socialist Worker nr. 2080, dec 07 – side 12
Note: Mike Gonzalez reports from Venezuela on the reasons behind the recent vote against president Hugo Chavez’s constitutional reforms.
Peter Bearder: Frontlines: Unlikely partners
Socialist Review nr. 319, nov 07 – side 4
Note: The peculiar marriage between Hugo Chavez and Bush's man in the Americas – President Uribe of Colombia – has onlookers scratching their heads.
Mike Gonzalez: Interview: Venezuela—tensions within the process
International Socialism Journal nr. 116, okt 07 – side 107
Note: Mike Gonzalez has written on Venezuela in this journal and elsewhere. Following his recent visit he answered questions from International Socialism about the latest developments.
Mike Gonzalez: Shaping the future in Venezuela
Socialist Review nr. 318, okt 07 – side 10
Note: As town square debates on Hugo Chavez's constitutional amendments rage in Venezuela, Mike Gonzalez considers whether they will deepen democracy or further centralise power.
Mike Gonzalez: Venezuela: Questions mark the birth of Hugo Chavez’s new party
Socialist Worker nr. 2061, jul 07 – side 4
Note: The “socialist battalions” of Venezuela’s new political party met last week in open assembly in various districts of the capital Caracas. This is to be repeated across Venezuela.
Interview: Orlando Chirino on Chavez, trade unions and socialism in Venezuela
Note: The following interview was conducted with Orlando Chirino, national organiser of the UNT union federation in Venezuela and leader of C-Cura—the United Autonomous Revolutionary Class current—within the federation. It came after Chavez proposed the formation of a new unified Venezuelan socialist party (PSUV).
Mike Gonzalez: Marco Antonio García interview: Questions for the Venezuelan revolution
Socialist Worker nr. 2060, jul 07 – side 8
Note: Mike Gonzalez spoke to Marco Antonio García, a member of the UNT trade union federation, about workers’ struggle and the fight for socialism in the 21st century
Mike Gonzalez: Letter from Latin America: Two visions for the future of Venezuela’s revolution
Socialist Worker nr. 2058, jul 07 – side 8
Note: Ciudad Guyana is not one city but two. Several hundred kilometres south east of the capital Caracas, it is split by a tributary of the Orinoco river. On one side of the bridge is San Felix, a crowded poor town of potholed roads and very basic houses.
Orlando Chirino: A view from Venezuela
International Socialism Journal nr. 114, apr 07 – side 12
Note: Orlando Chirino is a national coordinator of the UNT union federation and a leader of its C-Cura ‘classist’ tendency.
Chris Harman: Venezuela, Hugo Chavez og den permanente revolution
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 265, feb 07 – side 7
Note: Hugo Chavez taler om „permanent revolution“ i Venezuela. Men der foregår en kamp om fremtiden for revolutionen og for forandringer nedefra, skriver Chris Harman.
Steve Mather: Venezuela – socialisme for det 21. århundrede?: Demokrati på gulvplan
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 265, feb 07 – side 8
Note: Hvad vil Hugo Chavez? Højrefløjen kalder ham diktator. Hans vælgere elsker ham. Selv taler han om at opbygge en „socialisme for det 21. århundrede“. Vi ser nærmere på den proces af forandring, der er sat i gang i Venezuela.
Steve Mather: Venezuela: Kampen efter valget
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 265, feb 07 – side 8
Note: Vi har interviewet den fremtrædende marxistisk forfatter Michael Lebowitz om perspektiver for udviklingen i Venezuela.
Analysis: The battle over Venezuela’s union
International Socialism Journal nr. 111, jun 06 – side 18
Note: The arguments in Bolivia between Morales and his left critics are part of a much wider discussion across much of Latin America. The shift to the left is spreading—most notably with a massive student struggle in Chile at the end of May.
Roland Denis: Venezuela: the popular movement and the government
International Socialism Journal nr. 110, mar 06 – side 29
Note: Roland Denis is active in the Venezuelan Movement of 13 April. Chris Harman and Maina van der Zwan interviewed him in Caracas at the end of January 2006.1 We began by asking him about the development of the movement at the base of society.
Dossier: Reform and revolution in Venezuela
International Socialism Journal nr. 109, dec 05 – side 31
Note: "In the laboratory of the revolution" – An interview with Marta Harnecker
"A view from the top" – Interview with José Vincente Rangel
Venezuela: A glossary of terms
"The Party of Revolution and Socialism" – Interview with Stalin Perez Borges
"Socialism for the 21st century and the Latin American revolution"
"Manifesto of the popular organisations"
Socialist Worker (UK): Interview med Richard Gott om Hugo Chavez og Venezuela: Revolution i slow-motion
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 239, mar 05 – side 5
Note: Den britiske Latinamerika-ekspert Richard Gott fortæller om den venezuelanske præsident Hugo Chavez's politik og planer for fremtiden.
Venezuela: inside the Bolivarian revolution (An interview with Roland Denis)
International Socialism Journal nr. 106, mar 05 – side 135
Note: Hugo Chávez has becom a symbol of defiance to imperialism, drawing enthusiastic crowds in places as far apart as Porto Alegra and Calcutta. But what really is happening on the ground in Venezuela? Roland Denis, a Venezuelan revolutionary and former deputy minister, tells of some of the contradictions in the 'Bolivarian' process.
Sara Andersen: Venezuela: Hvad nu Chavez?
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 232, sep 04 – side 5
Note: En bølge af håb og optimisme strømmer gennem gaderne i Caracas, da tilhængere af Chávez danser til rytmerne af salsamusik, mens fyrværkeriet lyser himlen op.
Mike Gonzalez: Venezuela: many steps to come
International Socialism Journal nr. 104, sep 04 – side 65
Note: Venezuela’s upper classes have tried three times to overthrow the government of Hugo Chavez, most recently with the referendum in August. On each occasion they hoped US backing would guarantee them success. On each occasion mobilisations of the country’s lower classes defeated their schemes. But there is still enormous confusion internationally about what is really happening in Venezuela. Mike Gonzalez looks at where Chavez came from, what his movement represents and the mobilisations in support of it. He argues that the reforms made so far can only be defended by further, revolutionary, developments.
Chris Harman: (News Review:) Venezuela: When is a coup not a coup?
Socialist Review nr. 266, sep 02 – side 7
Note: Venezuela is suffering from the backlash right across South America
Jesper Høi Kanne + Mikkel Birk Jespersen: Kuppet i Venezuela: USA vil have kontrol over olien
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 203, maj 02 – side 4
Note: Den 13. april blev Venezuelas præsident Hugo Chavez arresteret af militæret og på ordre fra hærchef Efrain Vasquez ført til militærbasen Fort Tiuna.

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