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Tema: Nordamerika

Sebastian Skjønberg Andersen: Studenteroprør i Québec: Protesterne forsætter
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 321, jul 12 – side 12
Note: De studerende i Québec kæmper en hård og langvarig kamp imod yderligere brugerbetaling på uddannelse.
James Clark: Canada comes together
Socialist Worker nr. 2274, okt 11 – side 7
Note: Thousands joined actions across Canada in the biggest coordinated action since the anti-war protests in 2003.
James Clark: Letter from ...: Letter from Canada
Socialist Review nr. 359, jun 11 – side 9
Note: When Canada's federal election was called in late March, no one expected such a dramatic outcome.
Paul Kellogg: Recession: British parties turn to the Canadian option
Socialist Worker nr. 2160, jul 09 – side 9
Note: A meeting that may be a sign of things to come took place in London a few weeks ago. Two former Liberal government bureaucrats from Canada – Jocelyne Bourgon and Marcel Massé – met with leading British Tories and senior civil servants.
Michelle Robidoux: Keep Canada's doors open to war resisters
Socialist Review nr. 328, sep 08 – side 6
Note: "I should have been in New Orleans, not in Iraq." This was the conclusion that Corey Glass, former sergeant in the US National Guard, came to after several months in Balad, Iraq.
Victory for Iraq war resisters in Canada
Socialist Worker nr. 2082, dec 07 – side 16
Note: US war resisters – soldiers who fled to Canada rather than serve in Iraq – have won a significant victory in their campaign for asylum.
Abbie Bakan: The Canadian Women's Movement
International Socialism Journal nr. 4, mar 79 – side 123
Se også: Borgerl. rev.: USA; Krise og modstand - USA
Adrian Budd: Debating imperialism
International Socialism Journal nr. 144, okt 14 – side 177
Note: A review of Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin, The Making of Global Capitalism: The Political Economy of American Empire (Verso, 2012), £20
As the world commemorates the centenary of the First World War (with limited awareness of its meaning) a book by two leading Marxists that explores contemporary imperialism demands our careful assessment.
Ken Olende: Review: Intersectionality and black communist women
International Socialism Journal nr. 141, jan 14 – side 210
Note: Erik S McDuffie, Sojourning for Freedom: Black Women, American Communism and the Making of Black Left Feminism (Duke University Press, 2011), £15.99
The radical and significant work of early Communist Party members is written out of mainstream history. Erik S McDuffie looks to an especially marginalised group, black women in the United States who joined the Communist Party.
Mark Thomas + Sarah Ensor: Revolution, sanctions and US imperialism
Socialist Review nr. 366, feb 12 – side 18
Note: Sarah Ensor and Mark L Thomas spoke to Tariq Ali who gives his take on the revolutions and rebellions in Tunisia, Egypt and Syria, the threat of war with Iran and US imperialism after Iraq.
Jonathan Neale: Obama tries to hijack revolutions
Socialist Worker nr. 2253, maj 11 – side 4
Note: Barack Obama made a speech on the Middle East on Thursday of last week. He promised a big change in US foreign policy. Obama’s words allied him with the Arab revolts, and compared them to the American Revolution and the Civil Rights Movement.
Alex Callinicos: The West's 'moderate' tyrants are failing
Socialist Worker nr. 2238, feb 11 – side 4
Note: Last week the “liberal” Israeli daily Haaretz carried a piece by one of its best-known columnists, Ari Shavit. “Two huge processes are happening right before our eyes,” he writes. “One is the Arab liberation revolution. The second process is the acceleration of the decline of the West.”
Ken Olende: Book review: Black star rising
International Socialism Journal nr. 123, jul 09 – side 213
Note: Jeffrey B Perry, Hubert Harrison: The Voice of Harlem Radicalism, 1883-1918 (Colombia University, 2008), £27
Hubert Harrison was a towering figure in US black and socialist politics in the early years of the 20th century. He was known as the “father of Harlem radicalism” but has now almost disappeared from the history books. Jeffrey B Perry has already edited a collection of Harrison’s writings entitled A Hubert Harrison Reader (Wesleyan University, 2001). He is owed a serious debt of thanks for this, the first part of his exhaustive two-part biography, using Harrison’s own journals and a sympathetic understanding of the time. It rescues a fascinating historical figure from obscurity, and allows us to see how far ahead of its time much of his analysis was.
John Pilger: John Pilger om Barack Obama: Tigerens smilende ansigt
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 289, jun 09 – side 18
Note: Kl. halv otte om morgenen den 3. juni døde et syv måneder gammelt spædbarn på intensivafdelingen på det europæiske hospital i Gazastriben. Hans navn var Zein Ad-Din Mohammed Zu’rob, og han led af en lungeinfektion, der kunne behandles.
Alex Callinicos: Obama is marching into the graveyard of empires
Socialist Worker nr. 2152, maj 09 – side 4
Note: Two events last week underlined the fact that Barack Obama is not kidding when he says he intends to escalate the war in Afghanistan.
Alex Callinicos: Barack Obama is already tied to Israel
Socialist Worker nr. 2133, jan 09 – side 4
Note: So what is Israel trying to achieve with its assault on Gaza? And what role is being played by the US and its outgoing and incoming presidents?
Chris Bambery: Går det amerikanske århundrede på hæld?
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 283, okt 08 – side 6
Note: Kreditkrisen har svækket USA, men USA er stadig den globale supermagt, argumenterer Chris Bambery.
Kim Moody: Book review: The party that never was
International Socialism Journal nr. 119, jul 08 – side 178
Note: Robin Archer, Why Is There No Labor Party in the United States? (Princeton University, 2007), £19.95
Ken Olende: Racism and class solidarity in history of the US South
Socialist Worker nr. 2069, sep 07 – side 13
Note: On the 50th anniversary of the campaign against school segregation in Little Rock, Ken Olende looks at how racism and class solidarity have always pulled the South in different directions
Klaus B. Jensen: Howard Zinn: “Voices of a peoples history of the United States”: Historien der blev væk
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 236, nov 04 – side 7
Note: Kan bestilles på forlaget
Mike Davis: Oedipus Bush
Socialist Review nr. 287, jul 04 – side 30
Note: Thought Ronald Reagan was dead and buried? You ain’t seen nothing yet.
Peter Iversen: De fattige betaler for EU’s og USA’s stålkrig
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 203, maj 02 – side 4
Note: USA har gennemført en told på udenlandske stålprodukter på helt op til 30% for at beskytte den kriseramte amerikanske stålindustri.
Jesper Høi Kanne + Mikkel Birk Jespersen: USA-imperialismen – den største trussel mod fred og velfærd
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 198, nov 01 – side 9
Note: USA er den absolut stærkeste økonomiske og militære magt i verden. USA forsvarer sine interesser overalt – i Afghanistan, i Columbia, i Mellemøsten. Og det med en brutalitet, som sætter profit højere end menneskeliv.
Margit Johansen: Oprustning og krig
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 191, mar 01 – side 4
Note: Krig og ustabilitet er konsekvenserne, hvis USA får etableret sit missilforsvarssystem. For USA’s egentlig hensigt med det er, at gøre sig selv så usårlig, at de med militærmagt kan sætte deres vilje igennem over hele verden, uden de behøver at frygte gengældelsesangreb.
Lee Sustar: Bookwatch: fighting to unite black and white
International Socialism Journal nr. 71, jun 96 – side 155
Note: Lee Sustar's Bookwatch highlights those periods when black and white workers have discovered class unity in the course of their struggles against American capitalism.
Lee Sustar: Communism in the heart of the beast (Michael E Brown, Randy Martin, Frank Rosengarten and George Snedeker (eds): "New Studies in the Politics and Culture of US Communism")
International Socialism Journal nr. 68, sep 95 – side 81
Note: Lee Sustar reviews a history of the US Communist Party
Ahmed Shawki: Black liberation and socialism in the United States
International Socialism Journal nr. 47, jun 90 – side 3
Note: The race relations industry has never been as powerful as it is today – the number of Black professionals, Black businesses, Black superstars and Black politicians never so numerous-but the vast majority of Blacks are still poverty stricken and many are the victims of brutal racist violence. The prosperity of the few hasn’t altered the oppression of the many.
Yet even among those who reject the idea that working within the system can end racism there are very real differences. Many Black militants hope that separatism and Black nationalism will prove more effective than attempts at reform. But, argues Ahmed Shawki of the American International Socialist Organisation, the record shows that Black nationalism is a flawed tradition. He looks at the fight for Black liberation from slavery to the present and defends the continued relevance of the Marxist tradition.
USA internt før 1900
Andy Ridley: Book review: Dark thoughts: psychology and genocide
International Socialism Journal nr. 143, jul 14 – side 205
Note: Sabby Sagall, Final Solutions: Human Nature, Capitalism and Genocide (Pluto Press, 2013), £20.50.

In Final Solutions Sabby Sagall analyses the nature and the role of the subjective and irrational in determining genocidal mass murder. The book poses the question as to what underlying psychological and historical conditions and processes are necessary to cause groups of people to kill other groups of people en masse, out of the context of immediate military engagement.
John Molyneux: Review: Sabby Sagall, Final Solutions: Human Nature, Capitalism and Genocide
Irish Marxist Review (Irland) nr. 9, mar 14 – side 69
Note: Sabby Sagall has written a hugely ambitious book which covers immense historical ground and attempts to answer one of the most challenging historical and theoretical questions of our time. The historical events it deals with are four genocides: that of Native Americans at the hands of European settlers; the Armenian genocide perpetrated by Turkey; the Nazi Holocaust and the Rwanda genocide of 1994.
Matthew Cookson: The American Civil War: war against slavery
Socialist Worker nr. 2248, apr 11 – side 10
Note: 150 years after the American Civil War began, Matthew Cookson looks back at the significance of the conflict—and examines what really lay behind it.
Michael Bradley: American Civil War: Architects of their own liberation
Socialist Review nr. 318, okt 07 – side 22
Note: Much has been written about the American Civil War, but less is known about the decisive role of black soldiers in the conflict. Michael Bradley unearths the role of free blacks and escaped slaves whose heroism helped secure victory against the Confederate South and ended slavery.
Patrick Ward: Book Review: Bernard Mandel: Labor, Free and Slave
Socialist Review nr. 315, jun 07 – side 29
Note: Bernard Mandel was part of a response to a school of thought best summarised in the words of scholar William E Woodward: "American Negroes [were] the only people in the history of the world... that ever became free without any effort of their own."
Megan Trudell: The pursuit of 'unbounded freedom' (Ray Raphael: "The American Revolution: A People's History")
International Socialism Journal nr. 92, sep 01 – side 141
Note: Megan Trudell looks at a new account of the American Revolution which tells the story through the words and actions of grassroots activists
Megan Trudell: Who made the American Revolution?
International Socialism Journal nr. 73, dec 96 – side 73
Note: America's Revolution is the subject of Megan Trudell's critique of Theodore Draper's controversial The Struggle for Power. She looks at Draper's materialist account and the objections raised against it by Draper's critics.
Megan Trudell: Living to some purpose (John Keane: "Tom Paine: a political life")
International Socialism Journal nr. 69, dec 95 – side 85
Peter Morgan: How the West was won (C Milner II, C O'Connor, M Sandweiss (eds): "Oxford History of the American West")
International Socialism Journal nr. 67, jun 95 – side 153
Note: Peter Morgan reviews a comprehensive history of the American West which delves into the wars against the Native Americans and the growth of working class organisation and charts the fortunes of the area, from the Gold Rush of the 1840's to the growth of Los Angeles.
Lee Sustar: The roots of multi-racial labour unity in the United States (Eric Arnesen: "Waterfront Workers of New Orleans: Race, Class and Politics, 1863-1923")
International Socialism Journal nr. 63, jun 94 – side 89
Note: Lee Sustar looks at the history of struggle for multi-racial unity in America's trade unions.
Peter Morgan: Geronimo and the end of the Indian wars (A Debo: "The man, his time, his place")
International Socialism Journal nr. 63, jun 94 – side 145
Note: Peter Morgan retells the story of Geronimo and the last Indian war
Lee Sustar: Racism and class struggle in the American Civil War era
International Socialism Journal nr. 55, jun 92 – side 41
Note: American socialist Lee Sustar examines the New York draft riots during the American Civil War. His review shows the forces pushing towards black and white unity and the strategies used by the establishment to tear that unity apart.
USA internt 1900-1945
John Newsinger: 1937: the year of the sitdown
International Socialism Journal nr. 127, jul 10 – side 81
Note: The first New Deal that Franklin Roosevelt’s administration began implementing in 1933 was accompanied by an explosion of working class unrest. Workers flooded into the unions and in the course of 1933 and 1934 confronted America’s open shop employers in hundreds of battles across the country, some of which reached near insurrectionary proportions.
John Newsinger: Book review: Vote for Prisoner 9653
International Socialism Journal nr. 126, apr 10 – side 217
Note: Ernest Freeberg, Democracy’s Prisoner: Eugene Debs, the Great War and the Right to Dissent (Harvard University, 2008) £22.95
On 16 June 1918 Eugene Debs, one of the leaders of the American Socialist Party, spoke at a mass meeting in Canton, Ohio. Although he had reservations about the party’s anti-war policy, he nevertheless felt obliged to speak out in solidarity with those of his comrades who had already felt the weight of government repression. He opened his speech with a reference to three imprisoned party activists. They had learned “that it is extremely dangerous to exercise our constitutional right of freedom of speech in a country fighting to make democracy safe in the world”.
Megan Trudell: History of Struggle: The uprising of the twenty thousand
Socialist Worker nr. 2183, jan 10 – side 6
Note: Megan Trudell explains how a century ago, young, migrant, women workers in New York struck – and won.
John Newsinger: A textbook protest
Socialist Review nr. 336, maj 09 – side 21
Note: In Chicago the Great Depression led to the witholding of teachers' wages. John Newsinger shows how the teachers fought back – and won
John Newsinger: 1934: year of the fightback (USA)
International Socialism Journal nr. 122, apr 09 – side 65
Note: There was a great strike wave in the US in the aftermath of the First World War. It was beaten back with the decisive defeat of a rank and file driven campaign to organise the steel industry. Brutal repression was compounded by, at best, only half-hearted support from the American Federation of Labour (AFL).
Once the unions had been contained the employers prepared for what has been described as “a war of extermination against organised labour”.
Christian Hogsbjerg: Trotsky on race in the US
International Socialism Journal nr. 121, jan 09 – side 99
Note: Leon Trotsky’s life and work were intrinsically intertwined with the rise and fall of the Russian Revolution. Trotsky was also an outstanding internationalist and, although he did not write a great deal on the African diaspora as a whole, he did address what was known by revolutionary socialists at the time as the “Negro question”—the systematic racism suffered by black people in the United States.
Megan Trudell: Radical America: The 1930s revival of US working class struggle
Socialist Worker nr. 2114, aug 08 – side 6
Note: In the last part of our series on Radical America Megan Trudell looks at how US workers reacted to the Great Depression
Megan Trudell: Radical America: The 1920s were a decade of defeat for working people
Socialist Worker nr. 2113, aug 08 – side 6
Note: The “Roaring 1920s” were characterised by savage repression and profiteering
Megan Trudell: Radical America: Battling US capitalism and union corruption
Socialist Worker nr. 2112, aug 08 – side 6
Note: In the first part of our new series Megan Trudell looks at the history of working class struggles in the US.
John Newsinger: The uprising of the 30,000
Socialist Review nr. 327, jul 08 – side 22
Note: Migrant workers have historically found it difficult to organise and fight. John Newsinger writes of a furious strike over conditions in New York, 1909, waged by newly organised migrant women garment workers who fought bitterly to the brink of victory, despite hired thugs and conservative union leaders.
Nigel Davey: The Great Depression: Roosevelt’s double edged New Deal
Socialist Worker nr. 2095, apr 08 – side 8
Note: Last month saw the 75th anniversary of the inauguration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s (FDR) as US president. His election took place at a critical moment in the country’s history.
John Newsinger: Class war at Christmas
Socialist Review nr. 320, dec 07 – side 22
Note: A Woody Guthrie song commemorates the heroic attempts by Michigan copper miners to achieve union recognition in 1913. The bosses resorted to any murderous means they could and in one incident 62 children were crushed to death. John Newsinger looks at how class war was waged in the US.
Chris Bambery: Sacco and Vanzetti: Murdered by an American crusade against ‘terrorism’
Socialist Worker nr. 2066, sep 07 – side 9
Note: The last 100 years of the US’s history has been punctuated at regular intervals with crusades not just against the enemy without but the enemy within. That has involved the legal death sentence and extra-legal lynchings and assassinations.
Megan Trudell: The hidden history of US radicalism
International Socialism Journal nr. 111, jun 06 – side 49
Note: May Day in the US this year was very different to any in living memory, as hundreds of thousands of immigrant workers struck and demonstrated. But the country does have a long history of sudden and very radical class struggles. Megan Trudell provides an overview of these – and of the way they have been contained in the past by the Democratic Party.
Andy Strouthous: Poisoned fruit of patriotism
International Socialism Journal nr. 111, jun 06 – side 175
Note: A review of Carl R Weinberg: "Labor, Loyalty, Rebellion: Southwestern Illinois Coal Miners and World War I" (Southern Illinois University Press, 2005), £20.95
Mike Davis: Happy Birthday Big Bill
Socialist Review nr. 292, jan 05 – side 23
Note: A hundred years ago the Industrial Workers of the World was formed and US bosses trembled.
Mike Davis commemorates the centenary of a high point in American socialist history.
Hassan Mahamdallie: Defying the colour line (Brian Kelly: "Race, Class and Power in the Alabama Coalfields, 1908-21")
International Socialism Journal nr. 98, mar 03 – side 107
Note: A Deutscher Prize winning history of Alabama coal miners
Theresa Bennett: When workers humbled General Motors
Socialist Worker nr. 1731, jan 01 – side 10
Note: In the United States in the 1930s thousands of car workers took on General Motors, the world's biggest corporation, and won. Their struggle forced GM to recognise the United Auto Workers union throughout its plants and transformed the trade union movement in the US.
John Newsinger: Matewan: film and working class struggle
International Socialism Journal nr. 66, mar 95 – side 89
Note: Matewan is one of the finest films about working class struggle. John Newsinger pays tribute to its maker, John Sayles, but also uncovers the equally heroic struggles which surrounded the events that made it to celluloid.
Jim Scott: The Revolutionary Calender: February 1937
Socialist Review nr. 40, feb 82 – side 36
Note: In February 1937, the US working class won one of its decisive victories. The United Automobile Workers (UAW) forced the mighty General Motors to surrender and grant union recognition.
USA internt 1945-1990
Andrew Stone: Book review: Priests of Our Democracy
Socialist Review nr. 380, maj 13 – side 27
Note: Contrary to the common focus on the Hollywood Ten and nuclear spies, the most numerous victims of the McCarthyite witch-hunts in the US in the 1950s were public sector workers, and educationalists in particular.
Ken Olende: Geronimo Pratt, former political prisoner and Black Panther, dies
Socialist Worker nr. 2255, jun 11 
Note: Former political prisoner and Black Panther Geronimo Pratt died last week aged 63. He is believed to have died of natural causes in Tanzania where he had settled and worked as a human rights activist.
Brian Richardson: The many lives of Malcolm X
Socialist Review nr. 359, jun 11 – side 17
Note: Manning Marable, an academic and activist, died in April this year, just three days before the release of his biography of Malcolm X, the great icon of the Black Power Movement.Brian Richardson looks at this landmark book and the extraordinary life of Malcolm X.
Sabby Sagall + Judith Orr: Interview: Playing a part against injustice
Socialist Review nr. 334, mar 09 – side 18
Note: Oscar winning actor Julie Christie talks to Sabby Sagall and Judith Orr about her work and political commitment and how she feels about the media treatment of women in the public eye in the age of celebrity culture.
Ken Olende: Emory Douglas interviewed about the Black Panthers in print
Socialist Worker nr. 2126, nov 08 – side 8
Note: The former Minister of Culture in the Black Panther Party talks to Ken Olende about the fight for black liberation in the United States and a new exhibition of his art work
Ken Olende: Black Panther: Emory Douglas and the Art of Revolution
Socialist Worker nr. 2126, nov 08 – side 9
Note: The outstanding Emory Douglas exhibition at the Urbis in Manchester is much more than an art show. Visitors can feel the atmosphere the Black Panthers developed in and the outrage that made the party grow.
Ken Olende: The Black Panthers: defiance in the face of repression
Socialist Worker nr. 2126, nov 08 – side 9
Note: The Black Panther Party was founded by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale in Oakland, California. They were enraged by the racism they saw – particularly police brutality – and inspired by Malcolm X and the anti-colonial liberation movements of the time.
Yuri Prasad: Martin Luther King and the fight against racism in the US
Socialist Worker nr. 2095, apr 08 – side 8
Note: The legendary US civil rights leader Martin Luther King was assassinated on the balcony of his hotel in Memphis, Tennessee 40 years ago.
Brian Kelly: 1968: an extraordinary year: Unfinished business: Martin Luther King in Memphis
International Socialism Journal nr. 118, apr 08 – side 73
Note: On the fortieth anniversary of his assassination, eulogies on the life of Martin Luther King Jr come cheap, and often from the most unlikely quarters.
Ron Senchak: Book Review: We Will Be Heard
Socialist Review nr. 324, apr 08 – side 29
Note: Bud and Ruth Shultz, Merrell, £14.95
This book is a series of testimonies, mostly from ordinary people, about their experiences of state persecution. They have been imprisoned, had their friends murdered, and their families have been beaten, deported and threatened. We Will Be Heard covers almost 100 years of resistance in the US.
Yuri Prasad: Mine Eyes Have Seen: Chronicling black people’s resistance to US racism
Socialist Worker nr. 2078, nov 07 – side 11
Note: Review: Mine Eyes Have Seen: Bearing Witness to the Struggle for Civil Rights by Bob Adelman and Charles Johnson (Thames and Hudson)
A collection of Bob Adelman’s photographs sheds light on the continuing struggle of black people in the US.
Simon Basketter: Watergate, protester mod Vietnamkrigen og det amerikanske imperiums nederlag
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 273, okt 07 – side 7
Note: USA’s nederlag i Vietnam førte til en regeringskampagne mod politiske modstandere med fatale konsekvenser
Ken Olende: Little Rock and the fight to end school segregation
Socialist Worker nr. 2069, sep 07 – side 13
Note: The campaign against school segregation in Little Rock in the US in September 1957 challenged a racist society.
Adnan Siddiqui: Malcolm X – En kilde til inspiration for alle muslimer, der kæmper for retfærdighed
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 240, mar 05 – side 12
Note: George Bushs "krig mod terror" har gjort Malcolm X’s idé om universel frigørelse relevant for muslimer i dag, skriver den britiske borgerrettighedsaktivist Dr. Adnan Siddiqui.
Mike Davis: Wild streets: 'American Graffiti' versus the Cold War
International Socialism Journal nr. 91, jun 01 – side 37
Note: Mike Davis, author of Magical Urbanism, takes a look at the seeds of revolt sown in the youth rebellions of early Cold War America. From the 'Zoot suit' riots of 1943 to the battles on Sunset Strip, he shows how rebelling against the local sheriff led to identification with the civil rights movement.
Martin Smith: Nekrolog: Sinatras røde fortid
Socialistisk Revy nr. 5, jun 98 – side 27
Note: Frank Sinatra er efter sin død blevet lovprist i medierne. De har endog glorificeret hans forbindelser til mafiaen og hans skørtejægeri. Men pressen har fuldstændig glemt at nævne, at gamle Frankie-boy engang tilhørte “de røde”.
John Newsinger: From class war to Cold War (G Lipsitz: "Rainbow At Midnight. Labor and Culture in the 1940s")
International Socialism Journal nr. 73, dec 96 – side 107
Note: USA in the 1940s
Brian Richardson: The making of a revolutionary
(Huey P Newton: "Revolutionary Suicide")

International Socialism Journal nr. 70, mar 96 – side 91
Note: Black Panther Huey Newton's life is both an inspiration to socialists and a lesson that taking on the state without a clear strategy is a dangerous game, as Brian Richardson's review of Newton's autobiography shows.
Jens Loller: Sandheden om de sorte pantere
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 117, jul 95 – side 12
Note: De sorte pantere var en sort organisation, der kæmpede for omstyrtelse af det kapitalistiske USA i slutningen af 1960’erne. Deres historie er både vigtig og spændende.
Jens Loller: Anmeldelse: Malcolm X – sort revolutionær (Kevin Ovenden: "Malcolm X – Black Nationalism and Socialism")
International Socialisme nr. 3, dec 92 – side 34
Note: Havde oprøret i LA i april 92 ikke henledt opmærksomheden på de sociale problemer, som særligt de sorte i USA lider under, havde et blik på den kulturelle udvikling kunnet give et godt fingerpeg. Den sorte rapmusik fra ghettoerne har bredt sig og vinder indflydelse overalt. Film af den sorte instruktør Spike Lee er af høj kunstnerisk kvalitet og har hver gang også et politisk budskab. Hans næste film er om Malcolm X, og den ventes at få premiere til foråret.
Anders Schou: USA: Den glemte strejke
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 52, sep 89 – side 2
Note: Samtidig med at de sovjetiske kulminearbejdere offensivt forsøger at forbedre deres levevilkår, er deres amerikanske kolleger ude i en desperat forsvarskamp.
Phil Taylor: Fighting for a dream (David J Garrow: "Bearing the Cross: Martin Luther King Jnr and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference")
Socialist Review nr. 116, jan 89 – side 20
Joan Hansen: Det amerikanske præsidentvalg
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 43, okt 88 – side 6
Note: Siste show + Pæne mænd uden politik
Joan Hansen: USA: Strejker mangler støtte
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 43, okt 88 – side 7
Note: Det er en udbredt opfattelse på venstrefløjen, at den amerikanske arbejderklasse er enormt tilbagestående, den faglige organisering er lav, fagbureaukratiet endnu tættere forbundet med systemet end herhjemme, at de kritikløst høster frugterne af USAs imperialistiske dominans og jubler over Reagan-administrationens politik.
Lance Selfa: USA: Battle of the bland
Socialist Review nr. 113, okt 88 – side 12
Lance Selfa + Lee Sustar: USA: Where's Jesse?
Socialist Review nr. 113, okt 88 – side 13
USA, 1968: Oprør mod racehad
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 40, jun 88 – side 10
Note: I sommeren 1868 var de amerikanske sorte bydele i oprør. Martin Luther King blev myrdet den 4. april 1968. Bølger af vrede og protester skyllede hen over USA. Gennem mere end et årti havde han været en central leder i den sorte borgerrettighedsbevægelse.
Alex Callinicos + Joanna Rollo: Carter versus the miners
Socialist Review nr. 1, apr 78 – side 3
Note: Jimmy Carter was out into the White House by the votes of the oppressed and the exploited in American society.
Kim Moody: Survey: GIs on the March
International Socialism Journal (1st series) nr. 37, jun 69 – side 13
Note: Things aren’t going too well for the military these days. The Senate Armed Services Committee, for example, reported in early March that desertions and AWOL’s were ‘substantially’ higher than last year.
Martin Glaberman: Survey: Detroit (The Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement)
International Socialism Journal (1st series) nr. 36, apr 69 – side 8
Note: The first major stage has ended for a new form of black organisation based on black industrial workers. The organisation is the Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement and is made up of black workers at the Hamtramck Assembly plant, formerly Dodge Main, of the Chrysler Corporation. Hamtramck is an industrial suburb completely within the city limits of Detroit. Both the town and the plant were for many years overwhelmingly Polish. Now the plant is 70 per cent black but the union local (UAW Local 3), the plant management and lower supervision, and the Hamtranick city administration is essentially Polish.
Lily Gay Lampinen: The Notebook: The Poor People’s Campaign (USA)
International Socialism Journal (1st series) nr. 34, sep 68 – side 8
Note: The six-week-old Poor People’s Campaign ended with the government’s ‘closing’ of its camp site, Resurrection City, USA, on Monday 24 June 1968.
Steve Fox: The Notebook: US Motor Workers
International Socialism Journal (1st series) nr. 32, mar 68 – side 5
Note: At the April 1967 UAW convention in Detroit a demonstration of production workers was organised, at first by the official leadership. At the last moment Walter Reuther, UAW International President, put pressure on local leaders to have it called off. In spite of this effort, several thousand auto-workers turned out in the pouring rain during a working day to express their feelings.
Dick Logan + Henry Paley: ‘People’s Capitalism’?
International Socialism Journal (1st series) nr. 5, jun 61 – side 24
Note: The art of using cute phrases to camouflage fact has spread from salesmanship to politics and economics.
USA internt efter 1990
Se også: Krise og modstand - USA
Lene Junker: USA: Modstand mod Trump
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 358, mar 17 – side 10
Note: Siden Trump blev valgt som præsident i USA er protesterne eksploderet. Kun få troede at det var muligt for Trump at vinde over Clinton, så Trumps valg blev et ‘wake up call’ for mange.
Jens Andersen: USA: Magtkamp hos Demokraterne
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 358, mar 17 – side 10
Note: Uenighed om retningen inden for Det Demokratiske Parti i USA har ført til, at Den Demokratiske Nationalkomité for første gang har fået en næstformand.
Charlie Lywood: USA: Kamp blandt amerikanske magthavere
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 358, mar 17 – side 11
Note: Der er ingen tvivl om, at der foregår kampe blandt amerikanske magthavere. Trumps sejr i efteråret og hans fortsatte fastholdelse af ”Amerika First”, efter at han indtrådte som præsident, har skabt bitre opgør.
John Molyneux: At forstå Trump og hvordan han kan bekæmpes
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 354, okt 16 
Note: Donald Trumps overraskende valgsejr har chokeret millioner af amerikanere og hundreder af millioner af mennesker rundt om i verden og med rette.
Alex Callinicos: Vi ønsker ikke Trump, men det gør bosserne heller ikke
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 354, okt 16 
Note: Først Brexit og nu Trump. Der er et mønster her, vi må forsøge at forstå.
Charlie Kimber: Hillary Clinton eller Donald Trump? Et falsk valg til fordel for bosserne
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 354, okt 16 
Note: Afstemningen om den amerikanske præsidentpost næste tirsdag vil sætte to af de mest upopulære og reaktionære kandidater nogensinde op mod hinanden. Den, der vinder, vil have mistillid fra og være ugleset af et flertal af befolkningen.
Anders Bæk Simonsen: Sanders’ succes viser et andet USA
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 352, maj 16 – side 15
Note: Bag Sanders’ succes i valgkampen finder vi et USA, der er blevet mere og mere ulige. Men også et USA, hvor mange er begyndt at sige Nej.
Charlie Kimber: Clinton vinder i New York – Hvorhen nu for Sanders-kampagnen?
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 351, mar 16 
Note: Hillary Clinton har besejret Bernie Sanders ved primærvalget i New York. Primærvalgene afgør, hvem der skal være det demokratiske parti kandidat til valget af amerikansk præsident.
Megan Trudell: Analysis: Sanders, Trump and the US working class
International Socialism Journal nr. 150, apr 16 – side 17
Note: “The best president in the history of the world—somebody courageous, smart, bold—that person will not be able to address the major crises that we face unless there is a mass political movement, unless there’s a political revolution in this country”. So Bernie Sanders told his audience at a meeting in New Hampshire in June 2015.
Megan Trudell: Racism and resistance in the US after Ferguson
International Socialism Journal nr. 146, apr 15 – side 75
Note: In August 2014 unarmed 18 year old black teenager Michael Brown was shot and killed by white police officer Darren Wilson in the St Louis suburb of Ferguson. Brown was shot six times including twice to the head, despite having his hands up in surrender, and left dead in the street for four and a half hours.
Becca Bor: Race and Class in Obama’s U.S.
Irish Marxist Review (Irland) nr. 12, mar 15 – side 24
Note: Protests against police brutality have erupted across U.S. cities and campuses since the end of November. Over a hundred thousand people, mainly young, and led by Black youth, have come out on the streets raising the banner of ‘Black Lives Matter.’
Bo Nielsen: Fra Ferguson til en ny antiracistisk bevægelse
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 342, dec 14 – side 3
Note: Protesterne imod en hvid politibetjents drab på en 18-årig sort mand i den amerikanske by Ferguson 9. august blev starten på en hastigt voksende bevægelse mod racisme og politibrutalitet.
Anne A. Lange: Ferguson, Missouri: Hands Up – Don’t Shoot!
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 340, aug 14 – side 10
Note: Den 9. august skød og dræbte politiet i Ferguson, Missouri , USA, den 18-årige Michael Brown. Han var ubevæbnet, og udgjorde ifølge øjenvidner til episoden ingen trussel, hvilket bliver bakket op af obduktionsrapporten.
Ken Olende: Anger at racism explodes after Trayvon Martin verdict
Socialist Worker nr. 2362, jul 13 – side 3
Note: Protests have spread across the US following the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case last Saturday.
Judith Orr: Bradley Manning – a soldier’s leaks exposed US ‘bloodlust’
Socialist Worker nr. 2356, jun 13 – side 15
Note: As Bradley Manning faces court martial for leaking military files to Wikileaks, Judith Orr says he is standing firm despite the threat of a lifetime in jail
Nyliberal diktator indsat i Detroit til at gennemføre reformer
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 328, apr 13 – side 10
Note: Michigans guvernør indsatte den 28. marts advokaten Kevyn Orr til at administrere Detroit de næste 18 måneder.
Megan Trudell: Analysis: Why Obama won
International Socialism Journal nr. 137, jan 13 – side 15
Note: “The people who delivered [Obama] a second term…are those who were least likely to have benefited from his first.” Journalist Gary Younge’s comment on the re-election of Barack Obama in the United States sums up the contradiction at the heart of the election campaign.
Alex Callinicos: Analysis: Narrowing the bounds of the possible: the US election
International Socialism Journal nr. 136, okt 12 – side 3
Note: In November 2008, after Barack Obama had won in the presidential election in the US, Slavoj Žižek wrote one of his very best pieces: “The reason Obama’s victory generated such enthusiasm is not only that, against all odds, it really happened: it demonstrated the possibility of such a thing happening.”
Sadie Robinson: Anger as Florida authorities refuse jury hearing in Trayvon Martin case
Socialist Worker nr. 2298, apr 12 – side 16
Note: There will be no jury hearing to decide whether George Zimmerman, the man who shot black teenager Trayvon Martin in February, should face charges.
Anders Bæk Simonsen: USA: Hårde angreb på faglige rettigheder
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 307, mar 11 – side 10
Note: Wisconsin er skueplads for en kamp imellem Senator Walker og statens offentligt ansatte. Walker vil gøre det ulovligt for statens ansatte at have noget at gøre med fagforeninger.
Jørn Andersen: Fagforeningsmand fra Wisconsin, USA: ”De vil ødelægge fagforeningerne”
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 307, mar 11 – side 10
Note: I flere uger har hundredtusindvis, især i USA’s midt-vestlige stater, protesteret mod nyvalgte republikanske guvernørers angreb på offentligt ansatte fagforeningers forhandlingsret. Centrum for protesterne har været Wisconsin.
United States: Wisconsin in revolt at governor's attack on union rights
Socialist Worker nr. 2240, feb 11 – side 3
Note: Tens of thousands public sector workers in the US are blocking the streets of Madison, the capital of Wisconsin. They are demanding that Republican governor Scott Walker withdraws plans to smash state workers’ collective bargaining rights.
Megan Trudell: Analysis: Mad as hatters? The Tea Party movement in the US
International Socialism Journal nr. 129, jan 11 – side 23
Note: Two years after his election Barack Obama presides over an increasingly divided nation, in both economic and political terms. His failure to deliver on the promise of real change has seen him punished in the midterm elections for Congress and for many state governments, as many whose hopes were raised in 2008 sat out the contest.
Jonny Jones: Analysis: BP oil spill: There will be blood
International Socialism Journal nr. 128, okt 10 – side 15
Note: On Sunday 19 September 2010 engineers finally sealed the Macondo oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, which had exploded five months earlier and caused the “the world’s largest accidental offshore oil spill”.
Jørn Andersen: BP-oliekatastrofen: Regering og olieindustri hånd i hånd
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 299, jul 10 – side 10
Note: Obama 2. april: „I dag er olieboreplatforme generelt ikke årsagen til oliespild. De er teknologisk meget avancerede.“ Udtalelsen kom kun 18 dage før eksplosionen på Deepwater Horizon.
Jørn Andersen: Obama
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 299, jul 10 – side 16
Note: Forventningerne til Obama var store, da han blev valgt i novemaber 2008. Med paroler som „Yes, we can“ var han selv med til at iscenesætte sig som talsperson for kravet om forandring efter 8 år med Bush.
Christine Kyndi: BP’s olieudslip: Historisk miljøkatastrofe
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 298, jun 10 – side 16
Note: Den 20. april kostede en eksplosion på olieboreplatformen Deepwater Horizon i den Mexicanske Golf 11 arbejdere livet. Fra et hul 1,5 km under havets overflade fosser enorme mængder olie ud og truer med at skabe en af de største miljømæssige katastrofer i USA’s historie.
Brian Richardson: Book review: Getting the “Change We Need”
International Socialism Journal nr. 126, apr 10 – side 205
Note: Manning Marable, Beyond Black and White: Transforming African-American Politics (Verso, 2009), £12.99
“Although it seems heaven-sent we ain’t ready to see a black President.” Tupac Shakur, the author of these lines, was one of the most iconic and outspoken representatives of what the black American historian and commentator Manning Marable characterises as the “hip hop generation”. The sense of political disenfranchisement felt by this generation was one of the key starting points for Marable’s 1995 book Beyond Black and White, which has now been republished in an updated edition.
Ken Olende: A year of Obama: Compromise, crisis and capitulation
Socialist Worker nr. 2184, jan 10 – side 6
Note: Obama was elected on a tide of hope but the reality has been disappointing, writes Ken Olende
Megan Trudell: From a bang to a whimper: Obama’s first year
International Socialism Journal nr. 125, jan 10 – side 33
Note: The Obama presidency is in a quagmire. The tremendous promise encapsulated in the campaign slogan “Change we can believe in” and the enormous expectations of reform after the Bush years have not been realised. Energy has given way to hesitancy and the Obama government’s first year has seen it become increasingly entangled in the contradictions of profound crisis in the US. The conjuncture of recession and the deepening morass of war in Afghanistan have intensified divisions in the US political establishment. Government responses to the crisis have produced the twin, mutually reinforcing, effects of failure to deliver change for its most enthusiastic supporters and stoking political opposition to its right.
Joe Bageant: Obama: Is the dream over?
Socialist Review nr. 343, jan 10 – side 10
Note: A year is a very long time in politics. The election of Barack Obama, the first black president of the US, symbolised hope and the possibility of change for millions of Americans. US writer and author of Deer Hunting with Jesus, Joe Bageant, thinks that things are changing – but not for the better.
Judith Orr: US: Poverty
Socialist Review nr. 343, jan 10 – side 13
Note: 7.7 percent of households have no bank account.
Mark Thomas: US: Food insecurity
Socialist Review nr. 343, jan 10 – side 13
Note: There is a sharp rise in hunger in the US.
US: Prisons
Socialist Review nr. 343, jan 10 – side 13
Note: The highest rate of incarceration in the world.
Judith Orr: US: Healthcare
Socialist Review nr. 343, jan 10 – side 14
Note: "All our services are free and are provided by volunteers. The doctor is free; the dentist is free; the eye doctor is free."
Megan Trudell: Analysis: Obama’s 100 days
International Socialism Journal nr. 123, jul 09 – side 11
Note: The first 100 days of the Obama administration have made clear that the tremendous expectations driving last year’s dramatic election are already coming into conflict with the realities of US capitalism in crisis.
Jess Hurd: Death on the US-Mexico border
Socialist Worker nr. 2141, mar 09 – side 8
Note: The US-Mexico border is one of the most dangerous places in the world for migrants. Jess Hurd visited southern California to talk to those helping the vulnerable
Jessica Chandler: Latinos face a rising tide of hostility
Socialist Worker nr. 2141, mar 09 – side 9
Note: Immigrant Latinos in the US are facing a tough and worrying future.
Eamonn Kelly: DVD Review: The End of America (Dir.: Ricki Stern and Anne Sundberg)
Socialist Review nr. 334, mar 09 – side 32
Note: The End of America is based on a Naomi Wolf lecture, intercut with interviews and news reports, rooted on Wolf's recent pamphlet warning of the erosion of civil liberties in contemporary US.
Alex Callinicos: The real change facing Obama
Socialist Worker nr. 2139, feb 09 – side 4
Note: Barack Obama’s administration is starting to put itself about internationally. Having stayed away from the World Economic Forum in Davos, the US sent a high-powered delegation headed by Vice-President Joe Biden to the Munich security conference the weekend before last.
Brian Richardson: Is racism dead? If only it were true
Socialist Worker nr. 2136, jan 09 – side 4
Note: Could Martin Luther King’s dream of a society without racism ever become a reality? For millions of people, the inauguration of Barack Obama as US president is a sign that maybe it can.
Alex Callinicos: Obama's scramble to buy time from voters
Socialist Worker nr. 2135, jan 09 – side 4
Note: The conventional view is that Barack Obama’s presidency is going to struggle with the contradiction between the huge expectations invested in him and the glum realities of office. I don’t think it’s quite as simple as that.
Esme Choonara: Obama sworn in amid hope and uncertainty
Socialist Worker nr. 2135, jan 09 – side 4
Note: Thousands of Americans have travelled to Washington DC this week to attend the inauguration of Barack Obama as the new US president.
A conflict of interests in Obama's different supporters
Socialist Worker nr. 2135, jan 09 – side 4
Note: The fundamental test that Obama faces is not so much about the timescale or extent of his policy changes, but about the conflicting bases of his underlying support.
Michael Reilly: Response to police shooting shows US society is a tinderbox
Socialist Worker nr. 2134, jan 09 – side 5
Note: News of the shooting of Oscar Grant by Bay Area Rapid Transit (Bart) police in Oakland on New Year’s Day has made its way around the world.
Analysis: From Bush to Obama
International Socialism Journal nr. 121, jan 09 – side 5
Note: Barack Obama’s victory in the US was one consequence of the crisis. Of course, there was more to the victory than that. For many African Americans it was an important symbolic gain after more than three centuries of oppression. Tens of thousands of young people redirected their feelings over the Iraq war into electioneering. Millions of Hispanic Americans saw voting for Obama as the logical follow up to demonstrating against restrictions on immigrants.
Megan Trudell: Analysis: Obama and the working class vote
International Socialism Journal nr. 121, jan 09 – side 13
Note: The election of Barack Obama as president of the United States is tremendous confirmation of the widespread opposition to the wars, racism and economic policies of the Bush administration. The Obama campaign tapped into a deep desire for change among wide sections of the US population and drew large numbers into political engagement, often for the first time. The aspirations that were reflected in support for Obama could form the basis of a movement capable of transforming US politics much more profoundly. One of its most important features is the shift leftwards of millions of working class Americans—white as well as black.
Chris Bambery: Soaring job losses intensify crisis in US
Socialist Worker nr. 2131, dec 08 – side 4
Note: As recession brings misery to the lives of millions across the US, some workers are showing that it is possible to fight back.
US: Worries for car workers
Socialist Worker nr. 2131, dec 08 – side 4
Note: The US Congress and the White House seem set to finalise an emergency $15 billion short-term loan to keep the General Motors (GM), Chrysler and Ford car companies afloat.
Martin Smith: Det andet Amerika
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 284, dec 08 – side 7
Note: I denne artikel, der skrevet lige inden Obama vandt præsidentvalget, kigger Martin Smith på fagforeninger, Barack Obama og arbejderes kamp i USA.
Jess Hurd: Amerikas sande ansigter
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 284, dec 08 – side 8
Note: Fotojournalist Jess Hurd rejste op til præsidentvalget tværs igennem de sydlige amerikanske stater i juni for at snakke med folk om Barack Obama, racisme, økonomien og deres daglige kamp om overlevelse.
Colin Wilson: Letters: Fighting for gay rights in the US
Socialist Worker nr. 2128, nov 08 – side 7
Note: Around 120,000 LGBT people and their supporters protested for equality across the US last week. They were angered by votes in four states to deny same-sex couples the right to marry.
Anindya Bhattacharyya: US elections: The movement behind Barack Obama
Socialist Worker nr. 2127, nov 08 – side 7
Note: The US presidential election showed a real desire for fundamental change. Anindya Bhattacharyya asks what the votes tell us about battles to come.
Anindya Bhattacharyya: US elections: Key issues facing Obama as he becomes president
Socialist Worker nr. 2127, nov 08 – side 7
Note: The widespread exhilaration at Barack Obama’s victory will be tempered by fear that his administration will not make the radical changes that so many are demanding.
Simon Assaf: US elections: Early policy plans show conflicting pressures on Obama
Socialist Worker nr. 2127, nov 08 – side 7
Note: Some of the names being touted for Barack Obama’s cabinet show the twin pressures faced by the new president. Many people will find little comfort in his selections.
Virginia Rodino: US elections: US voices for change
Socialist Worker nr. 2127, nov 08 – side 8
Note: Activists and trade unionists in the US spoke to Virginia Rodino about the impact of Barack Obama’s victory
US elections: The reaction to Obama's election in Britain
Socialist Worker nr. 2127, nov 08 – side 8
Note: Weyman Bennett, Joint national general secretary of Unite Against Fascism spoke to Socialist Worker in a personal capacity
US elections: Voices from Britain on Obama
Socialist Worker nr. 2127, nov 08 – side 9
Note: What does the election of Barack Obama mean to young black people in Britain? Socialist Worker spoke to young people in east London to find out.
Yuri Prasad: US elections: Is this the end of racism in the US?
Socialist Worker nr. 2127, nov 08 – side 9
Note: Does the election of a black president mean that the US is now a society that has moved beyond bigotry? Certainly the election delivered racism a tremendous blow.
Editorial: Is Barack Obama the change we need?
Socialist Worker nr. 2126, nov 08 – side 12
Note: The people of the US were heading to the polls to vote for their new president as Socialist Worker went to press. All the early indications were that Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate, is set to sweep aside his Republican rival John McCain.
Obama’s victory captures the mood for real change (online only)
Socialist Worker nr. 2126, nov 08 
Note: Millions of people are celebrating across the world today after Barack Obama was elected as the first black president of the United States – a momentous achievement in a country with a long history of entrenched and vicious racism.
Mike Davis: US elections – the new deal?
Socialist Review nr. 330, nov 08 – side 18
Note: The US ruling class are desperate to rescue their system from catastrophe. Mike Davis looks at what the new incumbent of the White House faces and what this means for ordinary Americans.
Martin Smith: Workers in struggle: the other America
Socialist Worker nr. 2125, nov 08 – side 13
Note: As the US presidential election reaches its final stage, Martin Smith looks at trade unions, Barack Obama and workers’ struggle.
Lene Junker: Farvel, Bush
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 283, okt 08 – side 4
Note: Med udgangen af dette år, forlader George W. Bush posten som USA´s præsident. Han forlader posten som den mindst populære præsident i USA, nogensinde. Nedturen har været en kendsgerning siden republikanerne tabte midtvejsvalget i november 2006. Irak krigen var den direkte årsag.
Poul Erik Kristensen: Fattigdommen vokser i USA
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 283, okt 08 – side 7
Note: 37 millioner mennesker – eller 12 pct. af befolkningen – i et af verdens rigeste lande lever i fattigdom, viser ny analyse. Det er en langt flere end i de rige lande i Europa.
Lindsey German: In my opinion: Beyond the Palin effect
Socialist Review nr. 329, okt 08 – side 7
Note: I was rather surprised when someone said to me recently, "You almost have to admire Sarah Palin."
Des Freedman: Book review: The New Blue Media
Socialist Review nr. 329, okt 08 – side 25
Note: by Theodore Hamm, The New Press, £14.99
The premise of this interesting book is that the US political landscape has been transformed by the rise of progressive media figures like Michael Moore and Jon Stewart and innovative online sites like and the Daily Kos. Motivated in particular by a fierce opposition to the invasion and occupation of Iraq, this "new blue media" (blue, in the US context, refers to Democrats; red to Republicans) has helped to carve out a significant space in US political culture.
Simon Assaf: Will the economic crisis help Obama?
Socialist Worker nr. 2120, sep 08 – side 4
Note: Is Barack Obama making a turn to the left? His recent statements on the US economy seem to suggest so.
Jess Hurd: The real faces of America
Socialist Worker nr. 2119, sep 08 – side 8
Note: Photojournalist Jess Hurd travelled across the Southern states of the US in June to talk to people about Barack Obama, racism, the economy and their everyday struggles to survive.
Editorial: US nationalises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as panic grows over crisis
Socialist Worker nr. 2118, sep 08 – side 12
Note: Imagine that a government summons the heads of two of the biggest corporations to its treasury headquarters in order to deliver an ultimatum – either they agree to a state takeover or have one forced upon them.
Alex Callinicos: Obama is playing the system’s game
Socialist Worker nr. 2117, sep 08 – side 4
Note: After a week dominated by Barack Obama’s consecration at the Democratic convention in Denver, his Republican rival has succeeded brilliantly in upstaging him.
Gaverne Bennett: Interview George Pelecanos: Telling the tales of two cities
Socialist Review nr. 328, sep 08 – side 18
Note: The Wire has been dubbed the greatest series on TV. George Pelecanos, one of the writers and producers of the show, talks to Gaverne Bennett.
Sadie Robinson + Abbie Bakan: US elections: Barack Obama's campaign moves further to the right
Socialist Worker nr. 2116, aug 08 – side 6
Note: The appointment of Delaware senator Joe Biden as his vice-presidential running mate is an indication of the rightward direction of Obama's election campaign.
Alex Callinicos: Kan imperiet slå igen?
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 280, jul 08 – side 16
Note: På trods af hans modstand mod Irakkrigen er Obama stadigvæk tilhænger af amerikansk imperialisme, skriver Alex Callinicos.
Gary Younge: US elections: Is real change coming?
Socialist Review nr. 327, jul 08 – side 10
Note: Barack Obama has risen from idealistic Democratic outsider to become the first black US presidential candidate of a major party. Gary Younge explores the importance of the Obama phenomenon which has inspired millions, but also the limitations of his political agenda.
Mike Gonzalez: Obama’s ‘backyard’ politics for Latin America are very much like George Bush’s
Socialist Worker nr. 2106, jun 08 – side 9
Note: A few weeks ago US presidential hopeful Barack Obama travelled to Miami to speak to the Cuban American Foundation, a right wing organisation much loved by George Bush. Obama promised to maintain the 50 year old embargo on Cuba. He also used the speech to let the world know that he was not going to go soft on Latin America.
Alex Callinicos: Can the US empire strike back?
Socialist Worker nr. 2105, jun 08 – side 8
Note: Despite opposing the war, Obama is committed to US imperialism, writes Alex Callinicos.
Anindya Bhattacharyya: How shifting further to the right could scupper the Democrats
Socialist Worker nr. 2105, jun 08 – side 9
Note: Last weekend saw Hillary Clinton finally concede to Barack Obama in the Democratic Party’s contest to choose its presidential candidate.
Paolo Bassi: Debate and Comment: Barack Obama and class
Socialist Worker nr. 2101, maj 08 – side 12
Note: Barack Obama was accused of “elitism” for some of his comments last month, but his real sin was bringing up class, argues Paolo Bassi
Ken Olende: Presidential election: Barack Obama carries only the faintest echo of the civil rights movement
Socialist Worker nr. 2095, apr 08 – side 9
Note: Ken Olende dismisses the claim that Barack Obama is Martin Luther King’s heir
Lance Selfa: USA-valg: Er dette Bush-Reagan-æraens endeligt?
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 277, mar 08 – side 12
Note: Lance Selfa, fra det amerikanske tidsskrift Socialist Review, argumenterer for, hvorfor det amerikanske valg i 2008 potentielt kan blive det samme for Demokraterne, som 1980-valget var det for Republikanerne.
Abbie Bakan: Clinton vs Obama: Racism, sexism and the US elections
Socialist Worker nr. 2092, mar 08 – side 6
Note: Abbie Bakan takes a look at the arguments about oppression that have been thrown up by the Democratic Party’s presidential primaries.
Abbie Bakan: US elections: Barack Obama’s vision won’t see a new America
Socialist Worker nr. 2090, mar 08 – side 9
Note: The remarkable momentum of Barack Obama’s campaign to be the presidential candidate for the Democratic Party is raising the hopes of millions of Americans who have felt marginalised by mainstream politics.
Alex Callinicos: Clintons get nasty in US elections
Socialist Worker nr. 2086, feb 08 – side 4
Note: When does victory really mean defeat? When Barack Obama won the Democratic primary election in South Carolina last Saturday.
Howard Rodman: Whose lines are they anyway?
Socialist Review nr. 322, feb 08 – side 6
Note: Striking screenwriter Howard Rodman spoke to Socialist Review about challenging the studios over royalties from the "new media".
Simon Behrmann: Book Review: The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy
Socialist Review nr. 321, jan 08 – side 23
Note: by John Mearsheimer and Stephen M Walt.
The core of this book originated as an article for the London Review of Books in spring 2006. As a denunciation of the US government's pro-Israeli bias in foreign policy it produced a predictably vicious backlash from the Israel lobby itself which this book seeks to expose.
Mike Davis: California: People burn here
Socialist Review nr. 320, dec 07 – side 16
Note: Fires in California hit the headlines with stories of Arnold Schwarzenegger giving hope to his super-rich friends. But the real victims weren't those who lost a wing of their mansion.
Chris Harman + Martin Smith: Kim Moody interview: The superpower’s shopfloor
International Socialism Journal nr. 115, jul 07 – side 127
Note: Kim Moody is the author of a new book on the American working class: US Labor in Trouble and Transition. He spoke to Martin Smith and Chris Harman about his research
Alex Callinicos: Verden sukkede da Bush blev genvalgt, men: Vi kan slå Bush
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 236, nov 04 – side 6
Note: George W. Bush vandt det amerikanske valg, og kan nu begynde sin anden valgperiode. Alex Callinicos ser her på fremtiden for USA og den amerikanske venstrefløj.
Ralph Nader: USA: Tid til krigsmodstand
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 236, nov 04 – side 7
Note: Den 2. november markerede ikke en afslutning, men en ny begyndelse. Der vil forsat være modstand imod det to-parti system, der dræber enhver form for politisk udtryk i USA.
Michael Albert: USA: Dagen derpå
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 236, nov 04 – side 7
Note: Michael Albert skrev efter det amerikanske valg en længere indlæg på Znet, som en reaktion på de mange desillusionerede kommentarer og reaktioner der var efter valget.
Fakta om det amerikanske valg
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 236, nov 04 – side 7
John Pilger: Bush vs. Kerry: Det falske valg
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 234, okt 04 – side 12
Note: Den 6. maj vedtog Repræsentanternes Hus en bestemmelse der godkendte et ”slå først”-angreb på Iran.
USA set fra neden: “We’re Disgusted With This Man”
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 232, sep 04 – side 5
Note: Mere end 500.000 amerikanere demonstrerede 29. august mod Bush og republikanerne i New York.
Alan Maass: USA set fra neden: “I arbejde ... og fattig”
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 230, jun 04 – side 5
Note: Det lyder som en overskrift i Socialistisk Arbejderavis. Men det var forsidehistorien på erhvervsledernes organ “Business Week” i maj måned.
Socialist Worker (USA): USA set fra neden: Kerry eller Bush – to sider af samme sag
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 226, mar 04 – side 5
Note: Her er resultatet af præsidentvalget 2004 – otte måneder før det faktisk finder sted den 2. november: Vinderen støttede den amerikansk ledede krig mod Irak og er tilhænger af fortsat besættelse.
Mike Davis: USA set nedefra: 70.000 arbejdere kæmper for sygesikring og løn
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 223, jan 04 – side 5
Note: Mike Davis rapporterer fra Californien.
Rikke Holm: Ved nærmere eftertanke: Curriculum vitae: George W. Bush
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 222, dec 03 – side 9
Note: I USA vokser modstanden mod præsidenten. Flere og flere amerikanere ønsker Bush fyret.
Jane Hardy: Toil and trouble: the nature of the US economy (Robert Brenner: "The Boom and the Bubble: The US in the World Economy")
International Socialism Journal nr. 98, mar 03 – side 125
Note: Robert Brenner’s latest work on the US economy.
Mike Davis: Voices from the US: Great and glorious days
Socialist Review nr. 262, apr 02 – side 22
Note: George W nearly as popular as Abe Lincoln? Mike Davis looks at the strange twists of the US political scene
Michael Moore: Voices from the US: It's the government, stupid (Mike Moore book signing tour)
Socialist Review nr. 262, apr 02 – side 24
Peter Iversen: Kommentar: Enron: Når kapitalismen er værst
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 201, feb 02 – side 6
Note: Somme tider knækker kapitalismens facade og stanken vælter ud. Sådan er det med Enron-skandalen i USA, der ikke ser ud til at have nogen ende.
Margit Johansen: Boblerne brister: Enrons konkurs ryster kapitalismen
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 199, dec 01 – side 4
Note: “Et af de mest succesfulde selskaber i verden overhovedet.” Sådan beskrev tidskriftet The Economist det multinationale energiselskab Enron.
K Nielsen: Dødsguvernøren Bush – USAs præsident
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 189, jan 01 – side 4
Note: Endelig er den store amerikanske sæbeopera, om hvem der skulle være præsident, slut.
Jakob Hansen: Efter det amerikanske valg: Råddenskab
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 188, dec 00 – side 4
Note: De seneste uger efter det amerikanske præsidentvalg har virkelig vist hvilken råddenskab, der gennemsyrer det etablerede amerikanske samfund.
Frank Antonsen + Christina Munk: Præsidentvalget i USA: Venstrefløjen fik afgørende betydning
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 187, nov 00 – side 4
Note: Præsidentvalget i USA var anderledes i år, end det har været tidligere.
Selvom valget ikke er afholdt ved redaktionens slutning tør vi allerede nu fastslå, at venstrefløjen i USA fik afgørende betydning på valget.
Jesper Høi Kanne: USA: Antikapitalisme på dagsordenen
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 184, aug 00 – side 4
Note: Stemningsskiftet i USA mod venstre ses ikke kun ved de anti-kapitalistiske protester i Seattle og Washington. En kendt forsvarer af forbrugerrettigheder, Ralph Nader, stiller op til præsidentvalget for det Grønne Parti.
USA: Arbejderne viser styrke
Socialistisk Revy nr. 6, aug 98 – side 4
Note: “USA minder måske endnu ikke om Frankrig, som hvert eller hvert andet år lammes af en strejke, men pludselig er de amerikanske fagforeninger gået på gaden på en måde, der ikke er set i årtier.” – New York Times
Sharon Smith: USA på vrangen: Grønt lys for gramserne
Socialistisk Revy nr. 5, jun 98 – side 16
Note: De fleste åndede lettet op, da Paula Jones' sexanklager mod Bill Clinton i sidste måned blev afvist af retten. Amerikanerne havde hurtigt nået mætningspunktet med mediernes utrættelige besættelse af de malende detaljer omkring Clintons seksuelle eskapader. -- Men afvisningen af Paula Jones' sag om seksuelle overgreb, gav en stor sejr til alle sexistiske chefer.
Sharon Smith: USA på vrangen: Caterpillars klapjagt
Socialistisk Revy nr. 4, maj 98 – side 26
Note: Den 22. marts besluttede 12.500 medlemmer af fagforeningen UAW (United Auto Workers) ansat på Caterpillar, et multinationalt selskab, der fabrikerer gravredskaber, at afslutte den længste arbejdskamp i USA's historie.
Sharon Smith: Fra Guds eget land: Den herskende klasse på hævntogt
Socialistisk Revy nr. 1, feb 98 – side 10
Note: Teamster-strejken sidste sommer blandt medarbejderne i det store amerikanske postfirma UPS, betød ikke alene amerikanske arbejderes sejr for for første gang i 25 år. Den indvarslede også arbejderbevægelsens genopståen. I september afskaffede det største forbund i USA, AFL-CIO endelig sit forbud mod kommunisters organiserering indenfor fagforeningerne. Dette forbud har hæmmet millitante arbejdere lige siden McCarthys hekseprocesser mod kommunisterne i 1950´erne.
UPS: Sejr til amerikanske arbejdere
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 165, aug 97 – side 3
Note: United Parcel Service-arbejdernes sejr i USA viser, at arbejderne ikke finder sig i mere, og at overklassen har grund til at være nervøs.
USA: Den vigtigste strejke i ti år (UPS)
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 164, aug 97 – side 3
Note: En massiv strejke i United Parcel Service rejser direkte spørgsmålet om profit eller arbejdsforhold. En sejr kan betyde et brud med tyve års aggressiv arbejdsgiverpolitik.
Gitte Dion Pedersen: USA: Budgetkrig slagter de fattige
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 126, jan 96 – side 3
Note: Slagsmålet om USAs statsbudget handler om én ting: Hvor mange milliarder de rige vil stjæle fra de fattige.
Phil Gasper: Cruel and unusual punishment: the politics of crime in the United States
International Socialism Journal nr. 66, mar 95 – side 55
Note: Law and order have been the watchwords of the right in the industrialised countries for a generation. Social Democratic and labour parties seem to have accepted the right's terms of debate-just at the moment when the United States is experiencing a catastrophic failure in law enforcement. American socialist Phil Gasper provides a devastating expose.
Jan Hoby: USAs krig mod de fattige
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 112, feb 95 – side 7
Note: En højrebølge ruller frem i USA. Den er blevet døbt Den Republikanske Revolution. Men samtidig vokser modstanden.
Ulla Nielsen: USA: Højreskred
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 111, jan 95 – side 6
Note: USA er på vej mod højre, hedder det i medierne i disse dage. Sandt er det, at begge kongressens kamre efter det sidste valg for første gang i mange mange år har republikansk flertal.
Jan Hoby: USA: Fører krig mod fattige
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 107, sep 94 – side 6
Note: Bill Clintons meget omtalte “krig mod kriminalitet” er i virkeligheden en krig mod de fattige.
Jan Hoby: Clintons krig mod de fattige
Socialistisk Arbejderavis nr. 107, sep 94 – side 11
Note: Clintons politik har været angreb på fattige og arbejderes rettigheder. Men tusinder af arbejdere i strejke giver håb om forandring.
Anne Mette Ougaard: "This land was made for you and me" (USA efter Los Angeles-oprøret)
International Socialisme nr. 2, jun 92 – side 7
Note: For mindre end 3 år siden fejrede de vestlige regeringer med USA i spidsen markedsøkonomien og den vestlige kapitalismes sejr over "kommunismen" og "socialismen". De østeuropæiske regimer blev knust af folkets oprør mod manglende demokratiske rettigheder, mod uretfærdigheder og økonomisk elendighed. I slutningen af april i år fik Bush-administrationen den samme kraft at føle uden for deres egne vinduer, som sendte den bureaukratiske klasse i Øst væk fra den politiske magt. De fattige og sultne i USA's storbyer ville ikke længere finde sig i racistisk og økonomisk undertrykkelse.
Sharon Smith: Twilight of the American Dream
International Socialism Journal nr. 54, mar 92 – side 3
Note: American workers once dreamt that every generation would see its children grow up more prosperous, better housed, better educated and healthier than those who went before. Now that dream lies in ruins as the US economy pitches into a recession so deep that many are comparing it to the Depression of the 1930s.
Sharon Smith of the American International Socialist Organisation examines the social crisis in the US-the poverty and sinking wages, the inner city decay and the inadequate health service, the racism and the attack on the labour movement. `Twilight of the American Dream' shows how class is re-entering the vocabulary of US politics as George Bush, only a year ago the hero of the Gulf War, sees his presidency begin to unravel.

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